Every October, haunted houses open up all over Texas. For some Texans, this month doesn’t involve pumpkin patches or corn mazes but rather a scary walk through a terrifying haunted house. The haunted houses on this list are all meant to spook you, so expect some downright frightening characters lurking in these haunted house attractions. These 10 scariest haunted houses in Texas are sure to give you a spooky time.

Cutting Edge Haunted House, Fort Worth (Nearby Hotels)

This abandoned meat-packing plant in Fort Worth turns in a terrifying haunted house every year. This multi-story haunted attraction is actually the largest haunted house in the world. The plant no longer processes meat but the haunted house terrifies guests with grotesque images of processing humans for consumption. Watch your step at every turn because Cutting Edge Haunted House is full of demonic creatures and ghouls. Expect 55 minutes of terror while walking through this top haunted attraction.

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The Haunted Hotel Experience, Beaumont (Nearby Hotels)

Located in Beaumont, The Haunted Hotel is one of the longest-running haunted attractions in the Lone Star State. The terror begins in October and runs through to mid-November. Complete with zombies, an absolutely spooky atmosphere and a maniac with a chainsaw, you will literally be running for your live once you meet the end of The Haunted Hotel.

13th Floor Haunted House, San Antonio (Nearby Hotels)

This haunted attraction in San Antonio has grown in popularity due to its great reviews, terrifying demeanor and two differently horrifying attractions. 13th Floor Haunted House has been featured on The Travel Channel and Huffington Post for being downright scary. First wander through the basement of the haunted house where captives were subject to experimental tests. If you escape through the underground tunnels, don’t think you’re completely in the clear. Terrifying scenes are all over the house but nothing like the 13th floor. Only enter this haunted house if you dare.

House Of Torment, Austin (Nearby Hotels)

If deranged clowns, maniacal beasts, and murderous ghouls terrify you, then a visit to the House of Torment Austin is sure to haunt your dreams. There are three evil attractions at House of Torment in Austin. Expect to encounter the unforgiving, soul-capturing, ghoul nun Mara in “Graveside Manor: The Possession.” Next,”Blackthrone: The Deranged” is home to gruesome creatures abandoned in a creepy penitentiary after unregulated testing went seriously wrong. Last, “Frenzy, Dark Carnival” features deranged clowns and celebrates humanity’s darkest fears, for the unsuspecting guest visiting this carnival, they may just end up the star of the deadly show. Expect a grotesque and terrifying time at this Austin attraction.

Creepy Hollow Haunted House, Rosharon (Nearby Hotels)

Children under 12 are not allowed at Creepy Hollow Haunted House because it is simply too terrifying. You’re sure to feel scared trying to escape all three haunted attractions at this Rosharon haunted house. The Scare Factory runs rampant with infected, murderous creatures. While the Haunted Woods are home to sadistic, human hybrids. You will definitely be running through these bone-chilling attractions.

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Thrillvania Haunted House Park, Terrell (Nearby Hotels)

Thrillvania Haunted House Park has three haunting attractions spanning over 50 acres. Start at Verdun Manor, where a deranged werewolf experiments on innocent victims, turning them violent and murderous. If you survive Verdun Manor unharmed, Cassandra’s Labyrinth of Terror is sure to give you a fright where psychotic clowns offer up a chilling and terrifying time. This maddening haunted house will truly test your courage.

Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park, Smithville (Nearby Hotels)

Just four miles away from the actual location of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park is a bone-chilling attraction with four haunted houses. Terror is around every corner on this 20-acre property. The Mansion of Terror is riddled with demonic spirits, many of them children. If ghosts don’t scare you however, the zombies in the factory or the evil and murderous clowns may just have you running all the way to your car.

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Dark Hour Haunted House, Plano (Nearby Hotels)

Dark Hour Haunted House has three eerie attractions in Plano, Texas. Expect to find evil witches who have turned the place into a hair-raising experience. All visitors are not safe from the witches control, as they turn the grounds into an unholy and haunted attraction. Unlike other haunted houses on this list, Dark Hour Haunted House is actually open on select weekends throughout the year, so you can feel terror no matter what month it is.

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Nightmare on the Bayou, Houston (Nearby Hotels)

Nightmare on the Bayou is the only attraction on this list that claims to actually be haunted by real ghosts. Spanning over 15,000 square feet, Nightmare on the Bayou is actually two haunted attractions, Ghost House and Bayou Cemetery. Located near Houston’s oldest graveyard, it’s no wonder where the real ghosts come from. This terrifying experience is sure to give you nightmares long after Halloween is over.

Houston Terror Dome Haunted House, Houston (Nearby Hotels)

Houston Terrordome ensures you will be terrified at this haunted attraction, even if other haunted houses have failed to scare you in the past. After you escape this creepy haunted house, enjoy a live DJ on select nights. Dancing to a DJ is the best way to forgot those unnerving images you experienced while crying through the Houston Terrordome.

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