European Getaway

11 Best Things to Do in Croatia

By K.C. Dermody | May 9, 2019

Croatia is quickly becoming one of the world’s top tourist destinations. From ancient fortified cities to alluring islands, the scenery,…

Italy's Finest

10 Reasons Umbria Should be Your Next Italian Getaway

By Karyn Wofford | May 3, 2019

Travel bucket lists almost undoubtedly always include charming cities in Italy, and when we think of visiting, we think of…

Lush Landscapes

8 Ways to Spend 48 Hours in the Azores, Portugal

By Karyn Wofford | Apr 29, 2019

Located about 850 miles west of Portugal, the picturesque Azores is an archipelago rooted into the Atlantic Ocean. The Azores…

Explore Europe!

8 Best Day Trips from Budapest, Hungary

By Alyssa Ochs | Apr 26, 2019

Budapest has become one of the hottest international travel destinations in the world because of its affordability, amazing sightseeing opportunities,…

Stylish Stays

9 Top Hotels in Madrid, Spain

By Alyssa Ochs | Apr 19, 2019

A trip to Madrid is nothing short of magical, thanks to the city’s natural beauty, historical architecture, and traditional cuisine.…


10 Best Day Trips from Madrid

By Alyssa Ochs | Apr 17, 2019

Madrid is a city at the top of many people’s travel bucket lists because of its beautiful architecture, fascinating history,…

Lavish Perks

Top 8 Luxury Hotels in Venice, Italy

By Alyssa Ochs | Apr 17, 2019

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world because of its iconic canals, palaces, bridges, and waterways.…

Lavish & Luxe

Top 8 Hotels in Budapest, Hungary

By Alyssa Ochs | Apr 10, 2019

Budapest is a fascinating city to visit with a rich history, quirky spirit, and excellent nightlife scene. The architecture here…

Italy's Best

11 Best Day Trips from Venice, Italy

By Alyssa Ochs | Apr 9, 2019

Venice is one of the most charming and romantic cities in the world, making it a top travel destination in…

Ciao Bella!

Top 9 Hotels in Rome

By Alyssa Ochs | Apr 8, 2019

Iconic ruins, historical monuments, and world-class art are just a few of the many reasons why people from all over…

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