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Fall Fun

Top 9 Things to Do Outdoors in Texas This Fall

By Madison Dragna | Sep 15, 2020

Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors in Texas. Since fall brings cooler temperatures to the Lone Star…

Spills and Thrills

America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark is in Texas

By Madison Dragna | Aug 7, 2020

Going to a waterpark may not but your idea of fun on a rainy day or during the cold winter…

Holy Guacamole

Bar’vocado is Florida’s First Avocado Bar

By Madison Dragna | Aug 5, 2020

The avocado is more than just a simple dip or garnish at Bar’vocado, Florida’s first avocado bar found in Tampa,…

Stylish Spaces

11 Coolest Airbnbs in Seoul, South Korea

By Madison Dragna | Jul 22, 2020

When it comes to accommodations in Seoul, South Korea, an Airbnb rental is a great option for travelers, since these…

Local Stays

Top 10 Extended Stay Hotels in Colorado Springs, Colorado

By Madison Dragna | May 6, 2020

Colorado Springs is an exciting city with tons to see and do. Travelers wanting to stay in Colorado Springs long…

History & Culture

12 Things to Do in Jeju Island, South Korea

By Madison Dragna | Mar 4, 2020

South Korea’s Jeju Island is a traveler’s hot spot for honeymooners, families and Korean tourists. Home to beaches, impressive natural…

Historic Hotspot

8 Best Things to Do in Tel Aviv

By Madison Dragna | Jan 20, 2020

Tel Aviv, Israel is a unique destination in the Middle East that offers travelers a number of great attractions. From…

Spring Blooms

Top 10 Things to Do in Texas in the Spring

By Madison Dragna | Jan 16, 2020

Spring in Texas is a beautiful thing. Wildflowers, birds and mild temperatures during spring draw Texans out of their winter…

Desert Excursions

10 Best Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

By Madison Dragna | Jan 15, 2020

Abu Dhabi, a city in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most popular cities for travelers in the…

Must-See Spots

10 Must-See Attractions in Tasmania

By Madison Dragna | Jan 15, 2020

Tasmania is an island-state off Australia’s mainland that draws a number of travelers due to its natural scenery, outdoor recreation…

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