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13 Best Places to Surf in Bali

Advance warning: once you’ve tried surfing in Bali, there’s a fair to reasonable chance you’ll become a little addicted. This incredible Indonesian island doesn’t hold back when it comes to the good waves, and Bali’s surf spots rightfully deserve their reputation. It’s virtually impossible to spend too long on this island without giving surfing a go once or twice, and you’ll find surf spots to suit beginners through to pros here. Sure, Uluwatu might be home to Bali’s most well-known surfing spots. But the island has a whole host of incredible places just waiting for you and your board to rock up. Read on for all of the best places to surf in Bali!

Medewi Medewi
Credit: Medewi by Unsplash


Why Come Here: Bigger waves and smaller crowds

All self-respecting surfers spend at least some of their time in Bali surfing at Medewi. Lesser known by tourists, Medewi is famous for its long left-hand point break, which offers consistent waves throughout the year. These slow and peeling waves are ideal for longboarding and intermediate surfers, offering extended rides that give surfers plenty of time to enjoy the wave and work on their techniques. Medewi is known for being less crowded compared to some of the more popular surf spots in Bali, with a serene and laid-back atmosphere with more space to catch waves and won’t have to jostle for position with other surfers. If you’re into longboarding, Medewi is a great place to work on cross-stepping and noseriding.

Suluban Suluban
Credit: Suluban by Unsplash


Why Come Here: Endless barrels that offer a great challenge

Suluban means “crouch under” in Balinese and that’s exactly what you’ll need to do in order to access this surf spot! Located down on the south of the island in Uluwatu, Sulubanis a hidden gem renowned for its stunning cliffside setting and unique surf break. The reef break at Suluban produces powerful and hollow waves, often forming barreling sections, which means it’s more suitable for advanced surfers than beginners. It’s a challenging surf spot offering thrilling rides and barrels, ensuring you’ll work up an appetite as the hours pass. Suluban Beach has been the venue for numerous national and international surfing competitions, which makes this a great spot for meeting seriously cool people in the industry, too.

Dreamland Dreamland
Credit: Dreamland by Unsplash


Why Come Here: Beautiful surroundings to suit beginners

As its name suggests, Dreamland in Uluwatu is one of the most picturesque beaches on the island, regardless of whether you’re riding the waves or admiring them from the beach. Located on the Bukit Peninsula, Dreamland offers a sandy beach break, which makes it more forgiving for beginners and intermediate surfers without the fear of injuries. One of the friendliest surf spots in Bali for beginners, this beautiful beach’s waves are generally mellow and rolling, providing a good learning environment for those who are just starting out. But don’t be put off if you’re looking for something a little more adrenaline-boosting: Dreamland becomes challenging on bigger swells, meaning you’ll see surfers of all abilities here.

Kuta Beach Kuta beach
Credit: Kuta beach by Unsplash

Kuta Beach

Why Come Here: A classic choice that’s always ready when you are

If you’ve never surfed before or are very much a beginner, there’s nowhere better to head than Kuta Beach. Everything about this surf spot is welcoming and friendly, from the soft sand below the waves to the consistent flow, regardless of the time of day or the season.  There are plenty of surf schools and instructors available for lessons and guidance, which means you can rock up here whenever you’re ready to start learning. One thing to keep in mind: Kuta Beach is a highly popular surf spot, attracting both locals and tourists alike. As a result, it can get crowded, especially during peak seasons and weekends.

Keramas Keramas
Credit: Keramas by Unsplash


Why Come Here: Experience a different part of Bali’s surf culture

Mention Keramas to a Bali surfer and you’ll practically see their ears prick up and their eyes light up. On the east coast, Keramas offers something a little different for surfers here and is a top spot to add to your list. Keramas has gained plenty of popularity among surfers due to its powerful and fast-breaking waves over the last decade, making it perfect for anyone seeking challenging and fast-paced rides. Better suited for advanced and experienced surfers due to the fast and powerful nature of those waves, this reef break can be demanding and requires a higher level of skill and confidence to navigate safely. The best conditions here can typically be found from April to September when the southeast trade winds blow offshore, grooming the waves just right.

Balian Balian
Credit: Balian by Unsplash


Why Come Here: Consistent and peaceful without any distractions

If you prefer your surf spots a little less crowded, head to Balian. Known for its consistent waves and relaxed atmosphere, Balian attracts surfers of all levels and offers a brilliant session on the waves. The waves are mellow and fun, with a mix of beach break and reef break options to suit all tastes. Well-suited for intermediate surfers, Balian’s different peaks and sections along the beach cater to various skill levels, but particularly those who are already a little more experienced. Balian’s highlight is its long left-hand point break, which is known for its length and has the most potential for long rides. If you’re hoping to snap some surf pics in action, this is the place to do it.

