Known for an ample amount of water activities, the 1,350 miles of pristine coastline along Florida’s shores are a perfect place for beach-goers to try their hand at surfing. With endless sunshine, less intimidating waves, and consistent swells, Florida has the perfect combination for a surfer of any skill level to take their board out on the water. You don’t have to be the next Kelly Slater to catch a wave at one of these top surfing beaches in the Sunshine State.


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Sebastian Inlet Sebastian Inlet
Credit: Joe in DC
Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet

A South Florida surfing icon, Sebastian Inlet is East Coast surfing at its best. Here you’ll find long, adventurous rides on the North Side with the famed First, Second, and Third peaks being the most popular with locals.

New Smyrna Beach New Smyrna Beach
New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach

Considered a consistent surf spot in Florida, New Smyrna Beach Inlet is a prime spot for beginner surfers. Catch the quick current flowing out of the inlet and you’ll be sure to have a fun day out on the water.

Cocoa Beach Cocoa Beach
Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

One of the busiest, yet most beloved, spots in Florida for surfing is the Cocoa Beach Pier. Home to eleven-time World Champion Kelly Slater and the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop, this low-key surf spot is great for longboarders and beginners.

Ponce Inlet & Daytona Beach Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach

Ponce Inlet & Daytona Beach

Head down to the Daytona Beach pier for some great longboarding surf, and take a quick paddle to Ponce Inlet where locals love the swell activity. Both are fantastic spots for surfers of all ages and skill levels to catch a wave.

Jacksonville Beach Jacksonville Beach
Credit: Rob Bixby
Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach

With gentle waters, Jacksonville is an ideal spot for water enthusiasts ready to try their hand at catching a wave. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins as you cruise through “The Poles,” a popular surf spot in the area.

St. Augustine Beach St. Augustine Beach
Credit: Don Dearing
St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine Beach

With laid back vibes, St. Augustine Beach and nearby Anastasia Island offer varying sandbars without the crowds. Beginner surfers will be able to find unique surf spots to explore, such as the “Blowhole” and “The Middles.”

Panama City Beach Panama City
Credit: jody.claborn
Panama City

Panama City Beach

A fantastic beach area for surfers of all ages, Panama City Beach is an excellent beach for the entire family to get in on the adventure. Here you’ll find both adults and kids alike enjoying the endless surf and quartz sandy beach.

Palm Beach's Reef Road Palm Beach
Credit: Brian Giesen
Palm Beach

Palm Beach's Reef Road

While there are plenty of addicting surf spots in Florida, Reef Road stands out as having true “big wave” breaks, sometime going as high as 15 feet.

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