Discover Devil’s Den Cave in Williston, Florida

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Tucked away in Williston just 30 minutes outside of Gainesville, Devil’s Den is one of the most unique diving spots in Florida. A 60-foot prehistoric spring, this underground geological wonder and must-see attraction is truly a sight to behold. Otherworldly with its illuminated waters and inverted mushroom shape below its surface, this historic den dates back to an amazing 75,000 B.C.


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Devil's Den Prehistoric Spring

A subterranean river whose roof collapsed, here you’re greeted with an exposed cave-like den with a 120-foot diameter landscape of crystal clear waters, stalactites, ancient rock formations and fossil beds. Perfect for one of Florida’s hot summer days, visitors who travel to Devil’s Den can explore 33 million-year-old fossil beds and refresh in the year-round 72-degree water. You might even see the remains of extinct animals from the Pleistocene Age, as the artifacts and bones of early man were once discovered here.

Devil's Den

A hotspot for cave divers and snorkelers alike, an exploration of this cave is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Devil’s Den Spring is a privately owned scuba diving center that offers diving availability every day of the week, as long as you have the proper certification level of Open Water or above. The admission cost is $38 per diver, with $8 air fills and $40 for full scuba equipment rental. Individual equipment can be purchased in case you only need one or two items, such as a wetsuit, regulator, or mask and snorkel. If you really want to experience something unique, reserve a night tour of the cave.

Devil's Den

An opportunity to snorkel is on a first-come-first-serve basis, with a maximum of 2 hours inside of Devil’s Den. Admission is $15 per person, while weekends and holidays are $20 per person. Mask, snorkel, and fins are required, however, don’t fret if you’ve forgotten your gear, as you can rent equipment for just $10.

Devil’s Den, Williston

Those looking to stay overnight can book one of the four on-site cabins, while one double-wide trailer, RV Park, and tent campgrounds are also available. Equipped with everything you’d need for an outdoor adventure, recreation at Devil’s Den includes a heated swimming pool, picnic tables and large pavilions, charcoal grills, and an open space for activities.

Devil's Den

If you visit Devil’s Den on a cold winter morning, you might catch a wave of steam-like smoke rising from the cave’s chimney. Dubbed Devil’s Den by early settlers to Florida, this mystical ambiance and eery sight are how it got its unique name.

Devil's Den

Perfect for picking up a souvenir of your memorable trip to Devil’s Den, head to the on-site gift shop to take home Devil’s Den t-shirts, postcards, stickers and more. Devil’s Den Information Official Website

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