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11 Best Things to Do in Bali When it Rains

Having spent the best part of three years in Bali, Indonesia, I’ve become well-versed in all of the best things to do on the Island of the Gods. And, while most Bali daydreams feature blue skies and endless sunshine, it’s worth noting that this part of Indonesia has a pretty hefty rainy season. But Bali is still worth visiting between November and March – you’ll just want to plan your trip accordingly to make the most of the weather outside.

Visit during this time for cheaper accommodation, less crowded restaurants and hotels, and smaller, more curated group trips as you explore the island. Read on for all of the best things to do in Bali during the rainy season!

Get Your Caffeine Fix at a Coffee Plantation Get your caffeine fix at a coffee plantation
Credit: Get your caffeine fix at a coffee plantation by Unsplash

Get Your Caffeine Fix at a Coffee Plantation

What Is It? Satria Coffee Plantation is a beautiful coffee plantation in Ubud, Bali. It’s located about 20 minutes from central Ubud, surrounded by rice fields, and offers a chance to sample a range of coffees and teas, including the famous Luwak coffee (we’ll let you Google that one).

Why Do It? This is a great way to learn about the process of making coffee and sample some of the local blends from right where they’re grown. Learn about different types of coffee beans: how they are harvested, roasted, and ground before trying mini tasters of each one. 

Good to Know: The tour itself is free, and you can buy all of the different coffees and teas in the gift shop at the end. You’ll also find a huge range of locally grown souvenirs here, like flavored oils, freshly ground herbs and spices, and incredible chocolate.

Elevate Your Vacation Wardrobe with a Shopping Trip Elevate your vacation wardrobe with a shopping trip
Credit: Elevate your vacation wardrobe with a shopping trip by Beachwalk Shopping Centre

Elevate Your Vacation Wardrobe with a Shopping Trip

What Is It? Head to Kuta beach to find Beachwalk Shopping Centre, one of Bali’s best malls with a huge range of shops spanning fashion, homeware, jewelry, and plenty more. 

Why Do It? A great way to spend a rainy day or escape the heat, this sheltered shopping mall is home to not only high-end fashion boutiques and souvenir shops but also a cinema, a games arcade, and other entertainment options, and a large food hall. 

Good to Know: Bali’s ever-changing weather means it can rain for 30 minutes before the blazing sunshine returns. Beachwalk’s location, right on the beach, means you can easily wander down for a swim if the weather improves during your shopping trip.

Relax at a Yoga Class Relax at a yoga class
Credit: Relax at a yoga class by Unsplash

Relax at a Yoga Class

What Is It? Bali and yoga go hand-in-hand, and you’ll find a huge range of studios here offering Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga, amongst plenty of others. While the yoga capital of Bali is Ubud, you’ll find yoga studios located across the entire island.

Why Do It? Yoga classes in Bali are suitable for all levels, and you can choose from a range of styles and classes to find the one that suits your preferences. Many yoga studios also offer meditation classes, workshops, and retreats, providing a deeper immersion into the practice – perfect if the rain just doesn’t stop! 

Good to Know: Bali has plenty of impressive yoga studios, but some of the best include The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Samadi in Canggu, and Radiantly Alive in Ubud.

Chill Out at a Spa Chill out at a spa
Credit: Chill out at a spa by Bodyworks

Chill Out at a Spa

What Is It? Balinese massage is world-famous for a reason, and you’ll get the full experience if you head to a beautiful spa like Bodyworks in Seminyak. Here, you’ll find massages, facials, body scrubs, and manicures, all served with fresh herbal tea.

Why Do It? This gorgeous spa is worth checking out even without taking into consideration the impressive treatments. Expect rooms in deep blue and vibrant pink hues as well as plenty of Instagram-worthy backdrops. The spa focuses on natural ingredients, like coconut oil, honey, and coffee, and is renowned for its attention to detail. 

Good to Know: You’ll want to make a reservation in advance, as this spa can get busy, especially on the weekends. And, if you’re looking for the full works, check out the package options.

Cook a Feast at a Balinese Cooking Class Cook up a feast at a Balinese cooking class
Credit: Cook up a feast at a Balinese cooking class by Unsplash

Cook a Feast at a Balinese Cooking Class

What Is It? No doubt you’ve fallen in love with some of Bali’s best dishes while vacationing here. And a rainy day is a great opportunity to learn how to recreate those dishes yourself! The classes here are usually hands-on, showing you how to prepare and cook Balinese dishes the proper way.

Why Do It? Balinese cuisine is known for its complex flavors and use of fresh spices, herbs, and vegetables. Learning how to cook these dishes offers a deeper understanding of the culture and traditions of the island, which you’ll remember long after you’ve left the island.

Good to Know: Classes here suit all budgets, with cheaper options in Uluwatu, starting from around 100k IDR per class and going up to around 1.5 million IDR for bespoke classes with one-to-one guidance.

