Kyoto Station is a major hub in Japan and staying nearby means you have access to Kyoto’s top neighborhoods at your fingertips. But you don’t even have to jump on the train to enjoy an enriching experience, as historic temples, renowned restaurants and local markets are a short walk away. So bunk up at these top hotels near the bustling Kyoto Station and experience traditional hospitality, a unique part of the city and the total convenience of having speedy transportation just steps away.


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Hotel Granvia Kyoto Hotel Granvia
Hotel Granvia

Hotel Granvia Kyoto

A 5-minute walk from the station will bring you to the magnificent Hotel Granvia Kyoto, which is basically in Kyoto Station. Rooms are large and refined, with surprisingly large bathrooms for Japan. Giant picture windows allow for optimal views of the city skyline and Kyoto Tower without leaving your bed, but with the variation of food offerings, from bakeries to international dining, you’ll be inspired to explore the grounds. A stretching indoor pool, and proximity to some of Kyoto’s most stunning sites, and surrounding cities, Hotel Granvia is the perfect spot to base out of during your visit.

RESI STAY cotorune RESI Stay Kyoto
RESI Stay Kyoto

RESI STAY cotorune

It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the station from RESI STAY cotorune, a clean-cut, modern accommodation that is affordable compared to many other options in the city. Rooms are simple, and offer several different sleeping setups, from extra beds to sleeper sofas—it’s quite versatile. Laundry services are onsite, and guests are encouraged to cook together and mingle in the communal kitchen in the lower level, opening up some potentially cool opportunities to make some memories in Japan.

Hotel Vischio Kyoto Hotel Vischio
Hotel Vischio

Hotel Vischio Kyoto

Don’t let the business-esque exterior fool you, Hotel Vischio Kyoto is a stunner, with posh decor and rooms that have up to four large beds. Sounds like slumber party gold. A bit more tradition is introduced in the striking soaking area, complete with wooden sauna. Breakfast is “can’t miss” as guests will be introduced to a number of native dishes that veer far from the expected bacon and eggs, although you’ll find those American western dishes as well. The best part, this new hotel is right across the street from the station.

Piece Hostel Kyoto Piece Hostel Kyoto
Piece Hostel Kyoto

Piece Hostel Kyoto

Piece Hostel Kyoto offers private rooms in addition to its dorm-style accommodations, so us introverts can retreat to a private space. While the word “hostel” may have us relishing our college days, Piece is simply lovely, with a mix of traditional Japanese style and modernity—it’s like the Ritz Carlton of hostels. Breakfast is free and features tasty options like croissants, potato salad and miso soup. Kyoto Station is just a few blocks from this snug place. Be sure to soak in the city on the rooftop.

Sakura Terrace The Gallery Sakura Terrace The Gallery
Sakura Terrace The Gallery

Sakura Terrace The Gallery

Sakura Terrace The Gallery is defined by its beautiful wood accents and gracious amenities such as a free nightly drink and wonderful breakfast which includes smoothies! Relax in the public bath, or wind down by the outdoor fire pit at night. The stylish design is airy and welcoming, while the station is just a stone’s throw away.

Hifumi Ryokan Hifumi Ryokan
Credit: Hifumi Ryokan
Hifumi Ryokan

Hifumi Ryokan

Hotels are great, but sometimes one craves a traditional experience of sleeping on tatami mats and relaxing in an onsite onsen—Hafumi Ryokan is what you are looking for. Very traditional with all the aesthetics like chabudai dining tables, guests can sink into the culture and traditional cuisine, while being under five minutes from Kyoto Station. Depending on the room, showers may be shared, but toilets are in your authentic sliding door suite.

Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande Daiwa Royal Grande Hotel
Daiwa Royal Grande Hotel

Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande

Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande features upscale rooms, Japanese style bathrooms and plenty of views of Kyoto Station itself—so, yes, it’s very close. Breakfast is provided in the rate, and also has a pretty sweet spread of both local and western goodies. If you stay on the executive floor you have access to a less crowded lounge with afternoon snacks.

Hotel Imagine Kyoto Hotel Imagine Kyoto
Hotel Imagine Kyoto

Hotel Imagine Kyoto

Hotel Imagine Kyoto is a blend of modern accommodations, and a ryokan, as there are a few more updated amenities, but all the interior charm. Winding paths, fluffy floor-level bedding and strategic lights certainly do give Hotel Imagine a certain magical quality. Kyoto Station is easily accessible by foot, as is a supermarket filled to the brim with all the Japanese snacks your heart could desire. A communal kitchen allows guests to cook anything you buy from the store too.

Credit: Hotel JIDAI


Our furthest pick from the station, Hotel JIDAI, will take about a 10-minute walk when it comes time to board your train, but the ambient ryokan flare makes it a worthy spot to call home for a few days. Traditional furniture and snug sleeping mats, along with private bathrooms meet all the basic needs, and it’s easy to get a restful night of sleep here. Cafes, the aquarium and loads of other iconic sites await to be explored, and after a long day, you know you have an inviting nook to rest your head.

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