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Springtime in Japan sees the country covered in cherry blossoms, as the sight of these pale pink petals is considered an emblem of the country. The much-loved sakura (cherry blossom) season offers a dazzling display of natural beauty that surrounds the city streets, parks, temples and rivers.  Whether you prefer to see these pink-hued beauties on a scenic walk or on a picnic beside a castle, read on to discover the best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan.


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Tokyo Cherry blossoms at Meguro Canal in Tokyo
Credit: bigstock.com
Cherry blossoms at Meguro Canal in Tokyo


Tokyo offers an array of sites to see the famed cherry blossoms. While the country’s massive capital may not seem like the most likely place to see these beauties, you’ll find them in green pockets around the city. Head to the Chidorigafuchi Moat to see hundreds of cherry blossoms lining the way to the Imperial Palace. If you’re looking for a quiet place to reflect, head to Shinjuku Gyoen to explore its 144-acre expanse with over 1,500 trees and a dozen varieties of Sakura, while Ueno Park is the most popular area to take a stroll underneath a canopy of cherry blossoms.

Kyoto Philosopher's Path, Kyoto
Credit: bigstock.com
Philosopher's Path, Kyoto


A city filled with beautiful temples, gardens and imperial palaces, the cherry blossoms in Kyoto tend to bloom from the last week of March until the middle of April. You’ll find a huge 70-year-old sakura tree in Maruyama-koen Park, while The Philosopher’s Walk is a great place to take an afternoon stroll along its canal lined with cherry blossoms. You can also visit the historic Ninnaji Temple, as this UNESCO-listed site is dotted with blooming cherry trees and is a great place to take a break from the bustle of the city.

Osaka Osaka castle in Osaka
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Osaka castle in Osaka


You’ll find thousands of cherry blossom trees planted along the picturesque Okawa River, where riverside promenades and gardens offer delightful places to stop for a break. The city boasts over 5,000 sakura trees planted all over the city, but none are as famous as the ones at the Osaka Castle. Its wide lawns are ideal for an afternoon picnic, while Kema Sakuranomiya Park is another place to pack an outdoor lunch. In the evening you can visit Expo 70 Commemorative Park to see a unique view of the cherry trees surrounded by a beautiful light display.

Nara Cherry Blossoms in Nara Park
Credit: fortherock
Cherry Blossoms in Nara Park


Early April sees Nara blooming in cherry blossom season, as the city’s expansive parks, palaces, shrines and castle ruins are a great place to explore in spring. Visit Nara Park to see cherry blossoms and bowing deer, while Heijo Palace makes a great place for a picnic. Koriyama Castle offers a backdrop of castle ruins, while Wakakusayama offers a hiking trail along the slope fo a grass-covered hill. For the most beautiful cherry blossom sighting, visit Mt. Yoshino just south of the city to see around 30,000 cherry blossom trees completely covering its hills.

Aomori Hirosaki Castle surrounded by cherry blossoms
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Hirosaki Castle surrounded by cherry blossoms


A picturesque city lined with beautiful parks, Aomori is home to the world’s longest cherry tree-lined road. Lined with 6,500 cherry trees, it offers stunning views of Mt. Iwaki in the background as you take a scenic drive. You’ll also want to make sure you visit Hirosaki Castle, as this is one of the best places for Sakura in all of Japan. It features over 50 varieties planted around its castle grounds, while the beautiful lake in front makes for a beautiful sight as you row your own boat amongst the falling flowers.

Nagoya Nagoya Castle with sakura
Credit: bigstock.com
Nagoya Castle with sakura


You’ll find the very rare Gyoiko tree found around Nagoya Castle, while Okazaki Park features over 300 years of history alongside cherry blossoms and Japanese wisteria. Head to Mizuho Park for a scenic walk along Four Seasons Road at Yamazaki River or admire the fountain and gazebo at the lively Tsuruma Park that is known to be a happening spot with the party people of Nagoya. Early April is the best time to visit Nagoya Peace Park, where a small forest of cherry trees are nestled next to two ponds.

Fukuoka Fukuoka covered in cherry trees
Credit: gtknj
Fukuoka covered in cherry trees


Visit Fukuoka in late March to early April to see thousands of sakura trees sitting next to majestic temples and leafy parks. Every spring, Maizuru Park hosts a popular cherry blossom festival called Fukuoka Castle Sakura Festival, where you’ll find the trees illuminated at night in addition to a variety of food stalls and events. This spacious park offers lots of space to stretch your legs and enjoy the view, particularly from the observation platform in the former citadel. Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is another hotspot, where 2,000 cherry trees can be admired from a rental bike as you cruise through the spacious grounds.

Hakodate People cycling in Hakodate
Credit: bigstock.com
People cycling in Hakodate


Boasting an amusement park and a small zoo, those traveling with kids can combine a day of family-friendly fun with cherry blossom viewing in Hakodate. Blooming late in the early days of May, head to the star-shaped Fort Goryokaku to see an Edo Period citadel that was turned into a public park, where the pink-hued beauties can be found dotting its historic moats. Hakodate Park is another great place to see cherry blossoms, where you can also visit the Hakodate City Museum, mini zoo and children’s playground in one of Japan’s first ever Western-style parks.

Kanazawa Kanazawa castle in Kanazawa Japan
Credit: bigstock.com
Kanazawa castle in Kanazawa Japan


Kanazawa is a castle town that is known for its geisha districts and Kenrokuen Garden, one of Japan’s Three Great Gardens. Head here to see the 400 cherry blossoms in more than 40 varieties, then visit Kanazawa Castle Park to see its collection of unique stone walls. It’s walls and white watchtower make a unique backdrop for the cherry blossom trees, which are lit up at night to create a glowing scene in the dark. After a day of adventure, take a stroll along the Asano Riverbed to see rows of trees or admire a view of the entire city at Utatsuyama Park.

Hiroshima Miyajima Island, Hiroshima
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Miyajima Island, Hiroshima


A city with historic sites and beautiful shrines, Hiroshima is home to the Hiroshima Peace Park that was built as a testament towards world peace. Wander the grounds of Hiroshima Castle to see some of the best cherry blossom viewing in the city, while Shukkeien Garden offers a quiet escape from the city bustle. A 45-minute trip to Miyajima is a must, as the small island outside of Hiroshima offers views of the “floating” torii gate and 1,300 cherry trees that surround the shrine.