Jackson Hole is a mesmerizing winter wonderland with plenty of powdery slopes, locally sourced restaurants and family-friendly activities. It’s high end nature and status as a celebrity destination depict this adorable Teton town as a pricey getaway, when in fact, there are reasonably priced excursions that can be worked into a budget.


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Snow King Mountain
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Snow King Mountain (Nearby Hotels)

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is actually in Teton Village, a few minutes from downtown Jackson Hole. Snow King Mountain Resort, which sits right off of the Jackson Hole square, has been gaining lots of attention lately for its budget friendly prices, versatile activities, and family friendly slopes. But don’t be fooled, Snow King still has some killer slopes and sweet night skiing. The Cowboy Coaster winds through the resort’s hills, and is a gravity driven, two person coaster; it is a great alternative for those who’d rather skip skiing.

Corbet’s Cabin
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Corbet’s Cabin (Nearby Hotels)

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is in its own element, so by visiting here, as well as Snow King, you’re getting two completely different experiences. One of the most iconic excursions is the “Big Red” Jackson Hole tram that elevates passengers to the resort’s highest point, Rendezvous Peak. Corbet’s Cabin, a cozy little shack offering warm waffles and hot beverages, sits steps away from the loading dock at the top. There’s nothing like peering out the frosted windows while eating your brown sugar butter waffle and watching daredevils leap down the steep slopes.

The Alpine House
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The Alpine House (Nearby Hotels)

Luxury lodges like you’ve never seen dwell in Jackson Hole, but The Alpine House offers a traditional lodge experience with reading nooks, locally sourced, made to order breakfasts, and the coziest rooms. All of the little touches, like the log structure and ski memorabilia lining the halls, make it incredibly authentic. Former winter Olympians even run the joint. To top it off, freshly baked treats and warm tea or coffee are always available in the lobby, in addition to an honor bar with a simple selection of beer and wine.

Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures

Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures (Nearby Hotels)

Jackson Hole is built around wildlife and sustainability, and by taking an excursion with EcoTour Adventures, you’ll get fully immersed in it. The guides will drive you through surrounding areas, and you’ll likely see moose, eagles, bighorn sheep, elk and wolf tracks. You’ll learn how conservation of precious species and the land has made Jackson Hole a literal paradise, all while munching on local snacks. In the grand scheme of wildlife excursions, this falls into the budget category, however it isn’t what many would consider a “budget” activity as you will spend close to $100 per person.

National Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride Draft horses after a sleigh ride through the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole Wyoming
Draft horses after a sleigh ride through the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole Wyoming

National Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride (Nearby Hotels)

The National Fish and Wildlife Services has been providing a sanctuary for winter elk for years. While in the refuge, they are protected from distressing human contact which would burn vital fat reserves. However, elk can not detect humans when in a sleigh, which is why visitors can take a guided tour through the valley. Elk wander just feet away, and the photography opportunities are once in a lifetime. The guide carefully steers the horses through the snow, while also sharing more information on conservation.

Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing (Nearby Hotels)

Snow King’s King Tubes offers snow tubing via three groomed lanes; the first is a super smooth slope down a huge hill, while the third gets more bumpy! Families can race, or hook their tubes together, and a pulley system totes them up the hill!

National Museum of Wildlife Art

National Museum of Wildlife Art (Nearby Hotels)

This beautiful stone structure sets on a mountainside hill, and has a fantastic view of the National Elk Refuge. Various styles of art such as paintings and sculptures fill the intertwining rooms, and can help kids and adults delve further into the wildlife culture of Jackson Hole.

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar (Nearby Hotels)

Whether you just stroll by, or actually go in and sit on their saddle bar stools, taking a peak into this western bar will take you back to the days where cowboys would tie up their ponies for a quick drink at the saloon.

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