Charity De Souza


Having traveled to around 60 countries, some of Charity’s favorite experiences include skydiving in Switzerland and road tripping through Iceland. A naturally curious person, she likes to push herself out of her comfort zone while being introduced to new cultures and different ways of living.

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Madison Dragna


Madison is a writer, small business owner, influencer, educator, activist, yogi, and traveler. She started blogging after hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2013. As a budget traveler, her content focuses on affordable travel options for millennial travelers. Keep up with her travel lifestyle through her blog or Instagram, In Any Direction.

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Sunshine Woodyard & Gabriel Chapman


The Digital Nomads in Love invite you to follow along as they wander the world while working remotely.They met in 2016 and discovered a shared passion for travel and adventure, so they hatched a plan to make that happen together. In the process, they fell in love, and are creating a life together as a digital nomad couple that is everything they’ve ever dreamed. They both have jobs that can be done from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, and work full-time, finding chances for adventures anywhere they can! Digital Nomads in Love

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Shanna Dickerson


Shanna Dickerson spends her days island-hopping in the Caribbean and beyond, seeking out the finest villas, private islands and yachts around the world to create unique travel experiences. She uses her travel knowledge for her high-end international clientele, as she is the CEO of Blue Skye Luxury Concierge, a full-service luxury concierge and event company. Follow along for a daily glimpse of Shanna’s life in paradise! Blue Skye Concierge Blog!

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Natasha Brown


Natasha is a firm believer in the quote “we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”. She loves seeing life through the eyes of adventure. and slipping away for a quick weekend getaway, a staycation, or even just a day trip within her local town. Follow along as she shares her travel tips and stories.

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Shakti, Bella, Nene & Stefan


Seeing adventures through the eyes of a child brings life and additional discovery to all of our explorations, even those we are revisiting for the 2nd and 3rd times, so all of our trips are family-friendly. Our travel addiction has taken us to many of America’s states, but Florida is home and we’re we have most of our adventures. We always research our next destination and incorporate learning into the mix. This is a great big beautiful world, and we intend to explore and discover as much of it as we can. Follow along our exciting adventures!


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