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Lavish & Luxe

Top 13 Luxury Hotels in Amsterdam

Aug 25, 2023

Amsterdam was the first city I visited that I decided I wanted to move to. Since then, I've been back close to 10 times, each time discovering something… continue reading

Quaint & Charming

16 Best Boutique Hotels in London

Aug 21, 2023

As a travel writer, I've made it my mission to check out as many of the world's coolest hotels as possible. And being based in London, UK, means… continue reading


Top 12 Family Hotels in London

Aug 18, 2023

Having grown up just outside of London, I've probably spent more time here with my family than anywhere else in the world. And, thanks to the never-ending flow… continue reading

Stylish Spaces

13 Coolest Airbnbs in Brighton, England

Jul 31, 2023

Brighton might just be my favorite city in England. Living only an hour's train ride away means I've spent a huge amount of time exploring the quirky independent… continue reading

Best of the Best

13 Best Hotels in Seminyak, Bali

Jul 25, 2023

Having lived there for just over a year, I still maintain that Seminyak is Bali's coolest neighborhood. Home to a great range of restaurants, rooftop bars, beachfront dining… continue reading


14 Best Family Hotels in Bali

Jul 24, 2023

Beautiful Bali has plenty to offer for family vacations no matter where on the island you base yourself. Having traveled Bali far and wide, I've pulled together all… continue reading

Spa Getaways

12 Best Spa Hotels in London

Jul 21, 2023

Sure, I love the hustle and bustle and fast-paced nature of London. But, when you're done with the crowds, there's no better way to relax than checking into… continue reading

Ocean Views

13 Best Beach Resorts in Portugal

Jul 17, 2023

Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, where you can walk for miles along the golden sand without ever feeling pressed for space. I've been… continue reading

Catching Waves

13 Best Places to Surf in Bali

Jun 23, 2023

Advance warning: once you've tried surfing in Bali, there's a fair to reasonable chance you'll become a little addicted. This incredible Indonesian island doesn't hold back when it… continue reading

Get Pampered

13 Best Spas in Bali

Jun 22, 2023

Bali doesn't hold back when it comes to incredible spas, and I'd know - I've spent the last few years trying out as many as possible. The Island… continue reading

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