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Southern Living recently ranked Atlanta as one of the South’s best food cities—while food festivals, barbecue, and international cuisine haven Buford Highway were the biggest reasons ATL was chosen, it’s undeniable that the accommodating nature has something to do with it. Vegan, vegetarian, paleo, you name it—Atlanta’s got it. Among all of that are some darn good spots to get totally wheat-less deliciousness— these are the top places to eat gluten-free in Atlanta.

Disclaimer: Always double-check with the restaurant about gluten-free items if you have an allergy.


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2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery 2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery
2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery

2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery

The 2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery is located in Alpharetta, a trendy city along Atlanta’s outskirts. The small kitchen has a few indoor and outdoor tables, where you can dive into gluten-free egg and cheese stuffed biscuits, airy sugar cookies, decadent cakes, pizzas, chicken pot pies—the only problem foodies with allergies have here is choosing what to get.

Arepa Mia Arepas

Arepa Mia

Arepa Mia has two locations, one downtown, and the other in Atlanta’s Tudor village, Avondale Estates. (Tip: Parking and finding a place to sit is much easer at Avondale). Venezuelan arepas, a tasty grilled corn patty stuffed with anything from free-range beef, eggs, avocado to fried mango chicken, are the star of the menu. Other authentic eats like fried plantains with a creamy dipping sauce, crazy flavorful chicken and cheese empanadas and impressive seasonal organic salads pair perfectly with an arepa. Arepa Mia is a completely gluten-free restaurant.

Upbeet Salad bowl
Credit: Upbeet
Salad bowl


Upbeet is a trendy, modern, downtown eatery for hyper nutritious grain and salad bowls, fancy toasts, lattes with healthy ingredients you’ve never heard of, smoothies and savory yogurt dishes. Pretty much everything is organic and gluten-free. Top your bowl with spicy chickpeas, heirloom tomatoes, sprouts, forbidden rice, vegan pepper jack cheese, steelhead trout—there are so many options. All gluten-free items have a GF indicator beside it on the menu. If you want local goat cheese toast with mango, be sure to say you want gluten-free bread.

Bantam + Biddy Southern dishes
Southern dishes

Bantam + Biddy

Bantam + Biddy is a beloved southern restaurant that also has a Chattanooga location. With all the incredible southern eats in Georgia, it can get depressing for gluten-free folks to go without all that good cooking. Deprive yourself no longer. Bantam + Biddy cooks up fried chicken, okra and green tomatoes with a gluten-free batter. Straight from gluten-free heaven above is the Southern Breakfast All Day with farm eggs, creamed grits, pimento cheese, fried okra, Patak bacon and dreamy jalapeño cornbread.

Yeah! Burger Burger with onions
Credit: Yeahburger.com
Burger with onions

Yeah! Burger

Yeah! Burger already has the best healthy-ish American style food in Atlanta. You can get goat cheese topped crispy brussel sprouts instead of fries, but the fries are organic. So you can’t go wrong. Their gluten-free bun is better than regular bread, but customers can get their bison, beef, crab, vegan or turkey burger wrapped in a big steamed collard leaf, or naked atop a salad. Be certain the patty you select is gluten-free—there are two vegan burgers, one has gluten, the other doesn’t.

KarmaFarm Gluten free dish
Gluten free dish


KarmaFarm is all about local veggies, meats and so on, while they also keep things gluten and nut-free. You can have a beautiful plate of organic veggies, then grab a donut, brownie or pastry from the bakery. An extensive list of coffee and juices are also on the menu.

Blue Moon Pizza of Buckhead Blue Moon Pizza of Buckhead
Blue Moon Pizza of Buckhead

Blue Moon Pizza of Buckhead

Blue Moon Pizza of Buckhead has some competition when it comes to great gluten-free pizzas—even chains like Mellow Mushroom have a pretty good pie, and Blaze now has a Keto crust! But Blue Moon goes beyond with their Gluten-Free menu. Aside from just pizza (although really good) they have a cheesy bread for celiac diners, along with bruschetta, and goat cheese topped portobello mushrooms.

Victory Sandwich Bar Victory Sandwich Bar
Credit: Vicsandwich.com
Victory Sandwich Bar

Victory Sandwich Bar

Victory Sandwich Bar in either downtown or Decatur is already loved by Atlantans for having fun sandwiches with delicious meats, cheeses and sauces. Luckily, you can get one on gluten-free bread, although a little smaller than the regular. Sides like the uniquely flavored popcorn or chive dill dip with potato chips can be paired with your prosciutto, honey chicken or salami topped sammie.

Good Karma Coffee House French toast
French toast

Good Karma Coffee House

Good Karma Coffee House sits humbly in Avondale Estates, and once you walk through the door, everything around you is gluten and nut-free. Browse the case of cinnamon rolls, muffins and apple fritters, or order from the breakfast and lunch menu. Enjoy a creamy island grit cake, egg and cheese biscuit, pancakes, French toast, or a classic grilled cheese or turkey Rueben.

Leon’s Full Service Ambient dining space
Ambient dining space

Leon’s Full Service

Leon’s Full Service in Decatur is reminiscent of an old gas station, while also putting off eclectic vibes. The food falls in line with Atlanta’s subtly upscale cuisine, with dishes like strip steak topped off by caramelized Belgian endive with local veggies and duck fat confit onions. The gluten-free menu is lengthy, with appetizers like local cheese plates or fried okra with black pepper mayo. Many of the regular main dishes are gluten-free as well, and the Nutella candy bar dessert is coated in toasted hazelnuts and sea salt.

Mediterranea Restaurant and Bakery Pita and dips
Pita and dips

Mediterranea Restaurant and Bakery

Mediterranea Restaurant and Bakery is another completely gluten-free restaurant—wines are even steel cask aged for the most part to prevent contamination. There’s traditional canned beer, but most are gluten-free. But the food is why you’ll keep coming back. Olive tapenade with focaccia, orange marmalade French toast, salmon croquettes and a slew of other Mediterranean dishes are served from breakfast to dinner. Cakes, pies, cookies and pastries roll out of the onsite bakery daily.

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