Animal Encounters

Top 10 Botswana Safari Tours

By Karyn Wofford | Apr 28, 2020

Thinking about visiting Africa for its long list of bucket-list-worthy animal encounters? You’re probably hoping to see cheetahs, hippos, elephants,…

The Blue City

12 Coolest Airbnbs in Chefchaouen

By Karyn Wofford | Mar 23, 2020

Chefchaouen, also known as the “blue city” or “blue pearl”, is known for its bright blue walls. The color has…

Blue Pearl

10 Best Things to Do in Chefchaouen, Morocco

By Karyn Wofford | Mar 17, 2020

Chefchaouen is a popular city in Morocco not terribly far from the very popular Fez, but you may otherwise know…

Exotic Locales

Top 11 Tours in Casablanca, Morocco

By Karyn Wofford | Feb 20, 2020

Casablanca is a recognized city name because of the iconic 1942 film “Casablanca”. While Morocco is full of exciting destinations,…

Adventure Trips

10 Must-Visit Places in Malawi, Africa

By K.C. Dermody | Jan 31, 2020

Located in southeastern Africa bordering Tanzania and Mozambique, the relatively small country of Malawi offers many reasons to visit. Despite…

Exotic Cities

10 Best Ways to Experience Marrakesh, Morocco

By Karyn Wofford | Jan 31, 2020

Marrakesh seems like another world with its twisting curving downtown streets, colorful homes and bustling shops. Culture already overflows in…

Mother Nature

9 Stunning Natural Sites in Ethiopia

By Karyn Wofford | Jan 30, 2020

Ethiopia is a country within Africa that contrasts with much of the continent. Diverse ecological systems, a plethora of wildlife,…

Local Stays

10 Coolest Airbnbs in Casablanca, Morocco

By Karyn Wofford | Jan 29, 2020

Casablanca has been featured on the big screen more than once, most famously in 1940’s Casablanca, although the film was…

Historic Hotspot

8 Best Things to Do in Tel Aviv

By Madison Dragna | Jan 20, 2020

Tel Aviv, Israel is a unique destination in the Middle East that offers travelers a number of great attractions. From…

Vacation Vibes

Top 10 Things to Do in Madagascar

By K.C. Dermody | Jan 17, 2020

The largest island in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is a breathtaking destination in Africa everyone should experience at least once.…

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