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20 Best European Cities for Fall Travel

Traveling to Europe in the fall often means fewer crowds, shorter lines, idyllic weather, legendary festivals, better deals, and spectacular displays of autumn foliage. Many feel it’s truly the best time of year to go. If you’re thinking about heading to Europe, these cities are some of the best to explore in autumn.

Perthshire, Scotland The Queens View Pitlochry Perthshire Scotland
Credit: The Queens View Pitlochry Perthshire Scotland by © Alistair Mcdonald | Dreamstime.com

Perthshire, Scotland

Perthshire, often referred to as Big Trees Country is one of the most glorious places in all of Europe for autumn colors in a country well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty. Here, lochs and rivers reflect the array of gold and copper on tree-covered hillsides, making it ideal for exploring and impressive photo-taking. You’ll find some of the most stunning spots near Loch Tummel, the Pass of Killiecrankie, and Knock Hill. Take the steep but moderate walk to Knock Hill through mixed woodlands and scenic, heathery viewpoints, including jaw-dropping views from the summit of the Highlands to the north.

Cumbria, England Cumbria, England
Credit: Cumbria, England by Ian Kelsall via Pixabay

Cumbria, England

England’s Lake District has incredible scenic beauty, with the autumn light making it even more spectacular. It’s also an excellent region for an inspiring walk, with many lakes surrounded by gold and ruby-covered hills. Cumbria is an ideal place to visit for fall colors with its beautiful woodland areas like Grizedale Forest Park, home to green pines and copper beech trees framing mountain views. You’ll also want to duck into one of its pubs, like the Kirkstone Pass Inn, for a glass of local ale or cider.

Bruges, Belgium Bruges, Belgium
Credit: Bruges, Belgium by S. Hermann & F. Richter via Pixabay

Bruges, Belgium

The medieval city of Bruges becomes one of Europe’s most beautiful cities in the fall, with crimson and golden vines covering historic buildings with rich autumn hues. The colors reflected in the canals create an incredibly romantic scene and picture-perfect photo ops. Be sure to experience some of the city’s open-air markets that are typically open through November. It’s also a perfect time to sip some of its famous chocolate in beverage form. Try a cup at De Proeverie, known for the best hot cocoa in all of Bruges.

Bavaria, Germany Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany
Credit: Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany by © minnystock - Dreamstime.com

Bavaria, Germany

In Southern Germany, you’ll find more of Europe’s most spectacular scenery and endless Alpine forests popping with color against mountains dusted with snow. Fall is the season for plenty of wine and beer festivals as well as outdoor activities like hiking in the Alps, taking a romantic ride on a horse-drawn carriage, and sampling the local wines at a Bavarian winery. There are also some 25 historic castles and palaces to discover here, including such greats as Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace, Nuremberg Castle, and the Burghausen Castle.

Dubrovnik, Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia
Credit: Dubrovnik, Croatia by © David Beaulieu | Dreamstime.com

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A beautiful Croatian city along the Adriatic Coast, Dubrovnik makes an excellent place for an affordable vacation with lower prices than many other European coastal cities, particularly in the fall. The weather is still warm this time of year, but the big summer crowds have dispersed. Enjoy magnificent beaches without bumping elbows with other tourists, and venture outside the city for outstanding mountain hikes surrounded by stunning scenery and splashes of fall color.

Wicklow, Ireland View of the historic Glendalough monastic site with ancient round tower and church in Wicklow National Park
Credit: View of the historic Glendalough monastic site with ancient round tower and church in Wicklow National Park by © Jenifoto406 | Dreamstime.com

Wicklow, Ireland

Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains are stunning all year round, but in the autumn, not only will you frequently find bright blue skies and trees covered with a brilliant golden hue, but you’re likely to see more waterfalls than other tourists. It is a fantastic area for hiking and exploring historic sites like Glendalough, one of the most important monastic sites in the country, founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century. If a storm rolls in, duck into one of many cozy pubs to enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire and a pint of Guinness.

Piedmont, Italy Piedmont Italy
Credit: Piedmont Italy by © Daniela Pelazza | Dreamstime.com

Piedmont, Italy

Autumn is Italy’s peak season for food and wine, particularly in October. Truffles and mushrooms, chestnuts, and chocolate have their own festivals you can enjoy during this time – and it’s also vineyard harvest time. Piedmont is home to amazing fall scenery and a fantastic food and wine culture, with the northwest region, hemmed in by the Alps, so there are hundreds of roads and trails to explore the surrounding peaks set ablaze with color.

