The Texas hotels on this list have all been rumored to be haunted. Every hotel below was built decades ago, and all have a colorful history. No matter if you’re a believer in ghosts or a bit skeptical, all the alleged sightings and stories of paranormal activity at these places are sure to give you a fright. If you’re brave enough, check into one of these eight most haunted hotels in Texas.

The Driskill Hotel Outside of The Driskill
Credit: The Driskill
Outside of The Driskill

The Driskill Hotel (Hotel Prices & Photos)

The Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin is one of the oldest hotels in the city and is still a functioning hotel. Some guests have reported hearing unexplained sounds in empty rooms, along with seeing apparitions in chairs or through windows. The area with most paranormal activity, however, occurs on the third floor. This floor is home to a portrait of a young girl. Some people have claimed to feel a presence when they look at the portrait, while others have felt weightlessness or unseen things touching their arms or face when in front of the portrait. Real or not, these reports are truly eerie.

Baker Hotel The Baker Hotel
The Baker Hotel

Baker Hotel (Nearby Hotels)

Although the Baker Hotel is not open for visitors right now, a restoration effort is being made to open the hotel once again but with modern amenities. Initially opened in 1929, the haunting stories surrounding the Baker Hotel focus on two deaths that occurred during the hotels heyday. One woman committed suicide in a hotel room on the 7th floor where she jumped from the balcony to her death. Guests have claimed to have seen a female ghostly figure on this floor. Another death was of a man who was killed in a closing elevator door. There many be more spirits than these two as well. Some visitors claim to have seen orbs, hear voices and even smell phantom aromas at the Baker Hotel.

Hotel Galvez and Spa Hotel Galvez and Spa
Hotel Galvez and Spa

Hotel Galvez and Spa (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Opened in 1911, Hotel Galvez and Spa is still open for business, but not many guests choose to stay in room #505. Legend has it that the 5th floor of Hotel Galvez and Spa is haunted by a female ghost referred to as “The Lovelorn Lady.” This female apparition is allegedly of a woman who hung herself after hearing that her husband died at sea. Now, guests in room #505 have claimed to feel an eerie presence in the room along with a strong smell of gardenias.

Menger Hotel Inside of The Menger Hotel
Inside of The Menger Hotel

Menger Hotel (Hotel Prices & Photos)

San Antonio is home to a number of allegedly haunted institutions. However the Menger Hotel is said to be one of the most haunted places in the Alamo City. As one of the oldest hotels in Texas, opened in 1859, the Menger Hotel truly has had a colorful past. There are claims that 32 different entities haunt the hotel. Reports claim that the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt even resides in the hotel, as Roosevelt used the Menger to recruit men for his cavalry known as the Rough Riders. Experience the spirits here for yourself by booking a room at The Menger next time you’re in San Antonio.

Gage Hotel Gage Hotel
Credit: Gage Hotel
Gage Hotel

Gage Hotel (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Gage Hotel was built in the 1920s for Texas rancher Alfred Gage. Guests still stay in this hotel, which is near Big Bend National Park. Sadly Gage passed away a year after the hotel opened, and now it is said that the hotel is haunted by Gage. Past guests have allegedly witnessed apparitions in the garden, front porch and roaming through the halls. However there may be another spirit at the hotel too. Room 10 is allegedly home to a female ghost. Guests in this room claim to have heard a female voice reading poetry and feel unexplained taps on the shoulder or back. For those who are brave enough, book Room 10 at the Gage Hotel.

Sheraton Gunter Hotel Sheraton Gunter Hotel
Sheraton Gunter Hotel

Sheraton Gunter Hotel (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Sheraton Gunter Hotel is the second hotel on this list that is located in San Antonio, a city known to be full of haunted spots. As in many other hotels on this list, Sheraton Gunter Hotel is still in operation. However beware of room 636. Although the hotel opened in 1909, it wasn’t until 1965 when something truly gruesome occurred here. A man had murdered a maid after she allegedly walked into the room to find it covered in blood, possibly from a previous murder of his. Now, guests and hotel staff have claimed to see the ghostly maid wandering through the halls with her arms stretched out along with hearing unusual noises. Guests inside room 636 have also claimed to see visions of blood on the walls. It’s no denying that this gorgeous hotel has a spooky past.

The Historic Ott Hotel Historic Ott Hotel
Historic Ott Hotel

The Historic Ott Hotel (Nearby Hotels)

This historic hotel is still open for guests and known as a place for ghost tours too. The Ott Hotel was once a booming establishment in the 20’s. Now however, a number of spirits allegedly haunt the area. Specifically, a couple, named Joshua and Anna, died in a hotel from the same bullet in 1930. Joshua and Anna allegedly roam the hotel’s halls. However witnesses have claimed to see a variety of other apparitions, along with disembodied voices, alarming changes in temperature, dark figures, doors that open and close on their own, and phantom gunshots.

Jefferson Hotel Jefferson Hotel
Jefferson Hotel

Jefferson Hotel (Hotel Prices & Photos)

The town of Jefferson is a hotbed for ghostly activity. And Jefferson Hotel is known as one of the most haunted hotels in the entire country. You can still stay at the Jefferson Hotel, however expect to not get a wink of sleep. Paranormal activity heightens during the night here. Guests have reported getting locked out of their rooms, experiencing doors randoming opening, and getting objects thrown at them, along with hearing unexplained knocks, children laughing, and phantom footsteps in the halls. According to claims, the Jefferson Hotel is truly full of guests that have never left.