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12 Best Nude Beaches in Spain

If your plan is to bare it all on the beach, Spain is a perfect destination. There’s no prohibition of public nudity, you’ve got more than 8 thousand kilometers of coast, and the variety of stretches you can visit is fantastic. I have been coming to Spain for beach enjoyment annually for more than a decade now and still find superb hidden stretches and surprising spots. Topless sunbathing is technically accepted on any beach; however, to get a fully nude experience, it’s better to head to the naturist and nudist spots. And each region has its own au naturel highlights. We’ve collected the best nude beaches in Spain for you to enjoy the pure natural experience.

Vera Playa - Almeria Vera Playa
Credit: Vera Playa by Seryam via Wikimedia Commons

Vera Playa - Almeria

One of the largest nude beaches in Spain, Vera Playa is also a unique case of when naturism won the coast. The clothes-free part here is the main part of the sand and is an officially recognized naturism area. The resorts, holiday homes, and apartments stand right next to it, the majority of them being naturists-friendly too. In other words, it’s a nudist dream come true, a whole beach town that accepts and respects au naturel philosophy without judgment. Be sure to have a grilled seafood snack from one of the chiringuitos, traditional beach bars with drinks and tapas. 

Mar Bella Beach - Barcelona Mar Bella Beach - Barcelona
Credit: Mar Bella Beach - Barcelona by diego.aviles via Flickr.com

Mar Bella Beach - Barcelona

This is a Barcelona nude beach located close to the center and easily accessed by public transport (Poblenou metro station is a few blocks away). Head straight to the designated clothing-optional area to fully embrace the Meditteranean. There are bathrooms and showers as well as several chiringuitos for a chill time with a cocktail in hand. Mar Bella is among the most popular gay-friendly nude beaches in Barcelona, so keep that in mind too. During high season it will inevitably be crowded, but that’s the price to pay for a nude beach in the city.

Cala Morisca - Sitges Cala Morisca - Sitges
Credit: Cala Morisca - Sitges by Isidro Jabato via Wikimedia Commons

Cala Morisca - Sitges

It’s a picturesque cove typical for Costa Dorada. Also, Cala Morisca is a great choice for a nudist beach near Barcelona and Sitges. Location is as scenic as it gets and you’ll be surrounded by the bare all enthusiasts. Be prepared to pay for parking and for the meals, though. In recent years, Cala Morisca has become semi-private, with a restaurant next to the water and a daily fee for leaving your car. Still, it’s amazing for a nude day trip from Barcelona.

Aigües Blanques - Ibiza Aigües Blanques - Ibiza
Credit: Aigües Blanques - Ibiza by vallis-clausa via Flickr.com

Aigües Blanques - Ibiza

Located on the eastern coast of the island, Aigües Blanques is a piece of the nude paradise on Ibiza. Fairly remote, accessible only by car, and not crowded, it features clean blue waters and magnificent sea vistas. Pack comfortable shoes, as the path leading to the beach is steep and rocky. Turn left upon reaching the beach – that’s the nudist part waiting for you in natural glory. While Ibiza may be known for its glamor and raucous nightlife, Aigües Blanques is a piece of tranquil Mediterranean perfection.

Es Cavallet - Ibiza Es Cavallet - Ibiza
Credit: Es Cavallet - Ibiza by JanManu via Wikimedia Commons

Es Cavallet - Ibiza

Here’s the best pick for a gay-friendly and nude beach in Ibiza that also happens to be extremely long and strikingly beautiful. Long known as a prime destination for naturists, Es Cavallet has space for everyone and features pleasant sand and clear emerald Meditteranean waters. You will definitely walk a lot here – the stretch is very large. There are several restaurants and bars to provide drinks and grilled meals.

Platja de Llevant - Formentera Platja de Llevant - Formentera
Credit: Platja de Llevant - Formentera by Michela Simoncini via Flickr.com

Platja de Llevant - Formentera

The Northern tip of Formentera Island is heaven for those who’re looking to get rid of clothes. Llevant Beach has the bluest waters, untouched ambiance, and a naturist mentality. You will have to walk a little bit to reach this place but your hike will be through Patja de Ses Illetes, another amazing white-sand Formentera beach (although, more on a clothed side of things). Be sure to buy drinks and snacks beforehand to duly enjoy being in the Balearic Islands’ nature. 

