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12 Beautiful Beaches in Tenerife, Spain

Part of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is known for its beautiful beaches. Some spots are flooded with tourists, others are tucked away in the northern part of the island. Various beaches had a little help from man, while others were molded by Mother Nature. It’s quite incredible that in one moment, travelers can experience imported golden sands from the Sahara, then on the very same island are natural volcanic beaches with dark grey hues pressing against jewel-colored water. Figuring out where to start can be overwhelming, so we’ve pulled together a diverse list of the best beaches in Tenerife.

El Puertito El Puertito
Credit: El Puertito by © Underworld | Dreamstime.com

El Puertito

El Puertito allows travelers to step back in time when Tenerife was less touristy and much more simplistic. Subtle buildings of the village hug the untouched coast, and only a trickle of people come and go. For those looking to escape the excitement of the resort ladened stretches of this Canary island, El Puertito shows the contrasting side. Come swim with the local turtles, watch boats float in the distance, and enjoy the fishing village environment. After a taste of Tenerife’s more unspoiled land, you’ll be inspired to continue north, to see more.

El Bollullo El Bollullo
Credit: El Bollullo by © Lunamarina | Dreamstime.com

El Bollullo

El Bollullo is one of those northern gems we speak of, and no description could do it justice, but we will try. Dark grey volcanic sands press against the heavenly blue waters, while jagged cliffs add a bit of dramatization to the overall picture-perfect landscape. A small cafe sits on the beach, where sunbathers can enjoy authentic tapas and a drink. Keep in mind, the waters of many beaches on Tenerife can get quite dicey, and Bollullo is a good example of this. Currents and waves can be too intense for swimming for some individuals, especially kids.

El Duque El Duque

El Duque

El Duque is a southern Tenerife beach with an upscale atmosphere featuring swanky restaurants and convenience services. Remarkably clean and calm, Duque is the place for those looking for a bit of buzz, but not really the whole partying scene. Of course, the beach delivers in all visual aspects, and travelers can’t get over how soft and fine the sand is. For honeymooners, solo travelers and just those looking to relax but also be close to a lot, Duque is a solid pick.

Los Guios Beach Los Guios Beach
Credit: Los Guios Beach by © Anna Lurye | Dreamstime.com

Los Guios Beach

Los Guios Beach is a smaller charcoal hued (thanks to the proximal volcano) place to dip those toes in the water in Los Gigantes. Los Gigantes is known for its namesake “giant” cliffs that line the coastal town. From this beach, views of the iconic rocks are in clear view, and not too many folks pack into the area on a normal day. But the town is what truly enhances the beach experience, with cafes and shops, while still maintaining a peacefulness.

El Jardín Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife
Credit: Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife by © Victor Torres | Dreamstime.com

El Jardín

El Jardín is actually broken into three beaches— Castillo, Charcón, and Punta Brava. However, the area as a whole is deserving of praise. Many conveniences like showers and lounge chairs are available to guests, and water sports rentals like snorkeling gear are available as well. Jardin’s surroundings are purely exceptional, with the most notable feature being the gardens and marine pools one must wind through before reaching the black sands.

Las Teresitas Las Teresitas
Credit: Las Teresitas by © Elenatur | Dreamstime.com

Las Teresitas

Golden sands on your mind? If you’ve had enough of the grey beaches native to Tenerife, Las Teresitas changes it up with it’s lighter hues dotted with palms and breakwaters that create a serene and safer swimming environment for the family. Lifeguards are also on duty—a major bonus for groups with little ones. Teresitas is just that well-equipped beach that checks off all the boxes. Showers, great places to eat, amazing views? Check, check, check.

Garachico Garachico


Garachico overcame a massive volcanic eruption that robbed the town of its riches centuries ago. Today, unique festivals, restaurants and history define the picture-perfect ocean spot. But the lava from that long ago event created these lovely little pools in the salty water, where tourists and locals flock to for a swim, without the hindrance of dicey waves and such.

La Tejita Playa de la Tejita
Credit: Playa de la Tejita by ID 81527274 © Betelgejze | Dreamstime.com

La Tejita

La Tejita sets within the Montaña Roja Nature Reserve and is a wide-open stretch with views of a reddish volcanic crater. Needless to say the surroundings are unique and enjoyable to anyone wanting to toss down a chair and chill. But big waves and lots of wind are most hospitable to well-trained water sports enthusiasts. Regularly one might see a surfer tearing it up in the distance, or a windsurfer pulling off some entertaining maneuvers.

Camisón Camisón


Camisón is a popular beach for tourists, but the environment is family-friendly with all the amenities. The beach is prepared to handle quite a few people, making for a pleasant day in the sun for everyone. More basic in comparison to some of our more scenic picks, it’s a great option with calm water.

Antequera Beach Antequera Beach
Credit: Antequera Beach by © Ninelle777 | Dreamstime.com

Antequera Beach

Antequera Beach is tucked away and rather hard to reach, you have to want it. A boat ride from either Santa Cruz and San Andrés will take you to the rock surrounded cove, or you could take the more challenging route, which consists of a rugged hike. Regardless of how one gets here, the views are worth it.

Abama Abama beach in Tenerife.
Credit: Abama beach in Tenerife. by © Anna Lurye | Dreamstime.com


Abama is a kind of a hidden gem in Tenerife because it sits behind the grounds of the massive The Ritz-Carlton, Abama. Folks often miss it because they don’t know it’s public. It is, and the surrounding rock creates a safer swimming environment. If you stay at the hotel, umbrellas and lounge chairs are available to rent for free, but if just here for the day, you’re welcome to purchase equipment usage, and really good food as well.

La Caleta Caleta

La Caleta

La Caleta is located in the south, despite its secluded appearance that might suggest a northern location. Fisherman swim to shore with daily catches that find their way into culinary creations at seaside restaurants. So foodies—this is your place. The food is locally inspired and impeccably fresh, while the turquoise views round out the dining experience. Of course, this is a wonderful spot to take a swim, too.

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