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8 Incredible Bubble Hotels Around the World

Stop booking boring hotels, and opt for a more exciting travel accommodation – a bubble room. These bubble rooms are either partially or fully transparent so you can catch views of the surrounding scenery right from your room. Nestled in forests, deserts and hill country, these bubble hotels are sure to grant you incredible views both during the day and at night. Experience your surroundings in a completely different way when you stay at one of these eight bubble hotels found around the world.

Hotel Aire de Bardenas Hotel Aire de Bardenas
Credit: Hotel Aire de Bardenas by Facebook.com

Hotel Aire de Bardenas

Stay in a bubble in the middle of a desert at Hotel Aire de Bardenas. Near Bardenas Reales Natural Park, home to the largest desert in Europe, this hotel in Spain features bubble rooms complete with electricity, a mini-bar and even Wi-Fi. This hotel is home to traditional rooms as well, but living in a bubble in the middle of this desert region of Spain is a great way to experience this unique part of Europe.

Buubble Buubble
Credit: Buubble by Bubbles in Iceland


Known as the “5 Million Star Hotel,” these bubble accommodations in Iceland draw travelers hoping to view the Northern Lights right from their bedroom. Since the area experiences no light pollution, stargazing is the main attraction. Found an hour outside of Reykjavik, these five bubble rooms provide guests with complete seclusion, as you don’t even know the address until you book your bubble.

Attrap'Rêves SAS Attrap'Rêves, Allauch, France
Credit: SAS Attrap'Rêves, Allauch, France by attrap-reves.com


Stay in a bubble during your next French vacation. Attrap’Rêves has five bubble hotels scattered throughout the country, totaling 18 bubbles. Founded in 2010, Attrap’Rêves is perfect for the environmentally-conscious traveler, as the bubble rooms were made entirely of recycled materials. No matter if you book a partially or totally transparent bubble room, consider the Constellation package, which comes with a telescope and constellation chart, so you can learn more about the night sky right from your bubble room.

Campera Hotel Burbuja Campera Hotel Burbuja
Credit: Campera Hotel Burbuja by Facebook.com

Campera Hotel Burbuja

Nestled in Mexico’s wine country, Campera Hotel Burbuja is an eco-friendly oasis that boasts rolling views of vineyards during the day and breathtaking night skies once the sun goes down. Choose from a regular bubble room or a bubble suite at Campera Hotel Burbuja where there are 10 climate-controlled, bubble rooms available. Don’t miss out on visiting the dozens of local wineries in the area while you’re here.

Finn Lough Resort Finn Lough Resort
Credit: Finn Lough Resort by Facebook.com

Finn Lough Resort

If you ever wanted to escape into a forest oasis, then this bubble hotel in Northern Ireland is the perfect accommodation for you. Finn Lough Resort is home to seven Forest Domes, as well as cottages and lodges too. These bubble homes come with numerous amenities, from heated floors to rain showers to Ferrari-brand fabrics. You may feel completely isolated in your own dome, but since these bubbles are on resort property, you still get to enjoy certain perks, like an on-site spa and restaurant.

Bubble Lodge Bubble Lodge
Credit: Bubble Lodge by Facebook

Bubble Lodge

Africa is already an exotic location, therefore elevate your African experience by staying in a bubble hotel on the African island of Mauritius. Found off the coast of Madagascar, travelers flock to this island because of the beautiful beaches. Although the bubble hotel is found on the interior of the island, it’s worth a stay due to its unique nature and location. Found on the edge of a tea plantation, Bubble Lodge features three bubble units and even a three-room bubble suite perfect for families.

Bubbletent Australia Bubbletent Australia
Credit: Bubbletent Australia by Facebook.com

Bubbletent Australia

Have a memorable outback retreat when you stay in Bubbletent in Australia. The country’s first inflatable hotel, Bubbletent overlooks the Capertee Valley. At 125 miles northwest of Sydney, these bubble rooms are in a perfect place to escape busy city life, while also enjoying fine amenities like in-room iPads, wood-fired hot tubs, and kitchenettes.

Aurora Bubbles at Nellim Wilderness Hotel Aurora Bubbles at Nellim Wilderness Hotel
Credit: Aurora Bubbles at Nellim Wilderness Hotel by Facebook.com

Aurora Bubbles at Nellim Wilderness Hotel

A stay in an Aurora Bubble room at Nellim Wilderness Hotel in Finland is truly a bucket list experience. If you’ve always wanted to view the incredible lights of the aurora borealis, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can enjoy the lights right from your own bubble room here. Visitors to Finland can catch the sky’s dazzling lights 200 days of the year here. Even during the day, the views of the frozen lake Inari are impressive too.

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