Balangan Beach Balangan Beach
Credit: Balangan Beach by Unsplash

Balangan Beach

Why Come Here: Ride the waves and make new friends at the same time

Balangan Beach is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable surfing spots in Bali and, as a result, is usually one of the busiest. Known for its stunning white sand beach and consistent waves, Balangan should be on all surfers’ must-visit list, but with a few things to keep in mind. Balangan is a reef break and is known for being a little sharp. This means surfers usually visit this spot with booties to avoid any unnecessary cuts or injuries. Balangan’s popularity means it can easily get crowded, which can result in a more competitive lineup. On the plus side, it’s well located next to Bingin, Dreamland, and Uluwatu, which means you can head over to one of those if Balangan is too busy!

Batu Bolong Batu Bolong
Credit: Batu Bolong by Unsplash

Batu Bolong

Why Come Here: A Bali classic with the community to match

You’ll almost definitely hit up Canggu during your trip to Bali, which means a surf sesh at Batu Bolong is practically a given. One of the most popular surf spots in Bali, Batu Bolong is centrally located and endlessly popular. Batu Bolong offers waves that are generally more suitable for intermediate surfers, with waves that vary in size and intensity depending on the time of day. That means it’s also one of the most versatile spots, with beginners heading out for a few hours before heading back to shore and swapping out with more advanced surfers. The reef here creates fast and hollow waves, which can be exhilarating for surfers who enjoy barrels and critical sections.

Padang Padang Padang Padang
Credit: Padang Padang by Unsplash

Padang Padang

Why Come Here: Tick a bucket list experience off your list

Padang Padang beach is home to the yearly Rip Curl Cup, which is reason alone to check out this surf spot when you’re next in Bali! Its shallow reef makes this spot suitable for advanced surfers, and it’s easy to spend hour after hour simply watching the surfers tackle the waves if you’re not brave enough to hop in yourself. If you’re not an experienced surfer, you can still enjoy watching the impressive skills of the surfers tackling these challenging waves from the beach. Most famous for its barreling wave, also known as the “Balinese Pipeline,” Padang Padang is a conversation-starting surf spot no matter how many waves you’ve caught in your time.

Impossibles Impossibles
Credit: Impossibles by Unsplash


Why Come Here: A talking point that’ll definitely win you some street cred 

The clue’s in the name when it comes to Impossibles: this is a surf spot only for those who trust their abilities in the waves. The waves at Impossibles can be hollow and demanding, requiring precise timing and maneuvering. But, if you know how to ride them confidently, you’re in for a treat: With perfect conditions here, you can surf all the way to Bingin, riding a wave for almost a mile! Impossibles benefit from consistent surf, making it a reliable spot to catch waves but it can get busy, especially during peak surf seasons and when the conditions are favorable. If you’re looking to challenge yourself with intimidating waves, this is the place to go.

Bingin Bingin
Credit: Bingin by Unsplash


Why Come Here: An Uluwatu favorite that never disappoints

Bingin sits in the heart of Uluwatu and has a great surfing community both in and out of the sea. The great range of coffee shops around here means it’s common to see the same people enjoying a 6am coffee and then again out in the water an hour later. Bingin is renowned for its barreling waves, making it a favorite among experienced surfers who enjoy riding inside the tube. These waves break over a shallow reef, creating fast and hollow sections that provide exciting tube-riding opportunities with long and intense barrels, especially during larger swells. Nestled between cliffs, this beautiful surf spot is one you’ll be more than happy to chill at and relax when you’re resting between waves.

Green Bowl Green Bowl
Credit: Green Bowl by Unsplash

Green Bowl

Why Come Here: Heavy waves with a side of anticipation 

Green Bowl might just be one of the more unique surf spots in Bali and was named after its bowl-shaped ocean floor, which is visible during low tide. Also known as Pantai Green Bowl, this surf spot is tucked away in a remote location and requires descending a long flight of stairs. But the trip downwards (and, when you finish, back upwards!) is worth the steps if you’re looking for a surf experience to remember. Offering predominantly left-hand waves, Green Bowl is better suited for experienced surfers due to the powerful and sometimes heavy nature of the waves. This is a spot you’ll want to miss unless you’ve got your booties with you.

Nusa Dua Nusa Dua
Credit: Nusa Dua by Unsplash

Nusa Dua

Why Come Here: A rainy season must-visit when you’re craving the waves

Surfers generally favor Nusa Dua during the rainy season, when Uluwatu’s surf spots don’t offer optimum conditions. While it’s primarily known for its luxury resorts and beautiful beaches, it also offers opportunities for surfing with a number of reef breaks to suit all levels. A great choice for beginners especially, Nusa Dua offers both left-hand and right-hand waves that are relatively gentle and mellow, especially in comparison to most of Bali’s other best surf spots! Nusa Dua also has a range of surf schools and rental spots where you can take lessons or rent equipment depending on how much guidance you need. One thing to note: you’ll need to paddle out a fair bit further here than other surf spots!

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