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13 Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali

There are few things I love more in Bali than a day at the beach and luckily, there are plenty of them to explore on this incredible Indonesian island. Bali has upwards of 35 beaches spanning almost an entire rainbow’s worth of colors. Down south in Uluwatu, you’ll find soft golden sand and surfer-friendly waves. A little further up the east coast and you’ll find gorgeous white sand and scuba diving spots. On the west coast, there’s Canggu’s famous volcanic black sand and a huge range of beach bars and restaurants. Venture up to the north, and you’ll find even more variety! Heading to Bali and not sure which beaches to check out first? We’ve rounded up all of the best beaches in Bali.

Seminyak Beach Seminyak beach
Credit: Seminyak beach by Unsplash

Seminyak Beach

Why come here: Sunset drinks on rainbow-hued beanbags

Seminyak Beach is one of Bali’s beaches on an almost 24/7 basis. Stroll down here in the mornings for a quiet walk along the shore or head out around midday to soak up the rays on the soft sand. In the afternoon, Seminyak Beach starts to get a little busier, thanks to the ever-growing number of sunset beach bars here. As it hits 5pm, settle yourself down on a beanbag (La Plancha is a top spot) and enjoy a fresh coconut as the sun sets in front of you. Seminyak Beach is also well located for a range of stylish restaurants and bars if you’re looking to continue your beach day into the night.

Nusa Dua Beach Nusa Dua beach
Credit: Nusa Dua beach by Unsplash

Nusa Dua Beach

Why come here: Family-friendly luxury

Serenity and tranquility go hand in hand when you come to Nusa Dua Beach. While some of Bali’s beaches are famed for their high waves and fast currents, Nusa Dua is about as far away from that picture as possible. Instead, this family-friendly chunk of the island offers everything you need for a peaceful beach day. Its calm waters and gentle waves make it an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities. Nusa Dua is also home to a huge range of upscale resorts and hotels, and many of those resorts back onto the beaches. Wander down the promenade at night to enjoy a drink or two on the beach.

Thomas Beach Thomas Beach
Credit: Thomas Beach by Unsplash

Thomas Beach

Why come here: Uluwatu waves with slightly fewer crowds 

Thomas Beach is a relatively hidden gem nestled in the Uluwatu area on the southern coast of Bali. Bringing together those famous Ulu waves with slightly smaller crowds, you’ll find all of the white sand and azure waters here with fewer distractions. This picturesque landscape offers a postcard-perfect scene that’s perfect for photography enthusiasts or anyone who simply wants to soak up the stunning surroundings. While you’re here, check out the small coves and intriguing rock formations that sit along the shoreline. You’ll find a range of local restaurants around here too if you fancy stopping for a bite.

Batu Bolong Beach Batu Bolong beach
Credit: Batu Bolong beach by Unsplash

Batu Bolong Beach

Why come here: The heart of the action with plenty to do 

You’ll inevitably find yourself on Batu Bolong beach at least once during your trip to Bali. Canggu’s busiest spot, Batu Bolong beach is backed by a number of the neighborhood’s coolest bars and clubs and is also a popular surf spot. It doesn’t matter what time of day you pop by here: in the morning, you’ll see surfers sipping coffee, and in the evenings, you’ll see crowds enjoying dinner and drinks. While this is one of the most popular surf spots for beginners, keep in mind it can get busy! If you’re hoping for a slightly quieter experience, wander a few minutes away to Berawa Beach.

Jimbaran Bay Jimbaran Bay
Credit: Jimbaran Bay by Unsplash

Jimbaran Bay

Why come here: Fresh seafood BBQs on the beach

Jimbaran Bay beach is famed for its seafood BBQs, and it’s something you should experience at least once while you’re here. The next town up from Uluwatu, Jimbaran is a little quieter, with a family-friendly atmosphere and peaceful beaches to match. The beach itself is a quiet one that’s ideal for sunset beach strolls. But the real highlight comes about after the sun has set when the range of restaurants and bars on the seafront set up tables and beanbags for dinner time. Ponder over the huge menus and wait for your seafood feast to be brought out to you! 

Suluban Beach Suluban beach, Bali, Indonesia
Credit: Suluban beach, Bali, Indonesia by © Katerina Titova | Dreamstime.com

Suluban Beach

Why come here: “Lost” vibes with access through a cave

A trip to Suluban Beach will have you feeling all kinds of ‘lost adventurer’ thoughts as to access this beautiful Bali beach, you’ll have to walk through a dramatic cave. Tucked away in Uluwatu down on Bali’s south coast, Suluban Beach, also known as Blue Point Beach, offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and soft white sand. Surrounded by cliffs, this beach also offers something a little different: its location forms a natural amphitheater that amplifies the crashing waves, creating an exhilarating environment, no matter whether you’re surfing or just exploring.

