A beach vacation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Chile, but it’s home to a variety of alluring destinations. However, there are a number of white sand beaches with clear blue water that line the coast of this South American country. The beach season here runs from December to March, when the southern hemisphere experiences the summer season. Experience an unforgettable beach getaway when you visit one of these best beaches in Chile.


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Bahía Inglesa Bahía Inglesa
Bahía Inglesa

Bahía Inglesa (Nearby Hotels)

Bahia Inglesa is a sandy beach oasis surrounded by the Atacama Desert. Greeted with warm weather year round, this Chilean beach definitely deserves the top spot on this list. Bahia Inglesa is one of the top visited beaches in the country, as its white sand and clear blue water draw beach dwellers from all over the country and the world. Relaxing on the sand is a great way to experience Bahia Inglesa, however, there are a number of water sports practiced here too like windsurfing, kayaking and sailing.

Playa Anakena Anakena Beach
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Anakena Beach

Playa Anakena (Nearby Hotels)

This beach isn’t on Chile’s mainland but on an island off the coast in Easter Island. This island is actually known for its history rather than its beaches, however, this tropical oasis is welcomed by all who visit. Even if you are visiting Easter Island to view the island’s unique statues carved by the Rapa Nui people, you won’t want to miss visiting Playa Anakena. This white sand beach with clear water is great for snorkeling, swimming and diving.

Zapallar Zapallar

Zapallar (Nearby Hotels)

The town of Zapallar, Chile is a picturesque port city that features a number of luxury resorts for travelers. When you aren’t soaking up the sun on the nearby beaches, take advantage of the fresh seafood offered in local restaurants. There are beaches found near the town, however, Playa Zapallar is a great option for those staying in the city. This white sand beach is fairly secluded, so it’s great if you’re hoping to miss the crowds on more popular beaches in the area.

La Serena La Serena
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La Serena

La Serena (Nearby Hotels)

Take a trip to the town of La Serena to enjoy the beaches here. No matter if you’d like to soak up the waves from the shore or ride the surf on a board, there is a beach in or near La Selena that is sure to please. The most popular beach in La Selena is Playa El Faro, however, there are a couple of other nearby beach spots that are worth your time too like Cuatro Esquinas and Playa Coquimbo.

Concón Concón

Concón (Nearby Hotels)

There are three great beaches found in Concón, Playa Amarilla, Playa Boca, and Playa Negra. You truly cannot go wrong with either of these sandy shores. Popular for a family getaway, this area offers more affordable lodging options than the luxury accommodations found in nearby Viña del Mar. The calm waters are great for swimming. However, sand boarding is also a popular activity here at the sand dunes that rise from the beach.

Caleta Cóndor Caleta Cóndor
Caleta Cóndor

Caleta Cóndor (Nearby Hotels)

If you’re seeking a deserted beach with breathtaking views, look no further than Caleta Cóndor Beach. This Chilean beach is commonly mentioned as the most picturesque beach in the entire country, due to its incredible turquoise waters and golden sand. There are only two ways to get to this beach: by a two-day hike or by boat. However, the unique trek to this coastal gem is worth your time and effort.

Valparaíso Valparaíso

Valparaíso (Nearby Hotels)

Valparaíso is a popular tourist attraction, as the city not only has beautiful beaches but also incredible architecture. This bustling city is perfect for those wanting to soak up Chilean city life as well as spend some time on a sandy shore. Stroll historical neighborhoods lined with cobblestone streets, while also soaking in the hillside dotted with colorful buildings and homes. This port city is littered with fresh seafood, so you won’t want to miss out on a fish dinner after a long day exploring the city or one of the many beaches here. Although there are 36 beaches in and around Valparaiso, only five are recommended for beach dwellers.

Reñaca Reñaca

Reñaca (Nearby Hotels)

Swimming, surfing and sunbathing alike are all popular pastimes at Reñaca. Popular among spring breakers, Reñaca is a coastal city that typically draws a younger crowd looking for a good place to party. The waterfront isn’t just lined with soft sand but also restaurants and nightclubs too. The water here is a bit cold, but it’s worth a dip for cooling off during the hot summer days.

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