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16 Best Nude Beaches in Europe

Baring it all feels better on these beautiful beaches in Europe. The big popularity of naturist beaches, combined with accepting attitudes, and incredible diversity give you a wide choice of places to go for golden sands, sunbathing, and water dips. Sandy, pebble, black volcanic, stone, remote, and urban, so many beach variations. Often clothing-optional European beaches are accompanied by a great infrastructure to make your nudist beach visit more comfortable. Leave your clothes behind and hop on this magnificent journey to the best nude beaches in Europe.

Maspalomas Beach - Spain Maspalomas Beach - Spain
Credit: Maspalomas Beach - Spain by 360 B via Unsplash.com

Maspalomas Beach - Spain

Dunes of Maspalomas is a natural sight to behold. The wind caresses mountains of sand as they become one with the warm Atlantic ocean. For the beachgoers, it means almost unlimited outdoor fun in the most spectacular of settings. As Maspalomas stretches for miles, there are different unofficial zones. The nude one is closer to the middle where the dunes are at their highest. It’s an area of unrestricted freedom combined with a sandy spectacle. Drawing hundreds of cloth-less enthusiasts around the world, it delivers perfect beachside fun. There are beach bars to keep you entertained as well as a cool nudist festival in November. 

Cap d'Agde Beach - France Cap d'Agde Beach - France
Credit: Cap d'Agde Beach - France by Jossuha Théophile via Unsplash.com

Cap d'Agde Beach - France

Usually, the nudist beaches would be in more remote parts of the littoral, hidden from the general public. Not in France, though. Cap d’Agde is a full-fledged naturist town-resort with an impressive 2 miles-long stretch of sandy Mediterranean perfection. Located in the southern Languedoc-Roussillon region of the country, it has been developed as a capital of European nudism after the Second World War. Today it’s a heaven for all the nude aficionados catering specifically to nudists, having strict norms when it comes to tolerant behavior, and boasting superb sea views. If you’re a nudist you definitely need to pay a visit to Cap d’Agde once in a lifetime. 

Platja Es Cavallet - Ibiza, Spain Platja Es Cavallet - Ibiza, Spain
Credit: Platja Es Cavallet - Ibiza, Spain by JanManu via Wikimedia Commons

Platja Es Cavallet - Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a stunning island that is ideal for self-indulging and Es Cavallet beach is a pure nudist paradise. Officially designated as a naked beach, this stretch of sandy dunes and green hills is as beautiful as it gets in the Balearic. There are plenty of beach bars to choose from sporting the typical vibrant Ibizan atmosphere. And you’re never too far from the world-known clubs of Ibiza town. So have a liberating nude dip in the morning, lounge at a cocktail bar in the afternoon, and dance the night away in one of the island’s iconic nightclubs. 

Filaki Beach - Crete, Greece Filaki beach - Crete, Greece
Credit: Filaki beach - Crete, Greece by Tango7174 via Wikimedia Commons

Filaki Beach - Crete, Greece

It’s all pebble, rocky coastline, and sapphire water at Filaki, the Crete’s best (and official) nude beach. Located in the wild of Hora Sfakion village, it is one of the favorite spots to go fully unclothed because of the remote location, wonderful panoramas, and accessibility. Swimming here is pleasant, the waves are comforting, and you also have a possibility to hike around, with more awesome views guaranteed. What not to like about Filaki? Rent out a sunbed and umbrella, bring some savory Greek delicacies for a picnic and enjoy the joyous island life. Naked. 

Lido di Dante - Ravenna, Italy Lido di Dante - Ravenna, Italy
Credit: Lido di Dante - Ravenna, Italy by Gianni Careddu via Wikimedia Commons

Lido di Dante - Ravenna, Italy

Unlike France and Spain, Italy has a somewhat difficult relationship with nude beaches. Not that the Italian people are against it, there is a big and active community of naked beachgoers. However, these types of beaches have only been made legal at the beginning of the 21st century. The long and impressive Lido di Dante beach in the Emilia-Romagna region is one of the coastlines that was officially recognized as “nude” to the cheer of thousands of enthusiasts. It’s the Adriatic sea in its greatest with pretty sandy dunes and a Meditteranean forest making it easy to reconnect with nature. 

