New Zealand is a pristine haven abundant with water features, gorgeous cities, wildlife including lots of native birds, and a list of lovely trees and foliage. The plants and their surroundings created the optimal environment for both precious habitats and just simply great scenery—folks come from far and wide to witness it. But some truly special abodes have been delicately placed amongst some of these naturally wonderful places, providing a peaceful, secluded way to enjoy the country. These treehouse Airbnbs are the best around.


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The Treehouse, Upper Hutt The Treehouse!! (yes, it's warm!)
The Treehouse!! (yes, it's warm!)

The Treehouse, Upper Hutt

Almost as if a part of the trees itself, this sky-high shack in Wellington is an environmentally friendly structure made completely from recycled materials. With patches of this and that comprising the exterior and interior, there’s a definite bohemian vibe going on, and it’s enhanced by oodles of native foliage. Soak in the outdoor fire-heated bath or retreat to the main house for more up to date amenities.

Romantic Bush Chalet - Kauri Chalet Romantic Bush Chalet - Kauri Chalet
Romantic Bush Chalet - Kauri Chalet

Romantic Bush Chalet - Kauri Chalet

Located within a lush area near Auckland, full of New Zealand’s gorgeous Kauri trees, this lower to the ground option has a simple clean layout, similar to something you’d see in Japan. A bathroom and shower are also tucked in the private oasis, which is sealed off seemingly, from civilization. However, the main house is near, and famed black sand beaches are a few minutes’ drive away. Another perk, the spacious deck is heated.

Treehouse in the Woods, Raglan Raglan Treehouse in the Woods
Raglan Treehouse in the Woods

Treehouse in the Woods, Raglan

Basically a cute little tiny house on stilts, the abode is elevated above the base terrain of Mount Karioi, while overlooking velvety green hills and stunning blue waters of Whale Bay. The home includes a kitchen and a fully functional bathroom. Hosts provide locally roasted coffee and an optional mountain bike rental in case guests want to explore the surrounding trails and beach area.

Treehouse Nest, Auckland Treehouse Nest
Treehouse Nest

Treehouse Nest, Auckland

With a cozy circular interior and neat points of access via a walking bridge or spiral staircase to the ground, this bird’s nest is nestled high in the trees. The materials make the entire space incredibly cozy, especially when the wood-burning stove is rolling. Enjoy having meals or a cup of tea from the little breakfast nook on the porch, overlooking the canopy.

Tree Cabin, Hawea Flat Tree cabin
Tree cabin

Tree Cabin, Hawea Flat

Located on a rural property in Hawea Flat, with gardens, goats and the host’s own pottery studio, this itty bitty elevated cabin is the perfect place to relax. Great as a base for those looking to venture further into the outdoors, the dwelling is highly affordable. While the bathroom is in the main house, the host keeps everything convenient with organic eats and plenty of hospitality.

Fantail Bush Chalet, Wainui Fantail Bush Chalet, Wainui
Fantail Bush Chalet, Wainui

Fantail Bush Chalet, Wainui

Magnificent bedroom views connect to an open wooden deck especially as majestic. Peer out toward the forests of New Zealand, while being a short distance from golfing and shopping of Auckland. But you’ll feel so far away while hearing native birds call, and relaxing in the secluded, plush chalet in the trees.

Off-the-grid Tree House at The Farm, Whangaruru Amazing off-the-grid tree house at The farm
Amazing off-the-grid tree house at The farm

Off-the-grid Tree House at The Farm, Whangaruru

Straight from a fairytale we are convinced, this odd-shaped treehouse has been artfully crafted from recycled materials, adding to its whimsical charm. Based on a farm, yet near a forest, the surrounding land is full of natural wonder, all of which are waiting to be explored. Come alone and reflect, or make this your ultimate couples getaway.

Pirateship Treehouse, Waimauku Pirateship Treehouse
Pirateship Treehouse

Pirateship Treehouse, Waimauku

Fulfilling the childhood dreams of us all, this Pirate ship treehouse seemingly sails the skies near Auckland. Authentic from top to bottom, guests will find wood-planked sleeping quarters with plush bedding, and an eating booth fit for a captain. Doors are accented with mermaid door handles, carved figures adorn the exterior of the ship, and of course, there are lots of ropes and sails to further add to the convincing nature.

Pohutukawa Tree House, Gisborne Pohutukawa tree house
Pohutukawa tree house

Pohutukawa Tree House, Gisborne

This Pohutukawa treehouses best feature is the wrap-around deck, which offers a multitude of viewing points and places to lounge. Located in Gisborne, this particular place is great for families, as it features three comfortable bedrooms within its elevated walls.

Tree House Hidden in the Hills, Waikino Tree house in Waikino hidden in the hills
Tree house in Waikino hidden in the hills

Tree House Hidden in the Hills, Waikino

Set in a private nook in Waikino, this quaint treehouse features a queen bed in a snug loft and one additional sleeping spot below. What makes this house extra special is that it’s been formed around an old olive tree, further establishing its treehouse status.

Hapuku Lodge Tree House, Kaikoura Hapuku Lodge Tree House, Kaikoura
Hapuku Lodge Tree House, Kaikoura

Hapuku Lodge Tree House, Kaikoura

Now for the mother of all treehouses, we have this accumulation of devastatingly luxurious abodes that overlook the Kaikoura mountains, as well as the breathtaking waters of the Pacific Ocean. There’s nothing gritty or basic about these structures, which are basically mansions with scenic soaking tubs and towering fireplaces, but they are still treehouses. So if something on the ritzy side is what you’re hoping to find, this Canterbury location has got you.

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