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You know how amazing a cruise can be with seemingly limitless food, delicious drinks, lively entertainment and beautiful places. But cruises can also be a lot to handle, especially with the crowds, being stuck on a ship and lack of space. But these minor inconveniences shouldn’t get in the way of your good time. There are many travel essentials you should take on every trip, these must-haves can truly enhance your cruising experience and diminish cruise-specific issues.

Blue Sky Basics Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

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The great thing about cruises? Unlimited access to pools, beaches, and water. The bad thing? Unlimited access to pools, beaches, and water, which means your electronics are probably quaking in their non-water-proof cases. That’s where these pouches come in! They’re perfect for storing your favorite travel electronics, including phones, cameras, and other electronics without being a bulky companion on your adventures. The best part? The opaque pouch lets you see inside, making sure you can keep an eye on your valuables at all times.

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Camry 110lbs Luggage Scale

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You know that when you’re traveling, whether it’s a flight or a ship, there’s going to be a weight limit on your suitcase. Nothing is worse than getting to your checkpoint and realizing you either have to reevaluate what you packed (in front of everyone) or pay an exorbitant fee to bring your bag along. That’s where this luggage scale comes in! This tiny, helpful tool can measure suitcase weights up to 110 pounds, uses minimal batteries, and can even tell you the temperature. Never blindly unpack your suitcase in front of strangers again.

Nanan Quick Dry Hanging Bath Organizer

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Space is always a challenge on a cruise ship, especially in the tiny bathrooms. The Nanan Quick Dry Hanging Bath Organizer is the perfect solution for tiny cruise ship bathrooms. Simply hang it up, store your items, and save some space. This organizer is made of quick-drying mesh fabric to avoid molding and can easily be machine washed. With six pockets, you’ll have plenty of room for all your toiletries, and the metal hooks make it easy to hang on the shower, the door, or the towel rack.

Travel Navigator RFID Travel Passport & Document Organizer

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Cruises typically require that you bring a lot of sensitive information along with you, including your passport, your ID, your credit cards, and more. While it’s necessary to bring all this along, it can a bit nervewracking to have your most valuable information on you at all times. With the Travel Navigator RFID Travel Passport & Document Organizer, you have a secure place to keep everything. This organizer has a wrist strap for extra security, over 10 slots for storage, and an RFID blocking material that helps prevent identity theft by blocking RFID signals of 13.56 MHz frequency.

ECROCY 8 Pack Beach Towel Clips

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It’s hard to relax somewhere on a tropical beach when all your towels, coverups, and more keep blowing away. Meet the Beach Towel Clip, the savior of your cruise vacation. These clips (which come in a pack of 8) are multicolored so everyone can keep theirs straight, are made of durable plastic with galvanized steel and are sturdy enough to accommodate the fluffiest of towels.

One in a Millionaire Lanyards

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Cruises typically require you to keep your room keys on you at all times. With all the fun and distractions of a cruise, keeping track of that can be pretty difficult. The Assorted Design Lanyards fromOne in a Millionare are the perfect solution. These small travel accessories are see-through, so you can always keep an eye on where your key is, they slip around your neck, and they come in tons of fun patterns. They even come with attached key rings if you want to keep all your keys in one spot.

Baiji Bottle Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles

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Staying hydrated on a cruise is mega-important because you’re out in the hot sun, you’re probably drinking alcohol (if you’re 21+), and you’re having too much fun to think about heading to the bar to get a drink of water. The Baiji Bottle Collapsible Water Bottles are the perfect solution for keeping your H20 levels adequate. These bottles can collapse to about 1/8 of their standing size, come with metal carabiners for easy clip-on storage, and are made of food-grade silicone.

Protect Life 150 Piece First Aid Kit

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Above all, you need to make sure that on a cruise your safety is always coming first (before the fun, even!) This 150-piece first-aid kit is the perfect addition to any travel trip – especially a cruise. Inside, you’ll find essentials like safety pins, alcohol prep pads, cleansing wipes, bandages, vinyl gloves, scissors, a compass, and more.

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