Es Trenc Beach - Mallorca, Spain Es Trenc Beach - Mallorca, Spain
Credit: Es Trenc Beach - Mallorca, Spain by lapping via Pixabay.com

Es Trenc Beach - Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is a place to be if you enjoy bathing naked. An unlimited choice of hidden beaches, picturesque coves, and legal freedom to be nude next to the water make it easy to enjoy every moment without stress. And then there’s Es Trenc, a gloriously long stretch of sandy coast near Ses Covetes town in the south of the island. It is here that you find one of the finest and most popular official nudist areas in Mallorca. It is perfect for lounging and easy swimming, the sea is mostly calm and warm. There are sunbeds, umbrellas, and beach bars so you’re never far from civilization. 

Acquarilli Beach - Elba, Italy Elba Island coast
Credit: Elba Island coast by Nico Cavallini via Unsplash.com

Acquarilli Beach - Elba, Italy

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Elba, Tuscany’s paradise of an island. Acquarilli beach with an official permit for nude visiting is your top choice for a naked dip. Also, it’s wildly aesthetic, made of small black pebbles and featuring some of the most exclusive sea panoramas found on the island. Be aware of the fact that it’s not one of those right next to the road beaches and you’d have to follow a steep path to reach it. But the destination definitely pays off, it’s a piece of untouched Tyrreanean sea perfection. 

Montalivet Beach - Aquitaine, France Montalivet Beach - Aquitaine, France
Credit: Montalivet Beach - Aquitaine, France by Amadej Tauses via Unsplash.com

Montalivet Beach - Aquitaine, France

Founded in the 50s, Montalivet proudly wears a badge of being the oldest naturist holiday resort in the world. That’s why it’s no surprise that the beach here is a true gem for every nudist. Located in the southwestern Aquitaine region, it’s an Atlantic expanse at its finest with 2 miles of white sand dunes becoming one with the glorious ocean. An ultimate destination for all the nude beachgoers, Mantalivet is the naturist dream, a promise of unfiltered celebrating of nature. 

Kandarola beach - Rab, Croatia Rab Island Coast in Croatia
Credit: Rab Island Coast in Croatia by Razvan Balsan via Unsplash.com

Kandarola beach - Rab, Croatia

Croatia is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a top nude beach experience. Its rocky coastline, plenty of undeveloped areas, extra-clean pebble beaches, and countless islands make this country a magical spot to feel nature first-hand. And if you were to pick one, Kandarola beach on the island of Rab is a quintessential Adriatic spot for an unclothed pastime next to the sea. UK’s King Edward VIII profited from its azure waters with his prohibited lover Wallis Simpson. You should too, this place is mesmerizingly beautiful and still retains its wild charms. 

Praia das Adegas - Algarve, Portugal Praia das Adegas - Algarve, Portugal
Credit: Praia das Adegas - Algarve, Portugal by Pedro Ponce Asensio via Wikimedia Commons

Praia das Adegas - Algarve, Portugal

Portugal doesn’t have many official nude beaches. Nevertheless, it still has some of the most striking oceanic corners to select for your next naked break. Located on the west coast of the southern region of Algarve, Praia das Adegas is magical. Very secluded, providing lots of privacy, boasting sublime beauty, it is a must-visit beach for all naturism lovers. Encircled by high cliffs, it’s nature’s grandeur in its purest form. Be aware that it’s the Atlantic ocean so swimming should be done with extra caution, the waves can get high and the currents may be strong. Praia das Adegas works best for bare lounging to the loud sound of the water crashing against the rocks. This is a spot where you regenerate and drink from the source of unlimited energy of nature itself. 

Charco del Palo Beach - Lanzarote, Spain Charco del Palo - Lanzarote, Spain
Credit: Charco del Palo - Lanzarote, Spain by Rwxrwxrwx via Wikimedia Commons

Charco del Palo Beach - Lanzarote, Spain

The lunar landscape of Lanzarote, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, is mesmerizing. Endless roads without a tree in sight, black earth formed by the lava eruptions of the dormant volcanoes, the ocean as far as the eyes can see. It is against this backdrop that the naturist resort Charco del Palo stands. If you’re into a nude escape at the end of the world, that is the place. Founded in the 70s, this small desert kingdom of freedom is still a popular destination for naturists from Western Europe. Its remote location, absolutely incredible synergy with nature, and welcoming facilities make it a nudist dream. The beach here exists in several forms, there’s a black pebble volcanic one, the rocks, and the natural pools. Lanzarote is known for great weather all year round so you can expect amazing times no matter the season. 

