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World’s 10 Prettiest Pink Sand Beaches

There are very few pink sand beaches around the world, and their rarity alone adds an extra allure. If you’d like to visit some of the most stunning, consider a trip to one of these amazing destinations.

Komodo Island, Indonesia Komodo Island, Indonesia
Credit: Komodo Island, Indonesia by © Pocholo Calapre | Dreamstime.com

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island is part of the Indonesia Archipelago, and one of the islands that make up breathtaking Komodo National Park. As these islands are disappearing due to climate change that are causing sea levels to rise, visit sooner than later, and you can not only view the Earth’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon but stunning Pink Beach, with its pink-hued sands that sit at the edge of pristine turquoise waters. This exceptional beach gets its striking hue from microscopic animals referred to as foraminifera, which produces a red pigment on the coral reefs. When the tiny fragments of red coral combine with the white sands, it produces the soft pink tint. The beach is also a snorkeler’s and diver’s paradise with the calm, shallow waters filled with colorful coral and tropical fish. As the beach and waters are home to the potentially dangerous Komodo dragon, it’s best to visit with a guide.

Elafonisi Beach, Crete Pink sands of Elafonissi Beach
Credit: Pink sands of Elafonissi Beach by © Patryk Kosmider - Dreamstime.com

Elafonisi Beach, Crete

One of the largest and most densely populated islands in Greece, it would be easy to spend a week or more in Crete without getting bored. Not only are there scenic mountains for hiking, Minoan ruins for exploring, dramatic caves and gorges, and charming villages, but countless alluring beaches for soaking up the sun, including Elafonisi Beach, found on the island’s southwestern side. This gorgeous pink beach that stretches for about a mile edges shallow, warm cerulean waters that are ideal for taking a dip, and visits will also find a number of small coves for nude sand bathing as well as some interesting rock formations that stretch out into sea, offering postcard-perfect photographs.

Barbuda Beach, Barbuda Pink sand beach
Credit: Pink sand beach by © Alexander Shalamov | Dreamstime.com

Barbuda Beach, Barbuda

Barbuda is a Caribbean Island that’s part of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda, in the middle of the Leeward Islands. It’s managed to escape being overrun by tourists and offers long, beautiful beaches with sections of pink sands along with calm, turquoise water that is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. A wide array of marine life can be seen, including rays, sea turtles, and sharks – yet you won’t have to worry about bumping elbows with countless tourists to marvel at them. Other island highlights include touring a frigate bird colony, visiting the ruins of Highland House and checking out Art Cafe – this is where you’ll find Claire Frank painting tropical creatures on silk as well as having the chance to learn about the island and all of its other offerings.

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda
Credit: Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda by © Eq Roy | Dreamstime.com

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

This subtropical island in the North Atlantic is home to magnificent pink sand beaches that stretch for 21 miles along dazzling azure waters, and Horseshoe Bay Beach, with its long, curved stretch of pale pink sands, is it’s most legendary. It attracts lovers, with its secluded coves that are ideal for cuddling up in privacy, as well as sunbathers, swimmers, photographers and more. If you want to get more active, you can rent snorkel gear, boogie boards and wakeboards to get out on the water. Nearby you’ll find outstanding golf courses, great shopping, museums and historic attractions too. Dining is especially fabulous at Coconuts, a renowned restaurant that’s been called one of the best places to fall in love. Here you can dine right on the beach while dipping your toes in the sand, sipping wine and gazing at glorious sunsets.

Balos Lagoon Beach, Greece Balos Lagoon Beach, Greece
Credit: Balos Lagoon Beach, Greece by © Delstudio | Dreamstime.com

Balos Lagoon Beach, Greece

One of the prettiest beaches in Greece, Balos Lagoon Beach is a pink-hued beauty. Along with its white sugar sands that are photogenic, the water is emerald green. Gracing the image of many postcards, this beach has warm and inviting waters for making a splash. It’s a perfect spot for families with kids, with water deep enough for a snorkeling adventure. To get here, you’ll have to hop on the ferry from the port in Kissamos, while driving and then hiking to the beach is another option.

