The Single Life

Infographic: U.S. Cities to Visit for Your Best Odds of Meeting Singles

By Trips to Discover Team | Feb 2, 2017

Finding that special someone can be difficult, but as it turns out, you may have been looking for love in…


10 Best Destinations for First Time International Travelers

By K.C. Dermody | Nov 16, 2016

The first time traveling to a foreign country is both exciting, and a bit intimidating. You’ll likely be pushing yourself…

Accessible for All

Accessible Travel Destinations for The Differently Abled

By Alyssa Ochs | Mar 16, 2016

Any type of travel comes with its own set of challenges, but those challenges are multiplied if you are living…

Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit while Traveling

By Alyssa Ochs | Dec 21, 2015

It’s hard enough to eat healthy and stay fit this time of year with holiday parties and tempting goodies everywhere…

The Most Accommodating U.S. Destinations for Babies & Toddlers

By Alyssa Ochs | Nov 3, 2015

After many couples have their first child, they transform into homebodies and are too nervous to travel with their new…

Travel Insurance: What It Covers and Is It Worth It?

By Shanna Bell | Jul 30, 2015

Is it right for you? Is everyone doing it? Are you already covered and just don't know it? Taking a…

13 Green Tourism Tips For an Eco-Friendly Vacation

By Shanna Bell | Jul 24, 2015

When venturing off into the great wide world, many travelers abandon their sense of environmental responsibility. To make sure you…

The 10 Best Free Travel Apps You Have to Download

By Shanna Bell | Jul 13, 2015

These travel apps are arguably the single greatest travel hack rookie and veteran travelers use to crack the system of…

10 Essential Tips For Your Road Trip This Summer

By Shanna Bell | May 29, 2015

Your vehicle is your home during a road trip. Sure, you might pull over and sleep in a hotel, but…

10 Tips For Your First Disney World Experience

By Shanna Bell | May 21, 2015

Your first trip to Disney World is finally here! Packing up your loved ones and heading down to Orlando might…

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