What makes the perfect pie? Is it thick or thin crust? Maybe sweet or tangy sauce? The real answer is authenticity, combining fresh ingredients with expert knowledge. Atlanta is overflowing with awesome pizza joints, from New York-style to genuine Italian, and these nine restaurants are home to some of the best pizza in Atlanta.


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Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza
Credit: Ha A./Yelp

Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza (Nearby Hotels)

Vinny’s crispy, flaky crust is best enjoyed simply — basic cheese is where it’s at. However, you can add other toppings or select classically delicious variations like the Sicilian. Vinny’s truly captures the authenticity of a New York pizza, while it’s not quite as saucy or soft in the middle. The garlic bread and Greek artichoke salad are out of this world, and really should be paired with your meal. Worried your tummy can’t hold it all? Pizza is also served by the slice.

Varuni Napoli
Credit: Iris W./Yelp

Varuni Napoli (Nearby Hotels)

Located in the Krog Street Market, Varuni Napoli is accented with its signature giant, blue pizza stove in the center. The pizza crust is perfectly chewy and somewhat airy, almost absent of any grease. Pies are cooked to order and come out piping hot with melty cheese and delicious garlic sauce. The Amore Mio with fresh mozzarella, artichokes, salami, mushrooms, olives, Romano and basil is a harmonious artisan blend.

Bambinelli’s Pizza and Pasta
Credit: Jessica A./Yelp

Bambinelli’s Pizza and Pasta (Nearby Hotels)

If you can resist filling up on the complimentary and heavenly garlic knots, you’re in for a real treat. The gluten-free pizza is the star here, fulfilling the dreams of those who’ve had to surrender indulging in traditional crust. It easily beats most typical recipes; miracles do happen! Since 1980, Bambinelli’s has shown Atlanta how New York Italian fare is done. Besides insanely good pizza, all of the other pasta dishes are out of this world too!

Antico Pizza

Antico Pizza (Nearby Hotels)

If you ask an Atlantan what’s the very best pizza in the city, they probably will say Antico Pizza. In an industrial, small nook that sits next to another Italian eatery, Antico is always packed — and for good reason. The ingredients are as real and Italian as you can get, and its unique flavor combinations — like the lasagna pie with finely ground, herb-flavored meat — are something to truly relish.

Varasano’s Pizzeria
Credit: Facebook.com

Varasano’s Pizzeria (Nearby Hotels)

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is luckily equipped with a Varasano’s, which you’ll also find on Peachtree Road. The crust makes the pizza, and it’s even recommended that you don’t go overboard on the toppings. Made will real sourdough yeast that is authentically fermented for several days, it is fair to say this is the best overall crust in the ATL. Go simple, adding just a couple of fresh ingredients, like mushrooms, arugula or herbs, and jump all in by just using your hands!

Credit: Facebook.com

Vingenzo’s (Nearby Hotels)

Delicately hand-crafted ingredients like house-made sausage and mozzarella are what make these pizzas so special. The hand-cranked sausage, which was a recipe from the owner’s father who was an Italian butcher, should definitely be one of your chosen toppings. Vingenzo’s farm-fresh take is refreshingly tasty.

Nancy’s Chicago Pizza
Credit: Facebook.com

Nancy’s Chicago Pizza (Nearby Hotels)

So we veered from “true Italian” here, but Nancy’s is, in its own right, one of the best Atlanta pizza places. Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza is super thick with an oozing cheese and tomato center. The crust is lighter and more airy, rather than having the tougher consistency of traditional pies. One slice is like three slices, but saucier. Chicago-style pizza appeals to particular palates, and Nancy’s perfects what fans seek.

Goodfellas Pizza
Credit: Facebook.com

Goodfellas Pizza (Nearby Hotels)

If you’ve seen the film “Baby Driver,” then you know Baby himself takes up an honest job at the real Goodfellas Pizza, which sits across the street from The Varsity in downtown Atlanta. Pizza here is a bit Americanized, veering toward a thicker crust and more basic toppings, but it’s really good. Sometimes we just want some simple pizza! And the wings are top notch too.

Atwoods Pizza Cafe
Credit: Facebook.com

Atwoods Pizza Cafe (Nearby Hotels)

Atwoods Pizza Cafe near The Fox Theater is a simplistic dining spot that offers Neapolitan-style pizza baked in an Italian Pavesi Oven, which helps produce a perfectly cooked pie for each order. Along with traditional picks, there are vegetarian and breakfast options too. What’s the best thing at Atwoods? Hands down the Calabrese with spicy salami, roasted red peppers, fior di latte, mozzarella, chile oil, oregano, arugula and American gran.

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