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Top 14 Airbnbs in Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital city, known for its coastal beauty and outdoor adventures. The deeply cultural city has many tales to tell via its architecture and museums, while vast nature awaits beyond the perimeter. Aside from just being really pretty, this is one of the cleanest, safest cities in the entire world. Whether you plan to dive into the colorful offerings of the downtown, from art to an impressive culinary environment, or if your plans will take you to hills and puffins, these stunning Airbnbs will meet all your needs, while still managing to take your breath away.

Northern Lights Luxury Northern lights Luxury
Credit: Northern lights Luxury by Airbnb.com

Northern Lights Luxury

This home has been designed in a mid-century industrial way, and this gives it a cozy yet modern appeal. Visit in the summer, and be surrounded by flowers and foliage, but visit in the winter, and witness the northern lights that dance overhead. The master bedroom features a skylight, that looks toward one of the world’s most magical natural shows. The opportunities to disconnect from the real world are endless here, and there is also a hot tub that is calling your name.

Berg Apartments - Eyjafjallajökull Berg Apartments - Eyjafjallajökull
Credit: Berg Apartments - Eyjafjallajökull by Airbnb.com

Berg Apartments - Eyjafjallajökull

Previous guests regularly mentioned the great location of this apartment, which is within the heart of Reykjavík. However, despite its ultra-convenient location near markets and shops, it’s still a relatively quiet area. Inside has a cottage feel, with four brightly uplifting bedrooms that can sleep about eight people. A bus stop, which will take you all around the area, is also close by.

Beautiful Reykjavik - 250 - XL Studio Beautiful Reykjavik - 250 - XL Studio
Credit: Beautiful Reykjavik - 250 - XL Studio by Airbnb.com

Beautiful Reykjavik - 250 - XL Studio

The moody ambiance and dark warm tones of the studio are ideal for a romantic getaway, or honeymoon. However, the space can still sleep up to four people if need be. Located in the center of Reykjavík, the rental is near an abundance of cafés, shops, and exciting local attractions.

Luxury Loft Downtown Reykjavik Luxury Loft Downtown Reykjavik
Credit: Luxury Loft Downtown Reykjavik by Airbnb.com

Luxury Loft Downtown Reykjavik

It’s all about the art in this stunning space. The hosts have incorporated work from photographers all over the world, and there are other interesting tabletop pieces and gorgeously designed furniture accents that also add to the overall character of the loft. Aside from being impeccably decorated, it is quite functional as well, for example, the well-equipped kitchen with all upgraded appliances to prep an outstanding Icelandic meal.

Beautiful Reykjavik - 255 - XL Studio Beautiful Reykjavik - 255 - XL Studio
Credit: Beautiful Reykjavik - 255 - XL Studio by Airbnb.com

Beautiful Reykjavik - 255 - XL Studio

Rustic and artsy, we certainly get some Viking vibes when taking a look at this intricately designed Airbnb. All the lighting is on point and truly adds that dreamy ambiance—furniture pieces like the dining room table and bed headboards are simply stunning. The studio can accommodate four guests and is an overall memorable base for your Icelandic vacation.

Stroll to Town in a 1930s Apartment with Landmark Views Stroll to Town in a 1930s Apartment with Landmark Views
Credit: Stroll to Town in a 1930s Apartment with Landmark Views by Airbnb.com

Stroll to Town in a 1930s Apartment with Landmark Views

Books line the walls, the kitchen is equipped with essentials to make a hot drink – that sounds like an ideal way to wind down a day exploring Reykjavík. Just outside, are volcanic mountains in the distance, which are further complemented by naturalistic yet chic aesthetics. We also love that local art has also been incorporated into the space, giving it more depth and authenticity to the area.

Tower Apartments - Gullbrá Tower Apartments - Gullbrá
Credit: Tower Apartments - Gullbrá by Airbnb.com

Tower Apartments - Gullbrá

Presenting simply, and cleanly, this open and spacious Airbnb features two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This makes it quite ideal for two people who are traveling together but still might not be comfortable sharing a bathroom. The overall minimalistic decor is tranquil, but all the basics, like a washer and dryer, are within the space, making it also practical. Located centrally in Reykjavík, this is a reasonably affordable, sensible option.

