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Top 11 Storybook Destinations in Scotland

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We can’t say finding destinations that look like something from a fairytale, in Scotland, was a challenge. Green hills, age-old castles, majestic waters and breathtaking beaches fill the country to the brim, making every spot “storybook.” But we’ve rounded up our absolute favorites.


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Finnich Glen
Finnich Glen

Finnich Glen

Ironically, the most beautiful portion of this moss lined gorge is Devil’s Pulpit. A twinkling stream swerves right through the center, and one can feel totally encapsulated within the vibrant green walls of stone.

Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar sets boldly on a green slice of stone on the Aberdeenshire coast. The real life castle inspired the DunBroch home in Pixar’s film, Brave. The rock pedestal on which it sets is serenely surrounded by prairie, and we can envision a fearless princess navigating through the land.

The Callanish Stones

It is believed that giants actually placed The Callanish Stones in their skewed, but artistic positions. Also known as the “Stonehenge of Scotland “, something of a shining figure supposedly visits during the summer, adding a bit of magical mystery.

Glen Coe

In Buachaille Etive Mòr resides lively pubs like those from a Disney movie village—Harry Potter and James Bond memorabilia happen to accent the establishments as well. But the Lost Valley on Bidean nam Bian is where the true fairytale material is—the Valley has been touted as the most scenic in Scotland.

Arthur’s Seat

Camelot may have resided in Edinburgh, at the end of the Royal Mile. It is often told that volcano marking the spot is actually a fiery, sleeping dragon. Explore the area thoroughly to see ruins of once flourishing castles.

Loch Ness

What’s a storybook pice without including Loch Ness? With tales of monsters lurking about, we can imagine it would be a fantastic spot for a Game of Throne dragon/ sea monster duel. However it’s waters are strangely serene with lush surrounding accented by the Urquhart Castle. The tall tales may forever be a part of our imaginations.

The Borders

Wedged peacfully between “the borders” of England and Scotland sets a stunning area we assume many “rags to riches” princess stories originated. Humble houses and babbling streams add to the painting worthy setting. The story of Thomas the Rhymer, a man who disappeared with a queen, ultimately returning to predict the future, originated from The Borders.

Rosslyn Chapel

Bold and ornate, the 15th century chapel just outside of Edinburgh is fit for a storybook wedding. But fairytales aren’t always glass slippers and roses—the man who carved much of the elaborate chapel stone was murdered by his master and may still roam the grounds.


Iona is located within the Inner Hebrides, and is widely known for possible fairy sightings! Maybe some distant Tinkerbell relatives?

Fairy Pools

Continuing with the fairy theme, Fairy Pools are a cluster of waterfalls, which plunge into various vibrant blue ponds on the Isle of Sky. They are quite the site, and have also been thought to harness healing powers.

Eilean Shona

Eilean Shona can be credited to inspiring JM Barrie’s Peter Pan screenplay in the 1920s. Hidden nooks and the diverse, rocky landscape served as inspiration for the home of the Lost Boys.

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