Aragon, Spain Aragon, Spain
Credit: Aragon, Spain by © Lunamarina | Dreamstime.com

Aragon, Spain

Autumn in Aragon, located in northeastern Spain in the heart of the Pyrenees bordering France, often means idyllic temperatures, ranging from highs in the upper 70s to mid-60s, depending on which part of the season you arrive. The Aragonese Pyrenees seem to define all the superlatives associated with the soaring Pyrenean Mountain Range, with some of the highest and wildest peaks and perhaps the most beautiful of the Spanish Pyrenees. It is also the home of Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, Spain’s first national park, where you’ll find an impressive array of fall colors and a dazzling variety of wildlife and cascading waterfalls.

Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Credit: Prague, Czech Republic by © Scanrail | Dreamstime.com

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague in the fall is incredible, especially if it is your first visit to Prague, with significantly fewer visitors but typically many beautiful days. The season’s glow provides a romantic feel to the historic cityscape, while Czech foods and brews suit perfectly. Take a stroll just before dusk on Castle Hill, where you’ll get a panoramic view of PraguPrague’s rooftops and a thousand spires. In autumn, it’s easier to appreciate the city’s attractions without having to battle crowds, including tour groups that charge across the grounds of magnificent Prague Castle, resembling an invaded army. Flashes of copper, crimson, and luminous orange enliven the city as the trees begin to transform in early October. Head to public parks for the very best of Mother Nature’s lay.

Budapest, Hungary Budapest, Hungary
Credit: Budapest, Hungary by © Europhotos | Dreamstime.com

Budapest, Hungary

With the summer heat fading and high temperatures lingering around 70 degrees through the end of October, Budapest is also ideal in autumn. During this season, Hungarians celebrate national beverages and food with annual festivals, though most tourists have to return home until next year. It is a beautiful city for walking, and fall makes it ideal for wandering winding streets and exploring cozy cafes. Travelers can also visit nearby wine regions to experience the harvest in Eger, Tokaj, or Villany – or take a drive to Danube Bend to enjoy the colors of fall.

Lugano, Switzerland Vineyard at Porza near Lugano, Switzerland
Credit: Vineyard at Porza near Lugano, Switzerland by © Stefano Ember | Dreamstime.com

Lugano, Switzerland

The beautiful city of Lugano is situated in the southern region of Switzerland, bordering Italy and on the shores of Lake Lugano, underneath the shadow of beautiful mountains just south of the Alps. Though it is one of the most picturesque destinations at any time of the year; however, visiting in autumn means that summer’s scorching temperatures have given way to a milder climate in a choreographed setting of magnificent colors. A visit during the first weekend of October offers travelers a chance to attend the Autumn Festival, featuring folkloric music and celebrations of grapes and fine wines.

Puigcerda, Spain Puigcerda Lake Cerdanya Spain
Credit: Puigcerda Lake Cerdanya Spain by © Carlos Soler Martinez | Dreamstime.com

Puigcerda, Spain

Puigcerda is the capital of the region of Cerdana and a picturesque village offering many boutiques and restaurants as well as historic sites in its downtown area. It provides numerous trails for hiking, exploring the surrounding region, and spotting brilliant autumn colors. One of the best places to start for fall leaf-peeping is the Passeig dels Enmorats, and walking a tree-lined trail that heads out of the village is an easy walk and a great way to spend your morning or afternoon. Bring your camera and walk along the wooded banks of Puigcerda Lake and Schierbeck Park to experience some of the best the city has to offer this season.

Ukanc, Slovenia Ukanc, Slovenia
Credit: Ukanc, Slovenia by © Blasch | Dreamstime.com

Ukanc, Slovenia

The hamlet of Ukanc sits on the western end of Lake Bohinj in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. Here, visitors can travel via cable car up to the summit of Mount Vogel to take in some of the most dramatic views in all of Europe. In autumn, this extraordinarily beautiful place becomes even more stunning, with rich reds and golden hues reflected in the clear lake. Ukanc is also the starting point for a scenic one-hour walk to Savica Waterfalls. For those up for a serious hike, from here, you can also take a day trip to the Valley of Seven Lakes.

Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
Credit: Istanbul, Turkey by © Mg1408 | Dreamstime.com

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is an exotic destination perfect for autumn travel, with the season falling between summer’s extreme heat and winter’s brutal winds and cold temperatures. With its stunning architecture, this fairy-tale city is also made much more enjoyable without fighting the crowds. Take a stroll down the Old Town Istanbul’s narrow winding alleyways,h where you’ll hear the sounds of Turkish music around every corner. Sampling traditional Turkish fare like borek, a pie made with a flakey, mouth-watering crust filled with meat, cheese, or potatoes, pairs perfectly on a crisp autumn day in Istanbul.

Bridge of Orchy, Scotland Bridge of Orchy, Scotland
Credit: Bridge of Orchy, Scotland by © Wirestock | Dreamstime.com

Bridge of Orchy, Scotland

Deep in the Scottish Highlands, the Bridge of Orchy is a village set among incredible scenery. Stay at the Inveroran Hotel, and you’ll be in the heart of some of the best Scotland has to offer, from towering mountains to whiskey distilleries and castles that seem to magically appear out of the mist – and vanish just as quickly. At Loch Tulla, a small isle filled with larches transforms into a brilliant array of colors reflected in the tranquil waters. The West Highland Way is popular with walkers, linking Milngavie just outside Glasgow to Fort William in the Highlands and passing through the Bridge of Orchy, making it ideal for a stroll on a beautiful autumn day.

Loire Valley, France Château de Chambord in Loire Valley, France
Credit: Château de Chambord in Loire Valley, France by Antonin Carvalho via Unsplash.com

Loire Valley, France

In the Loire Valley of France, you’ll find some 185,000 acres of grapevines that stretch far and wide across hillsides and valleys. When the pageant of colors peaks in late October, it’s truly a sight to behold. Vineyards are ablaze in gold, vivid orange and fiery red, with autumn’s kiss also illuminating the surrounding forests and fairytale chateaus. Some have compared this region to New England in the fall, noting it as one of Europe’s best destinations for colorful autumn displays along with plenty of fine wines.

Ahornboden, Austria Ahornboden, Austria

Ahornboden, Austria

Ahornboden, located near Innsbruck in the Silver Region of Austria, sits at some 4,000 feet up in the Alps among soaring rocky peaks. Here you’ll find a tranquil alpine meadow dotted with thousands of maple trees that are transformed to a luminous yellow hue each fall. These trees, some dating back more than 600 years, signal a warning for visitors that this is the last chance to hike before the long winter arrives. The shoulder season sees tourism significantly dropping, which means plenty of bargains for travelers on a tight budget.

Douro Valley, Portugal Duoro Valley, Portugal
Credit: Duoro Valley, Portugal by © Gkuna | Dreamstime.com

Douro Valley, Portugal

Portugal’s Douro River Valley becomes a sea of flaming red, orange, and vibrant yellow in autumn, and its terraced vineyards sloping along the riverbanks prepare for winter. The region is another hot spot for food and wine in the fall. While Portugal may not be the first place you associate with wine, the Douro Valley is actually the oldest demarcated wine region on earth. Across the stunning landscape, you’ll find locals serving their wares like meats, fresh bread and produce from grocery vans. Be sure to enjoy a sample of the fresh and flavorful grapes as they may be the best you’ve ever had. Taking a cruise along the 125-mile river with a glass of this region’s famed local port is a wonderful way to top off your autumn holiday

Oslo, Norway Oslo, Norway
Credit: Oslo, Norway by Anna Jedynak/shutterstock.com

Oslo, Norway

The seasonal change in Northern Europe is particularly striking. As the leaves begin to transform, woodland areas take on new life, making Oslo an ideal place for evening walks or foraging expeditions while there is still quite a bit of daylight. The city is home to many picturesque parks that become even more stunning this time of year. Akershus Fortress and the Vigeland Sculpture Park make for a particularly colorful backdrop on a sunny fall day or wander just outside the city to Oslomarka Forest, where you’ll see some of the nation’s most vibrant autumn foliage.

Transylvania, Romania Famous Dracula Castle, Bran, Transylvania, Romania
Credit: Famous Dracula Castle, Bran, Transylvania, Romania by © Janos Gaspar - Dreamstime.com

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania has long been a place steeped in legend and magnificent imagery of medieval castles and misty moonlight. Take the 56-mile drive through the Fagaras Mountains, the highest mountain of the Southern Carpathians, with over 20 peaks rising more than 8,000 feet. Its hairpin curves and breathtaking vistas of stunning autumn foliage are famous.

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