From ghostly apparitions to unexplained noises, feelings, and altogether mayhem, the stories from these most haunted bars in America will surely give you chills. You won’t just find a strong drink here, you might just experience paranormal activity too. These 9 most haunted bars in the United States have gained a spooky reputation, so enter if you dare.


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The White Horse Tavern - New York, New York

The White Horse Tavern - New York, New York (Nearby Hotels)

The White Horse Tavern has a long history. As the second-longest continuously-run tavern in the Big Apple, this bar first opened its doors in 1880. The bar started as a popular spot for men working along the pier. In the 1950s, The White Horse Tavern grew in popularity among poets and artists, including Dylan Thomas, one of the tavern’s most popular spirits. Dylan Thomas, famous for his poem “Do not go gentle into that good night,” was said to have indulged in 18 shots of whiskey here before dying of a coma. Allegedly, he haunts the tavern and can be seen drinking underneath his portrait here.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop - New Orleans, Louisiana

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop - New Orleans, Louisiana (Nearby Hotels)

New Orleans is home to a number of establishments known to be haunted. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is a regular stop for nighttime ghost tours. This bar was once a blacksmith shop that was built in the early 1700s. Named after the famed pirate Jean Lafitte, the shop doubled as a place for his smuggling operation of stolen gold. Some say that the bar still houses Lafitte’s treasure, and it is believed that Lafitte’s spirit haunts the establishment to protect his precious fortune. From random smells of cigar smoke to seeing glowing red eyes in the darkness, the stories of hauntings are hard not to believe.

Pioneer Saloon - Goodsprings, Nevada Pioneer Saloon, Goodsprings
Pioneer Saloon, Goodsprings

Pioneer Saloon - Goodsprings, Nevada (Nearby Hotels)

Pioneer Saloon, located 35 miles from Las Vegas, was established in 1913. Found in Goodsprings, Nevada, this town was once a booming mining town. Now, the town is much quieter than it was in its early days. This saloon still evokes a vintage vibe, with antique and vintage decor. I’m sure the Wild West feel makes the resident ghosts here feel right at home. Apparently, there are a few spirits that haunt the saloon, including a miner that was murdered in the saloon in 1915 for cheating at cards.

Ear Inn - New York, New York Ear Inn
Ear Inn

Ear Inn - New York, New York (Nearby Hotels)

The Ear Inn in New York City has had a colorful past. A popular inn, brothel, and speakeasy in the early 19th century, The Ear Inn was a hot spot for sailors and longshoremen since the establishment is along the Hudson River. This bar’s most notable ghost is named Mickey, who was a sailor that died in front of the inn. Now, Mickey is known to mess with the ladies and drink unattended beers.

The Tavern - Austin, Texas The Tavern
The Tavern

The Tavern - Austin, Texas (Nearby Hotels)

Opened in 1933, The Tavern in Austin, Texas was once a speakeasy and brothel in its early days. Although it is a German-style sports bar now, the bar’s seedy past seems to come back to haunt it. There was an accidental murder at The Tavern when a sex worker named Emily was killed in a bar fight. Now, workers at The Tavern claim that Emily changes the channels on the TV, randomly dials the phone, and plays around in the kitchen.

Simon’s Tavern - Chicago, Illinois Simon’s Tavern
Simon’s Tavern

Simon’s Tavern - Chicago, Illinois (Nearby Hotels)

If you’re looking to hear a spooky ghost story in Chicago, then head to Simon’s Tavern. Opened in the 1930s, this bar was a speakeasy for those seeking a drink during Prohibition. Although Simon’s Tavern is a prominent local bar now, the tavern can’t forget its past. Apparently, visitors and employees of the bar have heard noises, experienced cold drafts, and just felt “something” in the air here. One of the most popular ghost stories that come out of Simon’s Tavern is the tale of a love triangle involving the son of the bar owner who got involved with a married woman. The two lovers both died in a car accident but are said to frequent Simon’s Tavern on occasion.

Shaker’s Cigar Bar - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Shaker’s Cigar Bar
Shaker’s Cigar Bar

Shaker’s Cigar Bar - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Nearby Hotels)

Shaker’s Cigar Bar is a restaurant, tavern, and cigar bar now, however it’s colorful past causes many to visit this haunted establishment. Shaker’s was once a brothel and speakeasy in its early days. It was erected in 1894, but the murders here allegedly started during the roaring 20s. Shaker’s is allegedly home to a number of spirits, but one of the most prominent ghostly figures here is Molly Brennan, a 16-year-old prostitute who was murder on the third floor. When Shaker’s was going through a renovation in the 80’s, Molly Brennan’s bones were found. Learn all about the history and hauntings at Shaker’s through one of the ghost tours regularly hosted here.

Tiger’s Tap Room - Tucson, Arizona (Nearby Hotels)

Tiger’s Tap Room, found in the Hotel Congress, is just one part of this haunted building. Visitors here have reported feeling spirits in the bar and hotel’s hallways. Opened in 1919, many guests have visited tap room and hotel. One of the most popular spirits said to haunt the hotel is of a woman who shot herself in her room. If you’re looking to experience paranormal activity, then book Room 242 at Hotel Congress.

Stone’s Public House - Ashland, Massachusetts Stone’s Public House
Stone’s Public House

Stone’s Public House - Ashland, Massachusetts (Nearby Hotels)

Stone’s Public House was first established in 1832. Since it was near the railroad, railroad workers and riders alike would frequent the bar and upstairs function room. It wasn’t until 1976 when the bar changed hands to Leonard Fournier that paranormal activity was experienced. Fournier noticed locked doors that weren’t supposed to be locked, lights that would turn on and off, and other unexplained phenomena. When he invited paranormal investigators into the space in the 80’s, they seemed to all agree that the upstairs function room experienced the highest amount of paranormal weirdness. One spirit that is said to haunt the bar is of Burt Philips, a man who died there in the 1890s.

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