Piscinas Beach - Sardinia, Italy Piscinas Beach - Sardinia, Italy
Credit: Piscinas Beach - Sardinia, Italy by Riccardo Pitzalis via Unsplash.com

Piscinas Beach - Sardinia, Italy

The Italian island of Sardinia has many surprises up its sleeve. One of them is Piscinas, a sprawling dunes ecosystem on the southern coast. Juxstapositioned against the typical Mediterranean landscape, the high desert-like terrain is a fantastic and somewhat surreal sight that should definitely make your list of places to visit on Sardinia. But nudists would want to come for another reason, one of the parts of Piscinas beach is officially given a nude beach certification by the Italian government and this sandy stretch is among the best on the whole continent. Scenic, wide, well-connected, and stunningly beautiful, it is a highly pleasant seaside spot. 

Playa de Ses Illetes - Formentera, Spain Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera, Spain
Credit: Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera, Spain by Roberto Faccenda via Flickr

Playa de Ses Illetes - Formentera, Spain

Playa de Ses Illetes on the island of Formentera is often referred to as the Caribbean of Europe due to its crystal-clear turquoise waters and powdery white sand. It’s not just a feast for the eyes; it’s also a nudist-friendly paradise where you can soak up the sun without any inhibitions. Located in the Balearic Islands, this beach attracts visitors seeking a tranquil and natural ambiance. With beachside restaurants offering fresh seafood and refreshing cocktails, your nude beach experience here is bound to be unforgettable.

Paradise Beach - Mykonos, Greece Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos Island, Greece
Credit: Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos Island, Greece by © Panagiotis Karapanagiotis - Dreamstime.com

Paradise Beach - Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, known for its vibrant nightlife and picturesque beaches, is home to the famous Paradise Beach. This sandy haven is not only a hotspot for partygoers but also a nudist-friendly destination where you can let loose and enjoy the sun and sea in the buff. The lively atmosphere, with beach bars pumping out music and a diverse crowd of locals and tourists, adds to the allure of Paradise Beach. Whether you’re looking for a daytime sunbathing session or a nighttime beach party, this Mykonos gem has it all.

Valalta Beach - Rovinj, Croatia Rovinj in Istria, Croatia
Credit: Rovinj in Istria, Croatia by © Lukaszimilena | Dreamstime.com

Valalta Beach - Rovinj, Croatia

Nestled in the scenic town of Rovinj, Valalta Beach is a naturist’s dream come true. Situated within a naturist resort, this beach offers a blend of relaxation and amenities. From sunbeds and umbrellas to beachside cafes serving delicious Croatian cuisine, Valalta Beach caters to every aspect of your nude beach experience. The clear Adriatic waters and the peaceful surroundings make it an ideal spot for unwinding and embracing the naturist lifestyle.

Knoll Beach - Studland, United Kingdom Naturist Area sign
Credit: Naturist Area sign by Matt Brown via Flickr

Knoll Beach - Studland, United Kingdom

In the charming coastal area of Studland in the UK, Knoll Beach stands out as a designated naturist beach. Surrounded by heathland and dunes, this beach offers a secluded and serene environment for nude sunbathing and swimming. While the water may be a bit brisk due to the northern location, the beauty of Knoll Beach lies in its unspoiled natural landscape and the freedom it provides for nudists to enjoy the beach sans clothing.

Bredene Beach - Belgium Naturist area on Bredene Beach, Belgium
Credit: Naturist area on Bredene Beach, Belgium by Marc Ryckaert Wikimedia Commons

Bredene Beach - Belgium

Belgium’s Bredene Beach is a beacon for nudists seeking a laid-back beach experience. As one of the few official nude beaches in Belgium, it attracts locals and tourists alike who appreciate its relaxed atmosphere and naturist-friendly policies. With soft sands and views of the North Sea, Bredene Beach offers a picturesque setting for sunbathers looking to embrace their natural state. Nearby amenities and accommodations make it a convenient choice for a nude beach getaway in Belgium.

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