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Whether headed off on your first family adventure, relocating in search of greener pastures, or making the holiday pilgrimage home with your little one in tow for the first time, taking a baby on their first flight doesn’t have to be an ordeal. With some planning, a little patience, and a few necessities, you’ll have a pro world traveler in the making.

Cosco Apt 50

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While many airlines offer free fare for lap riding children, it’s always safer to have baby secured in their own seat. This FAA approved car seat is lightweight, inexpensive, and quick to install, making it a great choice for flights, and a quick and easy option for use in a rental car as well.

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Baby Earmuffs

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Planes get loud! If your little one is bothered by noise, try these noise canceling headphones. They’re perfect for watching fireworks, attending sporting events, and sitting a little too close to those plane engines.

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You can’t forget the travel-friendly toys! All the other kids on the plane with be green with envy for this toy airplane by Green Toys. Since they know the first place most young children are going to put a new toy is in their mouths, Green Toys focus on making safe, environmentally responsible toys.

J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag

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If you’re bringing a personal luggage cart through the airport, make sure to add on this gate check bag. Big enough even for double strollers, it’s a way to protect your most expensive piece of baby gear while making it quick and easy to claim your item after landing.

NovaMV Supplement for Infants

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All that recycled air seems to guarantee there’s someone sick on every flight. Keep your little one’s immune system working at top speed with these liquid vitamin drops. 8 vitamins, including vitamin C,  will give your infant that extra illness fighting boost.

Dr. Brown's Lovey Pacifier and Teether Holder, Triceratops

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Swallowing repeatedly during takeoff and landing can help to prevent those painful ear popping sensations. A soft, soothing toy attaches to this pacifier, giving your baby something to cuddle with.

Nursing Cover

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Encouraging your little one to nap at their usual time can be extra difficult with so much stimulation. Block out what you can with this multi-use car seat cover that also functions as a nursing scarf or shopping cart seat cover.

Enfamil NeuroPro RTU

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For formula feeding parents, juggling measuring and mixing during travel can be a huge hassle. These ready to use formula bottles save time and energy. At only two ounces per bottle, there’s no leftovers to store, and no wasted formula, even for small snackers. Pop on a disposable nipple and the whole thing can be easily tossed after feeding.  

Cetaphil Baby Mommy and Me Travel Kit

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The mommy and me crowd deserve a little pampering, especially after the stress of travel. This TSA approved travel bath essentials kit has everything you need to keep skin soft, soothed, and comfortable.

Alvababy 2PC Wet Bag

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No matter how adorable the onesie you pick out for travel is, odds are there will be something on it before you reach your destination. Bring along a wet bag for soiled clothing; you’ll keep smells and stains away from the rest of your baby gear.

SHILOH Baby Activity Spiral Wrap

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Babies get bored on flights just like we do, so bring along some familiar toys, as well as something new. Bright and entertaining, this soft, squeezable spiral toy is perfect for distracting young children. Attach it to the car seat, the stroller, or wrap it around mom’s arm for fun exploring play any time.  

GAVIA Baby Pilot Bodysuit

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There are plenty of cute plane themed baby clothes but this pilot’s uniform one-piece bodysuit takes the cake. Pair with a matching Pilot’s hat or a flying ace cap.

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

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You’ll want to keep both hands free while carrying your luggage with a comfortable baby carrier, like Infantino’s Flip model. Especially useful for parents who have to travel solo and are looking for every spare hand they can get. Keeps baby close and comfortable, making them easier to soothe.  

Diaper Backpack

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Carry-on sized, waterproof, and easier to travel with than traditional one shoulder diaper bag, this backpack is the diaper bag we all wish we’d found earlier. Complete with upright bottle storage compartments inside and out, the sturdy construction means you’ll get plenty of use out of it long after the bottle years are over.

Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Owl, Brown

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Soft and soothing, this light up musical owl helps young children drift off more easily, even in loud, strange environments. It’s fun to squeeze and tolerates being drooled on, so it’s truly the best seat neighbor one can ask for.

Maisy Goes on a Plae

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Brightly colored and entertaining for babies, but with sentences tailored for beginning readers, Maisy’s story about her first plane trip is perfect for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. It’s a great way to introduce children to the idea of an upcoming trip, and keep them occupied during the journey itself.

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