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9 Best Family Vacations in the Midwest

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The Midwest is comprised of states like Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri, and often doesn’t rank at the top of our lists when thinking about exciting places to take a trip with the fam, but it’s time to think again. In the middle of the good ole United States resides historic towns, picturesque beaches and exciting adventures, from zip lining to thrill rides—even a certain mall named after the country resides here. So if you’ve had enough of the same getaways, pack your bags and set out for these top family destinations in the Midwest.


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Branson, Missouri Branson, Missouri
Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri

Home to rolling mountains accented with lakes, rivers and waterfalls, Branson offers plenty of family-friendly things to do. It’s the perfect escape for adventurous outdoor families who wants to fly 170 feet in the air on the Vigilante Extreme Ziprider, while also appealing to those who want to kick back. One day you could spend attending the numerous theaters offering acrobatic shows and Broadway musicals, then the next could be centered around museums that will highly intrigue the kids. One features toys from past generations to the present day, while the massive Titanic boat establishment houses millions of dollars of real artifacts from the wreckage. Then you have Dolly Parton western fun, Silver Dollar City filled with rides, boutique shopping and lodging like the Welk Resorts Branson Hotel with a lagoon-style indoor pool with winding water slide. Diners, pizza places, burgers and barbecue can be found in abundance downtown, while eclectic winery restaurants and finer dining options are also available.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Tucked in the bottom west corner of North Dakota are these scenic prairies and painted canyons where the former president once called home—his cabin, Maltese Cross, still sits intact. Medora, a small town in the Badlands, houses many of the highlight features of the expansive park, including the 36-mile Scenic Loop Drive which is a great way to get an overview. Little cowboys and girls will love soaking into the western feel of Medora, while Rough Riders Hotel and Badlands Motel both sit within the heart of all the history, like museums and significant sites. Theodore’s Dining Room is a part of the rustic yet elegant Rough Riders Hotel and is a refined place to enjoy western cuisine.

Keystone, South Dakota Mount Rushmore, Keystone
Mount Rushmore, Keystone

Keystone, South Dakota

Located within the natural scenery of the Black Hills, Keystone is home to one of the most iconic landmarks in the United States, Mount Rushmore. With Rapid City within the area, there’s an abundance of hotels and things to do. Zipline through the woods, embark on a four-hour gold panning tour along the river, explore the extensive mining history or navigate caves and fly down a gravity-driven coaster at Rush Mountain Adventure Park. While there’s no shortage of lodging, finding a peaceful rental cabin might be the most relaxing option for the family.

Mall of America, Minnesota Mall of America
Mall of America

Mall of America, Minnesota

Located in Bloomington, the Mall of America elevates the classic shopping experience to something more reminiscent of a day at a theme park. Seriously, if you’ve never been, it’s more extensive than you thought—it could take several days to experience all the displays, rides and unique stores. In fact, the mall has the biggest indoor theme park in the nation, with a Ferris wheel, free fall ride and roller coaster. A flight simulation, aquarium, black light mini golf and movie theater are just a few of the other offerings. Over 50 restaurants, from US favorite chains like Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Cinnabon and Hard Rock Cafe mesh with cafes, snack shacks, international dining and locally fueled joints to provide the ultimate foodie environment. This mall takes so many iconic things about the United States and places it under one roof.

Mackinac Island, Michigan The main street of Mackinac Island is full of quaint shops and restaurants
The main street of Mackinac Island is full of quaint shops and restaurants

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Sitting in the electric-hued waters of Lake Huron, Mackinac Island is pleasantly separated from the modern world. Refined inns and grand hotels are frozen in time, exuding the polished charm of the good old days. Cars are nowhere to be seen, so the family will have to get some fresh air by traveling via bike or on foot to get to the array of restaurants, from Italian chop houses, barbecue joints, high end dining to simple cafes. Military history is strongly present, so a day of educational exploration is an option. But any scenery tour, whether by kayak, paddle board or foot will allow visitors to witness stunning rock formations, wildlife, caves and lighthouses. But above all else, you have to try the impressive selection of fudge at places like Sanders Candies, who also sells a killer fudge ice cream.

Dubuque, Iowa Dubuque, Iowa
Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque, Iowa

Located on the Mississippi River, Dubuque is a phenomenal spot for an outdoor vacation. The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium sits near the flowing waters and serves not only as an interesting place to see marine life, but also a place learn about science, and history via artifacts. Spend days traversing the scenic Riverwalk or delve simultaneously into nature and history at Mines of Spain Recreation area where hiking trails lead to scenic overlooks. Botanical gardens, the mysterious Crystal Lake Cave, and various boat tours allow families to always have the opportunity to get outside in Dubuque. But on rainy days, visit the popcorn shop or one of the other cozy eateries. In the winter, Sundown Mountain becomes the perfect place to ski, with the versatility of terrain for all levels of expertise.

Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City
Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri

One probably doesn’t typically envision spending a day of vacation touring barbecue restaurants, but you definitely should in Kansas City, as they are known for tender, tangy meats. The Original KC Barbecue Tour not only takes passengers to the best places to munch, but hosts also toss in a bit of historic sightseeing. Kansas City is brimming with kid-friendly activities, from sea life displays to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Cool airplane, steamboat and history museums will let parents sneakily educate the kids while everyone is having a blast. But Kansas City is also known for its present and past musical scene, in addition to quite a few striking fountains.

Galena, Illinois Shops along Main Street, Galena
Shops along Main Street, Galena

Galena, Illinois

Like diving into the past, Galena is focused around age-old buildings from pre-civil war era, and even was called home by our 18th president. Don’t be fooled, modern day has been tied into the town set along the scenic hills, and aside from priceless museums and parks, there’s skiing, ghost tours, candy shops, and some pretty awesome popcorn and root beer. If someone can watch the kids, mom and dad can sneak away for winery and distillery tastings.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin Big Bay State Park
Big Bay State Park

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin

Islands aren’t the first thing to come to mind when thinking of Wisconsin, but off the mainland, floating in Lake Superior are curious morsels of land. The edges of the state and the 21 islands comprise the national lakeshore area. Big Bay State Park is nestled in Madeline Island, where there are a few lodging options like Ferry Landing Suites, Island Inn and Inn on Madeline Island. But across the ferry way are a cluster of places to stay on the mainland. Guests can hop onboard boat tours for a day of exploring rocky beaches, mysterious caves and wildlife, which are all surrounded by pristine blue water. Hiking trails throughout the parks graze the shoreline and are both picturesque in the summer or winter.

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