This Hip Eatery in Denver Was Once Home to a Mortuary

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It’s anything but dead when you walk into the hip Denver restaurant known as Linger. However considering the space was once a mortuary, you’d think that the area’s morbid history would deter patrons but it’s nothing like a ghost town here. Embracing its unique past, Linger Eatuary has become a hot spot for rooftop drinks and small-plate eats. Live bodies now fill up the old mortuary instead of dead ones at this death-themed eatery.


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Outside of Linger

This building in downtown Denver was once the Olinger Mortuary where many Denver funerals were arranged. The mortuary’s most iconic dead guest was the body of Buffalo Bill in 1917. Now a century later, the building hosts living foodies hoping for a great meal. When Olinger Mortuary was purchased by its new owners, many of its original and iconic fixtures remained, including the vintage Olinger sign that resides on top of the building. By simply turning out the “O” in Olinger and adjusting the letters of “Mortuary” to “Eatuary,” a restaurant was born.

Linger has an eclectic menu.

The sign isn’t the only thing that calls to the past at Linger. A church pew is used as a host stand, while the original A/C units of the building were repurposed into light fixtures. Just in case you didn’t know you were in an old mortuary, the restaurant elevates the death-fixated theme by serving water through formaldehyde bottles and providing menus that resemble toe tags.

Linger has rooftop seating.

Although death may be around every corner here, don’t expect to lose your appetite. With an eclectic and worldly menu, the food here will make you feel alive. Serving brunch, lunch and dinner, visitors here will experience well-made street food from around the world. From unique Asian dishes like Korean barbecue tacos or Vietnamese crepes to Italian coffee and donuts, there is a dish to please everybody on the menu at Linger.

Linger serves small plates from around the world, like this Banh Mi.

From food snobs to gothic enthusiasts, this Denver restaurant draws all types of diners. Linger Eatuary truly creates a unique dining experience that introduces new flavors while also preserving Denver’s morbid yet unique past.

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