Downtown Lux Apartment with a View Downtown lux apartment with a view
Credit: Downtown lux apartment with a view by Airbnb.com

Downtown Lux Apartment with a View

Elegantly furnished and designed, this upscale apartment features high ceilings, subtle chandeliers, and bright aesthetics. The feel is totally luxurious. The bathroom has a handsome standalone tub that faces outward to the city roofline. Two balconies, one extending from the bath, allow guests to capture the surroundings while enjoying a sunrise or sunset.

Near Reykjavik, Lakeside Cottage Near Reykjavik, Lakeside Cottage
Credit: Near Reykjavik, Lakeside Cottage by Airbnb.com

Near Reykjavik, Lakeside Cottage

This clean-cut cottage is quite simplistic in a seriously cozy way. But when introduced to that unbelievable deck facing the sparkling lake waters, everything suddenly becomes extravagant. Snow-capped mountains reflect across the way, and a peaceful, dreamy garden is nestled steps away from the cottage. Six guests can comfortably lodge at the lakeside haven along the foot of Medalfell mountain.

Old Town Charming Cottage Old town charming cottage
Credit: Old town charming cottage by Airbnb.com

Old Town Charming Cottage

Eye-catching from the moment you arrive, this little red cottage has lots of personality within. All the tile work in the old style, yet chic bathroom is a fun and meaningful touch, and the kitchen also exudes a little bit of color and funky flare. Outside is a wooden patio with a bistro table set and an inviting hot tub. Can you see yourself dining on local favorites, then spending the evening relaxing in the water?

Reykjavik Domes Reykjavik Domes
Credit: Reykjavik Domes by Airbnb.com

Reykjavik Domes

If you are coming during the prime time to view the northern lights, which ranges from around November to February, this simplistic yet luxe dome couldn’t be more ideal. Set on a cozy wooden platform, the inside houses a king bed with lavish linens and a fireplace. Being on a camper resort, there’s a bit more seclusion versus the city, and the rainbow lights display dances right outside the windows. This is Iceland glamping at its finest.

Superb & Charming Two Bedroom Apartment Superb & Charming 2 Bed. Apt. No.3 Prime Location
Credit: Superb & Charming 2 Bed. Apt. No.3 Prime Location by Airbnb.com

Superb & Charming Two Bedroom Apartment

Set centrally amongst the precious city, within a historic building from the early 1900s, this two-bedroom apartment is both snuggly and crisply designed. With a deep sense of homey hospitality, staying here, within this culturally significant structure, is an immersive experience within Iceland’s capital. Walk straight out the door and into the lovely area, to explore restaurants and sites. Or enjoy a cup of coffee while peering out the kitchen window.

Admire the Rugged Landscape at a Nature-Inspired Coastal Pad Admire the Rugged Landscape at a Nature-Inspired Coastal Pad
Credit: Admire the Rugged Landscape at a Nature-Inspired Coastal Pad by Airbnb.com

Admire the Rugged Landscape at a Nature-Inspired Coastal Pad

Airbnb Plus status for an affordable price? It’s the best of both worlds. The studio apartment boasts naturalistic features, and a connection to the outdoors via its surrounding open-air lounging spots, and proximity to thermal pools. A mountain backdrop adds to the stunning qualities of this sprawling escape. The host goes above and beyond to create a memorable Iceland experience, and will even help you pick the best night, with the best forecast, to try and catch a peek of the northern lights. You’ll certainly leave with great memories.

The Old Barn The Old Barn
Credit: The Old Barn by airbnb.com

The Old Barn

Mosfellsdalur sits along the outskirts of the city and provides an experience that makes one feel like they are totally isolated within the beauty of mountainous farmland when actually many main points of interest are nearby. This beautiful barn is adorned with floor-to-ceiling drapes, exposed brick and wood, and a picture window facing the mountains. A salmon river trickles nearby, while a canyon waterfall gushes in the distance.

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