Chase Waterfalls Chase some waterfalls
Credit: Chase some waterfalls by Unsplash

Chase Waterfalls

What Is It? Mother Nature didn’t hold back when it came to Bali, and you’ll find plenty of awe-inspiring waterfalls dotted across this incredible island. Some of the most impressive include Aling-Aling, Sekumpul Waterfall, and Gitgit Waterfall.

Why Do It? You’re going to be getting wet anyway, so why not make the most of that and tick off a bucket list experience at the same time? Many of Bali’s best waterfalls are surrounded by lush greenery and are located in peaceful, remote locations, allowing you to go a little off the beaten track, too. 

Good to Know: Bali’s waterfalls can mostly be accessed by foot, but you’ll want to bring sturdy footwear. Some require a short hike through forests or rice fields, while others are located near main roads and parking lots.

Learn Some History at Bali Museum Learn some history at Bali Museum
Credit: Learn some history at Bali Museum by Disbud.baliprov

Learn Some History at Bali Museum

What Is It? Also known as the Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali, Bali Museum is a popular cultural museum in Denpasar, the capital city. With four buildings, it offers plenty of insight into the island’s rich history and culture with historical artifacts, cultural objects, and traditional art pieces.

Why Do It? The museum is perfect for anyone interested in art, history, and culture. A trip here opens your eyes to Bali’s unique history, adding extra details that you’ll begin to notice throughout the rest of your trip.

Good to Know: Dress modestly when visiting here – that means shoulders and knees should be covered for all genders. The museum is open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, and is closed on Mondays and public holidays. Bali has lots of national days, so check in advance before visiting!

Splash aAound at Waterbom Bali Waterbom Bali
Credit: Waterbom Bali by Waterbom Bali

Splash aAound at Waterbom Bali

What Is It? With its lush tropical landscape and an endless array of attractions to suit all ages, Waterbom Bali is considered one of the top water parks in Asia and is a must-visit regardless of the weather. 

Why Do It? Perfect for adrenaline junkies, come here to experience the Climax, a huge water slide with a near-vertical drop as well as the Superbowl, Boomerang, and the Smashdown. For those looking to keep things a little less intense, there are also restaurants, cabanas, and lounges, as well as the Lazy River, a more relaxing experience that floats through a winding river. 

Good to Know: Visit during the weekdays or early in the morning to avoid long queues for rides. And bring along all of the essentials, like swimwear, towels, and sunscreen, as well as dry clothes and shoes for after your time at the park.

Take an Indonesian Language Class Take an Indonesian language class
Credit: Take an Indonesian language class by Cinta Bahasa

Take an Indonesian Language Class

What Is It? This a great opportunity to impress your restaurant servers, taxi drivers, and tour guides. Indonesian (or Bahasa Indonesia, as it’s officially known) is a relatively easy language to learn and definitely adds a new dimension to your time in the country. 

Why Do It? English might be widely spoken in the tourist-heavy parts of Bali and wider Indonesia, but learning a few key phrases is a brilliant way to elevate your time here. You’ll find drop-in classes every week in Canggu, Uluwatu, and Ubud. It’s also easy to arrange a bespoke class through your hotel or guesthouse. 

Good to Know: We’ll give you a few pointers to start you off! “Makasih” (mak-ass-ee) means thanks. “selamat pagi” (sell-a-mat paggy) means good morning, and selamat malam (ma-lam) means goodnight!

Spend a Day at Finn's Recreation Club Spend a day at Finn's Recreation Club
Credit: Spend a day at Finn's Recreation Club by Finn's Recreation Club

Spend a Day at Finn's Recreation Club

What Is It? Finn’s Recreation Club is a multi-purpose sports and leisure complex in Canggu. Perfect for all of the family, it’s home to a bowling alley, fitness center, waterpark, restaurant, trampoline hub, and more. 

Why Do It? Buy a day pass at Finn’s, and you’ll never get bored, regardless of who you turn up with. Kids will love the endless slides of the waterpark, while adults can head to the spa, Body Temple, for a range of relaxing treatments. Sports fans can check out tennis courts, squash courts, and football pitches. 

Good to Know: If you’re spending longer in Bali, you can buy season passes to Finn’s. It’s also connected to Finn’s Beach Club in nearby Berawa, with discounts available across the board if you do buy a longer access pass.

Dine Underwater at Koral Dine underwater at Koral
Credit: Dine underwater at Koral by Kempinski

Dine Underwater at Koral

What Is It? Bali has a huge range of fancy restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. You’ll find tasting menus, intricate eight (plus) courses, wine pairings, and unique experiences. If you’re looking to go all out, try Koral: Bali’s first aquarium restaurant down in Nusa Dua.

Why Do It? Feast on elegant dishes inspired by Indonesian coastal flavors and crafted from local ingredients while vibrant marine life swims all around you. While it’s more expensive than most restaurants in Bali, it’s almost definitely one of the most budget-friendly ways to eat underwater across the world.

Good to Know: The restaurant is set inside the stylish Apurva Kempinski Bali, and reservations are necessary to ensure a spot. The dress code is smart casual. No sleeveless tops for men and no sportswear, sleepwear, and flip-flops.

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