Texas has an eclectic history, and therefore the state has a treasure trove of antique goods. Texas is home to a number of antique stores that are full of one-of-a-kind items that are beautiful and affordable. These 9 towns in the state are all known for antique and vintage shopping. No matter if you’re looking for the perfect piece of antique furniture or looking for that vintage record, you are sure to find it at one of these 9 Texas towns.


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Wimberley Star Antique in Wimberley
Credit: Star Antique
Star Antique in Wimberley

Wimberley (Nearby Hotels)

Wimberley has some of the best shopping outside of Austin. This adorable Hill Country town makes for a great weekend getaway, since it not only has some topnotch antique stores but also wineries nearby and outdoor recreation opportunities. Even if you don’t come during the Wimberley Market Days, there are still many shops to explore in Wimberley’s little town center. Stop at Jean’s Antiques Plus or Rescued Relics, which are just a couple of antique shops in Wimberley. Star Antiques is the place to visit for vintage and antique lighting. You will also find a variety of other knickknacks and yard decor here too.

Fredericksburg Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites in Fredericksburg
Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg (Nearby Hotels)

The town of Fredericksburg has grown into one of the most popular Hill Country destinations in the Lone Star State. Enjoy wineries, an excellent bakery, outdoor recreation and of course lots of shopping when you visit Fredericksburg. No matter if you’re looking for furniture, home decor, collectibles or the perfect item to place on your fireplace, you will find it at an antiques stores in Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg Trade Days is the best time to visit this town if you’re looking for antiques. However there are a number of antique shops open year round in this small town too. Don’t pass up Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities, which is always stocked with one-of-a-kind vintage furniture.

Kerrville Sunrise Antique Mall in Kerrville
Sunrise Antique Mall in Kerrville

Kerrville (Nearby Hotels)

Enjoy some great antique shopping just outside of San Antonio in Kerrville. If you’re on the hunt for beautiful yet affordable antique pieces, you should definitely stop at Sunrise Antique Mall. This antique space is two stories, so you may want to spend a couple hours browsing over the 20,000 square feet of vintage treasures. Find glassware, furniture or even vintage records at Sunrise. Now Sunrise Antique Mall is definitely the largest and most popular antique store in Kerrville. However that doesn’t mean there aren’t other stores that are worth a browse, such as Estate Antiques and Heirlooms, which are both located near Sunrise.

Round Top Original Round Top Antiques Fair in Round Top
Original Round Top Antiques Fair in Round Top

Round Top (Nearby Hotels)

Round Top is home to one of the best antique shows in the entire country. If you are a lover of antiques, this show is most definitely for you. The Original Round Top Antiques Fair takes place twice a year in April and October. With hundreds of different vendors selling vintage and antique goods from both America and Europe, you’re sure to find exactly what you are looking at the fair. However Round Top is home to a couple great antique stores, even if you aren’t visiting during the fair.

Gruene Gruene Antique Company in Gruene
Gruene Antique Company in Gruene

Gruene (Nearby Hotels)

Although Gruene is really known for its dance hall, it’s also a great spot to pick up beautiful and unique antique items. Gruene Antique Company is the place to find the antique goodies you’ve been dreaming of. This antique shop is actually located across the street from Gruene Hall. View a variety of different antique and vintage items located in over 6,500 square feet of space. Gruene Antique Company can’t be missed while visiting Gruene. However there are a couple other antique shops here too full of treasures.

Johnson City Junque Dynasty in Johnson City
Credit: Junque Dynasty
Junque Dynasty in Johnson City

Johnson City (Nearby Hotels)

Johnson City is only a short drive from Austin. Get out of the city and into some great antique shops in this central Texas town. Enjoy true vintage items along with shabby chic and country home decor. The Junque Dynasty is a colorful welcome to Johnson City and should be at the top of your must-shop list while here. However also don’t miss out on browsing other antique stores such as Gypsy Lady Vintage Goods and Pieces of the Past.

Austin Austin Antique Mall in Austin
Austin Antique Mall in Austin

Austin (Nearby Hotels)

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Austin, Texas’ eclectic capital city. Now you may just find antiques for sale in a thrift shop here or in an upscale local boutique. It seems that this city is always teeming with incredible antiques. However there are some shops in this city that are sure to please antique shoppers. Your first stop should be Austin Antique Mall, which is bulging with antique and vintage furniture, jewelry, clothes, china and home decor. If you happen to visit during the City Wide Garage Sale, don’t miss this opportunity to find some very affordable antique pieces. Another antique hotspot is Uncommon Objects. Although you might not necessarily find the cheapest antiques here, this shop is still a great place to browse.

Comfort Downright Texas Antiques in Comfort
Downright Texas Antiques in Comfort

Comfort (Nearby Hotels)

The small town of Comfort is another wonderful destination for antique lovers. If you are seeking quality antique furniture, head to Downright Texas Antiques. The antique and handmade furniture here has been repurposed but still reflects its colorful past. If you are looking for more than just furniture in Comfort, the Comfort Antique Mall is open daily. Browse over 30 antique vendors here, which all have different styles and cater to different budgets. If you don’t find anything you love at these two shops, stop into Blackbird Antiques & Interior, which is full of both old and new items for your home.

Canton Antiques at First Monday Trade Days in Canton
Antiques at First Monday Trade Days in Canton

Canton (Nearby Hotels)

If you find yourself in North Texas, the town of Canton is the town to visit for antique goods. One of the best times to visit Canton for antique shopping is during First Monday Trade Days. Not all the vendors here sell antiques but many do. Browse through both old and new items during the trade days in Canton. You’re bound to find a great antique dealer along with craftsmen and artists.