Pemuteran Beach Pemuteran beach
Credit: Pemuteran beach by Unsplash

Pemuteran Beach

Why come here: Black sand away from the crowds

Pemuteran Beach is located on Bali’s north coast, which means it gets maybe the smallest number of tourists throughout the year from anywhere else on the island. Unlike some of the more popular tourist beaches in Bali, Pemuteran offers a quieter and less crowded beach experience, making it a top spot for anyone seeking relaxation, solitude and a slower pace. Renowned for its thriving coral reefs and marine life, this part of Bali has also recently implemented successful coral restoration and multiple conservation efforts, making it a fantastic spot for snorkeling and diving. While here, make sure to head onwards to West Bali National Park.

Bias Tugel Beach Bias Tugel Beach
Credit: Bias Tugel Beach by Unsplash

Bias Tugel Beach

Why come here: An endless stretch of gorgeous white sand

Pristine white sands, crystal-clear turquoise waters and a peaceful atmosphere: Bias Tugel Beach is a sight to behold for anyone who ventures up Bali’s east coast. Close to Padang Bai, the jumping point for those looking to head over to the Gili Islands and Lombok, Bias Tugel Beach is free from large waves or strong currents, making it suitable for families and those who prefer a gentle beach experience. Getting here requires a short trek, which means it’s not the most accessible beach in Bali. But for those who are able to access it, Bias Tugel Beach offers an awe-inspiring setting to enjoy.

Kuta Beach Kuta beach
Credit: Kuta beach by Unsplash

Kuta Beach

Why come here: Quintessential vacation experience 

Kuta Beach is a Bali classic and is perhaps the most widely known beach across the island. Just opposite Beachwalk shopping center, Kuta Beach offers a lengthy stretch of clear blue waters and soft sand that’s perfect for swimming. It’s also a great choice for beginner surfers, thanks to the even stretch of sand that carries out far into the water. The consistent and reliable waves make it a popular destination for surfers of all levels here, while those who prefer the sand to the sea can lie back on the golden sand under an umbrella and soak up the sunshine. You’ll also find plenty of beach sellers here too, ensuring you’re always fed and watered.

Karma Kandara Beach Karma Kandara Beach
Credit: Karma Kandara Beach by Unsplash

Karma Kandara Beach

Why come here: Best for feeling like a celebrity

While some beaches in Bali are all about the rustic vibes, Karma Kandara Beach offers something at the other end of the spectrum. Part of the luxurious Karma Kandara resort complex, this is a beach that’ll have you feeling like a celebrity for the day. The beach is nestled at the base of a dramatic cliff, providing breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean with no distractions nearby. Known for offering some of the best sunsets on the island, Karma Kandara Beach allows you to choose between the salt and sand or the resort’s magnificent cliffside infinity pool.

Melasti Beach Melasti beach
Credit: Melasti beach by Unsplash

Melasti Beach

Why come here: Breathtaking cliffside views 

Sure, the drive down might feel a little ropey. But Melasti Beach is well worth the effort, and as you’re driving down its cliffside path, you’ll appreciate Bali’s magic all over again. The true definition of a vacation beach, Melasti Beach seems to turn all of the colors up a notch, like the vibrant blue water, the white sand, the red parasols, and the colorful beach towels dotted around. The water here tends to be pretty warm but keep in mind that the waves can be a little aggressive. On the plus side, you’ll find plenty of beautiful beach clubs to soak up the atmosphere – Palmilla is one of the best.

Pasir Putih Pasir Putih
Credit: Pasir Putih by Unsplash

Pasir Putih

Why come here: An off-the-beaten-track adventure

Pasir Putih, White Sand Beach, Virgin Beach or Hidden Beach: not many beaches have as many nicknames as this beautiful spot. Perched on the east coast, Pasir Putih’s remote location doesn’t stop tourists from flocking here to soak up the rays on its powdery soft sand or to take a dip in the warm waters and admire the marine life. While it’s a little more remote than many of Bali’s other best beaches, Pasir Putih is a short drive away from the popular beach town of Candidasa, where you’ll find a range of hotels as well as great scuba diving spots.

Lovina Beach Lovina beach
Credit: Lovina beach by Unsplash

Lovina Beach

Why come here: Sunrise dolphin-watching trips – need we say more?

The drive to Lovina Beach is an adventure in itself, through mountains, past lakes, alongside beaches, and amid the jungles. But the beach itself – and what you’ll find a little way out into the water – is the real star of the show here. As well as its black volcanic sand, Lovina is loved for its opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat during sunrise. Set sail in traditional outrigger boats at 5am while a local fisherman navigates the path out to the dolphin-watching spots. Some boat trips also have mechanisms that let you jump into the ocean and swim alongside the dolphins while the boat sails onwards.

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