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Southern Vibes

9 Reasons to Visit the Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia

By Karyn Wofford | May 24, 2018

A National Wildlife Refuge and a part of the National Wilderness System because of its diverse wildlife and habitat, Okefenokee…

Famous Favorites

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Visit to The Stoned Crab in Key West, Florida

By Karyn Wofford | May 24, 2018

Located in vibrant Key West, The Stoned Crab seafood restaurant is a part of the retro Ibis Bay Resort, which…

American Icons

The Hoover Dam – Everything You Need to Know About Visiting

By Karyn Wofford | May 24, 2018

The Hoover Dam was built in the 1930s, along the Colorado River, to provide hydroelectricity. Within the Black Canyon between…

Foodie Festivals

Discover the Food That Rocks Festival in Sandy Springs, Georgia

By Karyn Wofford | May 23, 2018

On Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. the 3rd Food That Rocks Festival is set to take place at…

Southern Pride

Vidalia, Georgia is the Iconic Sweet Onion City

By Karyn Wofford | May 22, 2018

In the Magnolia Midlands of Georgia lies Vidalia, famously known for their succulent sweet variation of onion. But the quaint…

Off the beaten path

9 Historic Georgia Ruins & Abandoned Sites to Visit

By Karyn Wofford | May 16, 2018

War, tragedy, and just simply time are attributed to Georgia’s most hauntingly striking abandoned structures. Tales behind these forgotten ruins…

Bottoms Up!

8 Best Rum Distilleries in the Caribbean

By Karyn Wofford | May 16, 2018

In the 17th century, the rum industry was birthed in the Caribbean, from a need to repurpose waste residue from…

Out of this world

Arizona’s 10 Most Unearthly Destinations

By Karyn Wofford | May 15, 2018

Arizona’s unusual climate and unique geology have resulted in stunning landscapes and natural features. Rich cultural roots and science have…

Local Eats

Head to La Mei Zi for Incredible Sezchuan Style Food in Atlanta

By Karyn Wofford | May 14, 2018

Nestled in the back of Asian Square along Buford Highway is La Mei Zi, a Taiwanese restaurant that adds to…

Bottoms Up!

A Margaritaville Booze Cruise is Just What Georgia Natives Need in the Summer

By Karyn Wofford | May 10, 2018

Margaritaville Resort at Lanier Islands is located on the shores of Lake Lanier in Buford, Georgia. The island-themed recreation area…

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