Texas has a number of great watering holes but no watering hole in the Lone Star State is as crystal clear and blue as the Blue Lagoon. This beautiful oasis is Texas’ premier scuba diving spot due to its clear and deep waters. This underrated swimming hole does require a steep fee for admittance, $20 per non-diver, but it’s worth it. Swimming in the water here will make you think you’re in a tropical paradise.

Beach at Blue Lagoon
Credit: Blue Lagoon
Beach at Blue Lagoon

Located five miles north of Huntsville, which is about an hour and a half north of Houston, the Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful swimming spots in the Lone Star State. There are two crystal clear pools known as the Blue Lagoon. These pools were created from two former limestone quarries. The blue-green water here has a high visibility, making it perfect for swimming and scuba diving.

With its crystal clear blue waters, the Blue Lagoon looks like it belongs in a tropical location. However this swimming hole isn’t teeming with life as a tropical swimming hole typically is. The Blue Lagoon lacks vegetation and aquatic life. Only one species lives in the waters here, the dragonfly nymph, which looks similar to a shrimp.

Cloudy day at Blue Lagoon
Cloudy day at Blue Lagoon

Now a visit to the Blue Lagoon should be cherished because the Blue Lagoon caps the number of people that are allowed in. This swimming hole opens up at noon on the weekends for non-divers, therefore come early to ensure a spot at this coveted spring-fed lagoon. If you are available, visit during the weekdays to enjoy the water without the crowds.

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Since the Blue Lagoon is a popular destination for divers, it is the perfect spot to bring your own diving gear or to rent diving gear on-site. Do keep in mind that anyone who would like to scuba dive should have their own scuba diving license. If you’re interested in learning how to scuba dive, Texan Scuba teaches weekend and weekday classes here.

Amidst pine trees and surrounded by limestone rock, the Blue Lagoon is truly a unique place found in the piney woods of East Texas. Open from April to September, the Blue Lagoon is sure to be your next favorite swimming hole in the Lone Star State.

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