Harbour Island, Bermuda Harbour Island, Bahamas
Credit: Harbour Island, Bahamas by bigstock.com

Harbour Island, Bermuda

Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island in the Bahamas is a fantasy come true. The nearly three-mile stretch of beach that’s consistently rated as one of the top five beaches in the world, is made up of idyllic pink sands with its rose-colored hue derived from those single-celled marine organisms known as foraminifera that mix with the white sand to create a distinct, pink tone. This island also boasts one of the world’s best dive sites: Current Cut Dive, as well as excellent surf fishing, deep sea fishing, and day trips to Spanish Wells and Eleuthera. In Dunmore Town, sidewalk vendors sell a variety of items that are fun to take home as souvenirs.

Pink Beach, Bonaire Pink Beach, Bonaire
Credit: Pink Beach, Bonaire by Andrew Jalbert/shutterstock.com

Pink Beach, Bonaire

Pink Beach is a narrow strip of sand situated on the west coast of the island of Bonaire. It has a pink hue thanks to the presence of millions of tiny crushed shells. This Dutch Caribbean island that’s not far from Venezuela’s north coast is also famous as a premier diving and snorkeling destination. In fact, the Caribbean Journal named it one of the top snorkel destinations. Here, you don’t have to choose just one spot, you can practically walk anywhere to the water, jump in and find yourself in a spectacular underwater world with shallow terraces teeming with colorful fish. The beach itself is also a great place to enjoy a picnic, sunbathe, or just relax with a good book. If it gets too warm, several palms line the upper section of the beach, providing a bit of shade.

Spiaggia Rosa, Sardinia Spiaggia Rosa, Sardinia
Credit: Spiaggia Rosa, Sardinia by © Michael Carballo | Dreamstime.com

Spiaggia Rosa, Sardinia

Spiaggia Rosa sits on the tiny, uninhabited island of Budelli in the middle of Sardinia’s La Maddalena National Park. The beach has a faint pink hue due to shells and fragments of red coral. As too many tourists were removing sand from the beach and taking it home, it’s now closed to the public but can still be viewed by boat, or from Spiaggia del Cavaliere nearby, which you can visit on a guided tour. Dolphins frequent the waters near the beach, and visitors who take boat tours often spot them. While you’re in Sardinia, you might want to take the time to visit another unusual beach. Porto Ferro, located on the northern corner of the island, is a more than one-mile stretch of uniquely orange-colored sand due to the unusual mix of the area’s native orange limestone, crushed shells and other volcanic deposits.

Pfeiffer Beach - Big Sur, California Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California
Credit: Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California by Bigstock.com

Pfeiffer Beach - Big Sur, California

Often called California’s own Italian Riviera, Big Sur sits along an epic Mediterranean-style stretch of coastline renowned for its stunning beaches, including a rare purplish-pink sand beach at Pfeiffer State Park. With the azure-colored waves crashing against its edge, it creates a particularly striking contrast. The unusual tint of the sand is not always visible, although it is most obvious right after a rain. The surf is very rough, so the beach isn’t safe for swimming, but it’s wonderful for beach combing or just relaxing with the one you love. Not surprisingly, this region caters to couples seeking romance, with a number of internationally acclaimed accommodation options, like Post Ranch Inn, considered one of the most romantic places to stay on the planet. It boasts infinity pools overlooking the Pacific, a candlelit restaurant, couples massage and unforgettable stargazing after dark.

Playa de Ses Illetes - Formentara, Ibiza, Spain Paradise beach in Formentera
Credit: Paradise beach in Formentera by © Ruben Caseiro | Dreamstime.com

Playa de Ses Illetes - Formentara, Ibiza, Spain

Playa de Ses Illetes, with its fine, light pink sands and deep blue sea surrounded by pines and vegetation, is considered one of Europe’s best beaches. In fact, more than a few visitors have remarked that it rivals those found in the Caribbean. During the summer months, boats and yachts dot the horizon as they make the crossing from Eivissa to Formentera, including a popular stop off at Playa de Ses Illetes. Arguably the most bohemian of the Balearic Islands, this is the place to go to relax and escape the modern world, although you might want to bring a fully charged smartphone for taking selfies to show everyone back home.

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