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Which States are the Most Fall Obsessed? All 50 States, Ranked

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Fall Spirit Map

Oh my gourd, it’s fall — that means colorful leaves, sweater weather, football, and pumpkin everything! Some of us are all about autumn, celebrating the season at the first sip of a pumpkin spice latte. Others don’t answer the call for fall much at all, lacking the palate for pumpkin and skipping the seasonal scented candles.

How passionate is your state about the fall season? Trips To Discover has the scoop on the states with the most fall spirit. New Hampshire loves fall most of all, ranking No. 1 on the list. In fact, Keene, N.H., holds a Guinness World Record for most jack-o-lanterns displayed — 30,581 pumpkins to be exact. Further south, West Virginia is on the lookout for the most gord-geous fall decorations. And while Illinois harvests the most pumpkins in the U.S., Vermont is the most pumpkin-obsessed with more pumpkin patches per capita than any other state. Meanwhile, the fall feelings must not reach the farthest corners of the country, as Hawaii and Alaska rank the lowest on the list for fall spirit.

How does your home state rank? Is it pumpkin spice and everything nice, or does your state squash the season?

Fun Facts About Fall in the 50 States

  • New Hampshire has the most fall spirit — they rank No. 1 and they love fall cocktails like pumpkin martinis
  • Coloradoans are the nation’s No. 1 fans of pumpkin spice lattes — Mississippians could care less about them.
  • Wyoming is winning the bake-off for most pumpkin pie recipes but for overall fall baking, Vermont takes the cake
  • Wyoming has a lot to say about the season, with the most tweets about fall per capita
  • Idaho may rank No. 46 overall, but it’s No. 1 in the nation for pumpkin carving
  • Vermont is totally pumpkin-obsessed with 12 pumpkin patches per 100,000 residents
  • It must smell amazing in Pennsylvania — they’re burning the most fall scented candles
  • West Virginia is keeping things cozy with the most searches for fall décor
  • Rhode Island may be small, but it celebrates big with the most fall activities

Fall Spirit by U.S. State

To determine each states fall spirit, the research team at Trips To Discover compared data for online activity and area culture from the most reputable sources we could track down. We compiled and analyzed that underlying data to assign a 1-100 score to each state for each of the three categories, then combined them for an overall total score to determine our rankings.

Data Sources:
1. Number of pumpkin patches per capita (data source: Google Maps)
2. Google search activity. Specific search terms used: fall candles, fall decor, fall recipes, fall quotes, and fall activities (data source: Google Trends)
3. Number of tweets related to fall. Specific hashtags used: #fallvibes, #fallseason, #fallfeeling, #fallcolors, #autumn, #leafpeeping, #pumpkinspice, #psl (data source: Twitter Ads)

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