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Amber Dunlap is Trip to Discover’s Assistant Editor. She joined the team in early 2022 after a major career shift from marketing and social media management to full-time content editing, freelance travel writing, and penning some posts on her personal travel blog No Maps or Foot Tracks. Born and raised on the East Coast of the United States (Connecticut and Virginia), Amber got her first taste of travel during her junior year of college when she studied abroad with Semester at Sea, a floating campus that took her around the world and to 10 different countries in 100 days. When she returned, she landed a summer internship in Jamaica, shifted her career focus to climate communications from broadcast meteorology, and made plans to travel to her dream destination of Peru as soon as she was able. In 2016, with a remote job in hand, she moved abroad to Cusco, Peru and has spent the years since living the digital nomad life in mainly Latin America, but sneaking in adventures elsewhere, including walking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago route across Spain in Fall 2022. She’s currently fully nomadic with no home base, but a huge proponent of traveling slowly and staying longer in the places she does pass through. Before joining Trips To Discover, Amber devoted nearly a decade to working as a marketing and social media manager for a sustainable travel-focused film and marketing company. When she moved abroad to Peru in 2016, she fell into a freelance writing career, writing mainly for tour operators, hotels, and travel agencies based in or marketing the Latin American destinations she was calling home. She has previously written for travel brands and publications like Matador Network, Intrepid Travel, El Camino Travel, The Culture-ist, The Solo Female Traveler Network, and others. Besides her passion and expertise for Latin America travel, the travel stories she loves to write most lie at the intersection of travel and social impact. Amber graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology with a focus on Climate Communication. She’s used her education to transition into a career that uses storytelling to inspire deeper connections between people, planet, and culture by way of responsible travel.

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