Playa Nudista Benalnatura - Malaga Playa Nudista Benalnatura - Malaga
Credit: Playa Nudista Benalnatura - Malaga by benalnaturabeachbar.com

Playa Nudista Benalnatura - Malaga

So you’re in Malaga and would like to profit from the heat and sea of the South of Spain. The closest nude beach to the center will be Guadalmar. Check it out if you’d like a quick naked dip or a sunbathing session. The problem with Guadalmar is the setting directly next to the boardwalk, so you’re getting lots of attention from non-nudists. For a more intimate experience, head to the Costa del Sol resort town of Benalmádena to find Benalnatura. It’s a cove chiringuito and a beach that is LGBTQ-friendly, clean, and stress-free.

Maspalomas Beach - Gran Canaria Maspalomas Beach - Gran Canaria
Credit: Maspalomas Beach - Gran Canaria by kasabubu via Pixabay.com

Maspalomas Beach - Gran Canaria

Easily one of the most spectacular nude beaches in the world, Maspalomas is a part of the vast Sahara-like dunes. Such a beautiful place calls for bare enjoyment, and nude enthusiasts around the world flock to the sands to make the most of it. The naturist part is found around the beach kiosk number 4 and you have the Atlantic Ocean’s grandeur right in front. It’s a very vast and mostly undeveloped area, so make sure to buy all the picnic items beforehand in Maspalomas supermarkets. And you always have a chance to play in the dunes, take hundreds of pictures in the process, and marvel at this striking feat of nature. For the sunset, I would go to the top of the sandhill and enjoy the magnificent panorama of the sun disappearing into the ocean.

Artola Beach - Marbella Artola Beach - Marbella
Credit: Artola Beach - Marbella by Olaf Tausch via Wikimedia Commons

Artola Beach - Marbella

There’s no better nude beach in Marbella than Artola. A part of the spectacular dunes of Cabopino, it’s simply gorgeous. The naked section is close to the western end of the beach. Expect plenty of space, great quality sand, and pleasant swim conditions here. And it just feels great to be out there among the dunes listening to the breeze and looking at the waves. 

Cantarriján Beach - Granada Cantarriján Beach - Granada
Credit: Cantarriján Beach - Granada by Cantarrijeño via Wikimedia Commons

Cantarriján Beach - Granada

Quite a legend among the nude beaches in Spain, Cantarriján is a beloved cove among the cliffs between Nerja and La Herradura. The beach is fully nudist, family-friendly, and very relaxing. Also, it’s a pebble one, so bathing shoes are recommended for a more comfortable swim. The facilities are in place here – you’ve got the restrooms, showers, and sunbeds, as well as restaurants and even massage parlors. Basically, it has everything a mainstream beach would have, but the naturist mentality is a huge added bonus.

Platja Del Torn - Tarragona Platja Del Torn - Tarragona
Credit: Platja Del Torn - Tarragona by Elena Martinez Chacon via Wikimedia Commons

Platja Del Torn - Tarragona

Fancy a beach where nudity is not only tolerated but actually enforced? That’s Platja del Torn, one of the most beautiful beaches in Catalonia that also happens to be fully naturist. The setting can’t be more picturesque, from one side you’ve got the Mediterranean forests, from the other an infinite sea blue. Sand is soft, cleanliness is maintained by the Spanish naturist organization, and you’re surrounded by like-minded people. What else do you need for a perfect nude holiday in Europe really?

Torimbia Beach - Asturias Torimbia Beach - Asturias
Credit: Torimbia Beach - Asturias by Guillén Pérez via Flickr.com

Torimbia Beach - Asturias

Tears of joy are likely to appear when you will see Torimbia. This crescent-shaped stretch is among the most beautiful nude beaches in Spain. That means that this white-sand Atlantic paradise corner doesn’t require any clothes to enjoy. It’s isolated from civilization, the parking on top is free, and the access is not hard. You will have the pleasure of swimming here, sunbathing, picnicking, and sunset watching. All of it au naturel, slowly savoring the wild beauty of Spain’s Asturias province.

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