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6 Most Scenic Fall Road Trips in Texas

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Fall in Texas is short but it is still quite scenic. During November, hit the road to embrace the cooler weather and view changing fall foliage in the Lone Star State. From East Texas to the Hill Country to the Texas desert, there are a number of great spots to celebrate the changing season.


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Pineywoods Autumn Trail Scenic drive in East Texas
Scenic drive in East Texas

Pineywoods Autumn Trail

East Texas is one of the top destinations to view fall foliage in the Lone Star State. Take the scenic drive from Athens to Palestine to view the colorful deciduous trees. Known as the Pineywoods Autumn Trail, this 145-mile road trip is bursting with red, orange and yellow fall foliage. There are also plenty of scenic stops along the route, including the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, Lake Athens, Tara Vineyard & Winery and the East Texas Arboretum. If you are up for an adventure, head to the NY-TX Zipline Adventures to zip past fall foliage or hop on the Texas State Railroad for an effortless trip through the colorful East Texas woodlands.

Devil's Backbone Scenic Drive Fall foliage at Blanco State Park
Credit: Tnkntx
Fall foliage at Blanco State Park

Devil's Backbone Scenic Drive

The Texas Hill Country is a beautiful stretch of scenery that offers stunning views no matter what time of year. However during the fall, the temperatures are cool and foliage starts to change. Southwest of Austin is the Devil’s Backbone Scenic Drive, a must-do during the fall months. This road, which stretches from Wimberley to Blanco, is only 20 miles but offers up great views of rolling hills and valleys dotted with colorful oak trees. If you seek a longer journey, head to the German town of Fredericksburg to visit wineries and shop in the historic downtown area.

Ranch Road 337 and The Twisted Sisters Fall foliage on RR 337
Fall foliage on RR 337

Ranch Road 337 and The Twisted Sisters

Ranch Road 337, between Camp Wood and the town of Leakey, has been referred to as one of the most scenic drives in Texas. With a winding road that twists through hilly scenery, this road has become a popular destination for motorcyclists and motorists alike. The road actually climbs to some of the highest elevations in the region. If you want to travel further, complete not just RR 337 but also 335 and 336. Together, these three roads are referred to as the Twisted Sisters. For even more fall scenery, drive south to Garner State Park, which is only 10 miles south of Leakey, since it’s the perfect destination for a fall camping trip.

Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive View from Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive
View from Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

For those who don’t mind a lengthy road trip, head to Big Bend National Park. This arid and desert environment truly offers a mountainous, remarkable landscape. One of the more popular scenic drives in the area is Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. This road is only 30 miles long but passes along many scenic overlooks, such as Mule Ears Overlook and Santa Elena Canyon. The Santa Elena Canyon should not be missed as the cliffs rise 1,500 feet above the Rio Grande River. The fall months are a great time to visit this area too because of the cooler temperatures. Do watch your speed limit because this area is teeming with wildlife.

Texas State Highway 207

Texas State Highway 207

One of the best places to visit in Texas during the autumn months is Palo Duro Canyon State Park. To actually view the canyon and all its glory, take a scenic drive on Texas State Highway 207. This 48-mile stretch of road runs between Claude and south of the town of Silverton. Catch glimpses of the second largest canyon in the United States, dubbed the “Grand Canyon of Texas,” along with views of the changing cottonwood trees that add bursts of yellow to the canyon landscape. Make sure to stop along the turnarounds to snap a great picture of this stunning Texas scenery.

Daingerfield State Park to Caddo Lake Caddo Lake
Caddo Lake

Daingerfield State Park to Caddo Lake

This 54-mile route from Daingerfield State Park to Caddo Lake passes through a number of scenic spots as well as the town of Jefferson. Daingerfield State Park is known as one of the best parks to view fall foliage, so make sure to get your camera ready. Start your journey at the park and then take Highway 259 and 729 to pass along Lake O’ Pines. Choose to head to the historic town of Jefferson, a great pit stop along the route. Then end your scenic drive at Caddo Lake State Park and a visit to Caddo Lake.


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