Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia and is located within South Wales. It is home to some of the most recognized sites in the country, and folks flock to experience the waterside life amongst bustling ports and harbors. Simply put, the city is beautiful. However, many other Australian destinations are equally, if not more exciting in their own way. Whether you are looking for a beach vacation, nature immersion or great food, these are an array of other exciting cities you should definitely go see.


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Adelaide Adelaide skyline
Adelaide skyline


Adelaide is a top-rated city on the St. Vincent Gulf, and you bet the locals and visitors take advantage of the waters via paddle boarding and other water activities. This city, like many others in the country, features elevated nature via museums and diligent conservation. Hike to glorious views at preserves, or enjoy the everyday surroundings that make the city life blend with the landscape. Navigation is a breeze and overall this is a wonderful place to come if looking for a laid-back adventure.

Hobart Hobart


Hobart is separated from the mainland and is a naturally breathtaking fixture of Tasmania. European influence adds a certain charm while the city has developed its own personalized appeal. Mountains set in the background while sailboats float along the coastline, and a healthy accumulation structures set in the center. The island overflows with signature food and drinks, from fruits, cheese, whiskey and oysters, many of which can be found in various forms at the Salamanca Market. Making the trek out this way is worth it.

Fremantle Fremantle market
Fremantle market


Fremantle sits against well known Perth and serves as an incredible destination in its own right. Detailed architecture and an old colonial prison demonstrate the past of Fremantle, and it all hugs snug against western Australian beaches that make for a peaceful day outside. This nook also has a beloved market overflowing with fresh produce and native goodies, and there isn’t a shortage of great eateries. Visitors can find many sites to view local art, which adds vibrancy to the city.

Launceston Launceston


Launceston sits slightly inland on the island of Tasmania, right on the picturesque River Tamar. Touted as being highly family-friendly, with loads of outdoor adventure from hiking to see vast views of cataract gorge, to riding the chairlift that sweeps over the beautiful area.  Launceston has a satisfying blend of both city and country life of Australia and is a destination ideal for delving into the culture and history of the island. And last but not least, wine connoisseurs find paradise here, along with equally thrilling dining options.

Geelong Geelong Carousel
Geelong Carousel


Geelong is a waterside town in Victoria with the expected amazing beaches, but an enclosed swimming area with diving platforms and an additional pool space diversifies the swimming experience. A Ferris wheel, adorable water view train and a striking, wooden carved, steam-powered carousel give the city an endearing touch. But Geelong is also brimming with a colorful social scene that is attractive to young travelers and those who like to mingle. Be sure to try some of the top foods such as fresh ocean mussels.

Brisbane Brisbane
Credit: Flx via Flickr


Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and is certainly up there with Sydney when it comes to popularity. The city is a great option when looking for something less crowded and a bit more down to earth. Along with stunning beaches, you’ll find an inner-city man-made beach, for enjoying that notoriously flawless weather the area sees. Visit a koala sanctuary, cruise the river, wander through majestic botanical gardens, all while being near a fantastic food scene and twinkling city lights.

Alice Springs Alice Springs
Alice Springs

Alice Springs

Aboriginal culture, iconic red landscape and an interesting arts scene are to be discovered at Alice Springs, also referred to as simply “Alice”. This is the kind of place where you can see the true outback via a handful of exciting ways while exploring a town with an ever-developing food scene. The complex eats didn’t always exist here, but they’re kind of becoming a big deal.

Broome Riding Camels in Broome
Riding Camels in Broome


Broome is unfathomably gorgeous as it features the same rich red rock as Alice, which is contrasted by teal hues of the ocean—this is within the visually noteworthy Kimberley region which can be explored via cruises that depart from the town. Be sure to assess the safety of the water before jumping in, as various types of jellyfish can inhabit the shoreline, but Cable Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Al fresco dining and drinks like mango beer wow the taste buds of foodies alike.

Melbourne Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia


By the Yarra River in Victoria, Melbourne is quite the rival for Sydney, with its elegant development which has more than once earned it the title of the most beautiful city in the world. The shopping, arts and culture scenes are robust and diverse, and as one would expect, local and creative cuisine embodies a stellar food environment. Melbourne is known for its complex coffee selections that can be found amongst countless cafes—a cup of joe is far beyond average in this super cool city.

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