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7 Best Things to Do in Mykonos, Greece

Whitewashed houses open to sea winds, the fantastic sunsets above the Aegean sea, the non-stop party culture, the never-ending supply of bars and restaurants, Mykonos is one of the most well-known and most spectacular of all the Greek islands. And yes, it’s very glamorous too, beaconing celebrities, socialites, and hedonists from all over the world promising high-quality seaside fun and glitz. More exclusive (and expensive) than other Cycladic islands, Mykonos is still worth your attention, especially if you prefer partying among other beautiful people set against the irresistible Greek backdrop.

We’ve got you covered with the best things to do in Mykonos for all budgets ranging from luxurious to down-to-earth. It’s about making your vacation special, after all. This Cycladic island paradise is made for that.

Visit Little Venice Little Venice in Mykonos
Credit: Little Venice in Mykonos by Johnny Africa via Unsplash.com

Visit Little Venice

What Is It? Little Venice is a series of picturesque 18th-century houses that stand next to the sea in the center of Mykonos town. All white, with some touches of red, blue, and turquoise, this mini-district is one of the icons of the island and a must-visit. 

Why Do It? Hardly anything can beat slow cocktail-sipping while sitting on a terrace of a Mykonos bar overlooking Little Venice. The sea is right underneath you and the romance can be strongly felt in the air. It’s that essential Mykonos thing to do that puts you in a Greek vacation mood straight away. 

Good to Know: A cute little local tradition has made a port pelican named Petros into a mascot of the city. Today you can meet his successor, also Petros (albeit the second) gorgeously strolling along the waterfront to cheer from the crowds. 

Explore the Ancient City of Delos Ancient City of Delos
Credit: Ancient City of Delos by Ben Lescure via Pixabay.com

Explore the Ancient City of Delos

What Is It? Just off the coast of Mykonos, you can find the little island of Delos boasting one of the most impressive archeological sites in the country and in Europe. Once a thriving city occupying an important place in Greek mythology, today only ruins are left to remind us of the yesteryears. See the iconic lion statues, walk among the mighty columns, admire the temples, Delos is a true heaven for history buffs. 

Why Do It? Delos works great as a day trip from busy Mykonos giving you a chance to contemplate being surrounded by the ancient heritage. Even if you’re not that much into history, visiting this place is a magical experience because of its sheer scale and appearance.

Good to Know: As overnight visits are not allowed in Delos, you can either visit the island using the regular ferry from Mykonos or opt for a more flexible option of booking a cruise. Usually, the boat tours add the nearby island of Rineia as a stop for its excellent crystal-clear Aegean beaches and coves. 

Feel the Charms of Mykonos Town Old Windmills in Mykonos
Credit: Old Windmills in Mykonos by Jack Krier via Unsplash.com

Feel the Charms of Mykonos Town

What is it? Extra photogenic and full of beauty, Mykonos Town is a place to be for both Instagram aficionados and Greece lovers. And the best way to discover its charms is just to wander aimlessly getting lost among the white streets, stopping for a coffee at tiny plazas, and visiting the local boho stores. 

Why Do It? Mykonos Town is the main attraction of the island and a place where you can find literally everything for an ideal island break: beaches, restaurants, historic monuments, and museums. 

Good to Know: Make a stop at the legendary Mykonos windmills overlooking the town, pay a visit to Aegean Maritime Museum and Lena’s House Folk Museum with a preserved interior of a typical old house, and stroll along the wonderful Matogianni street, the beating urban heart of Chora. 

Book a Luxurious Airbnb Luxurious Airbnb in Mykonos
Credit: Luxurious Airbnb in Mykonos by Dimitris Kiriakakis via Unsplash.com

Book a Luxurious Airbnb

What Is It? It’s no surprise that such an exclusive destination as Mykonos has a wide range of sumptuous properties to choose from. Villas with private swimming pools overlooking the old windmills and featuring prime sunset views, does it sound tempting? Thankfully, you can find many cool Airbnbs on the island that cater to a variety of needs and budgets. 

Why Do It? When you’re in such a stunning place you want the experience to be top-notch. The accommodation is the first and most important thing to get right to have a smooth Mykonos visit. Whether you’re here partying, beach-hopping, or on a honeymoon, a premium property would ensure you’re enjoying it to the fullest.  

Good to Know: The key to finding the best deals on Airbnb is to book early. In such a hot destination as Mykonos, great properties go quickly, so be sure to plan your visit far in advance. The prices also depend on the season so you may spot better deals in shoulder times like May and September. 

Taste Amazing Local Food Kopanisti cheese from Mykonos
Credit: Kopanisti cheese from Mykonos by C messier via Wikimedia Commons

Taste Amazing Local Food

What Is It? Before being a jet-setting destination and a fashionable escape, Mykonos is a traditional Cycladic island with centuries of history and wonderful local cuisine that relies heavily on fresh Mediterranean ingredients. The Mykonian must-tries are kopanisti (a typical spicy salty cheese made of cow’s or goat’s milk), iouza (cured pork cuts served as an appetizer), Mykonos sausage, and melopita (Cycladic honey pie). 

Why Do It? Tasting local food is among the unmissable things to do in Mykonos, a key to making the most of this pretty island. It’s the Mediterranean diet at its finest and most authentic. Also, going for the local flavors allows you to have a tour into the rich culinary history of the Cyclades. 

Good to Know: Be aware that the restaurant scene on Mykonos is pretty diverse but almost always more expensive than on the neighboring islands. It is considered the most exclusive of all the Cyclades for a reason. So be prepared to pay. On a good note, you also find some of the best restaurants in Greece here so the price is usually matched by brilliant dining. And there are always fresh markets.

Self-indulge in the Beach Clubs Tropicana Mykonos
Credit: Tropicana Mykonos by tropicanamykonos.com

Self-indulge in the Beach Clubs

What is it? Much like the windmills or white-heavy narrow streets, the numerous beach clubs are an essential part of the Mykonos experience. Moreover, for many, they are the primary reason to visit. Treat your inner hedonist by lounging on beautifully-designed terraces looking at the waves while savoring mouthwatering local appetizers. It doesn’t get more Mykonos than this. 

Why Do It? As a staple of Mykonos, beach clubs are where the action is. During the day they serve as a relaxation paradise, during sunset and into the night they transform into the meeting place for party animals. Every seasoned jet-setter has a favorite one but it takes time (and financial resources) to feel the vibes of every single beach club on the island so explore without rushing to find yours.

Good to Know: The beauty of the Mykonos beach club scene lies in the fact that you have a wide range of locations that offer various moods. If you’re into some buzz and liveliness head to Jackie O’ on Super Paradise Beach or Tropicana on Paradise Beach. For a more remote, calmer experience secluded Alemagou and Ftelia are great picks. 

Go Beach Hunting Elia beach in Mykonos
Credit: Elia beach in Mykonos by Panagiotis Lymperopoulos via Unsplash.com

Go Beach Hunting

What is it? Greek islands have some of the most stunning beaches in the world and Mykonos is no exception. In fact, it is famed for its coastline full of golden sands and waterside fun. And the size allows you to comfortably go from beach to beach looking for the ideal one. From vibrant beaches around Mykonos town to the remote coves of the western coast, from easygoing pebble stretches of the north to the party-filled beaches of the south, there’s something for everyone here.   

Why Do It? For decades Mykonos has been the beach destination offering fantastic scenery and excellent party spots. You can’t come here and not go lounging next to the water. So have sunscreen ready and give in to the Mykonos experience.  

Good to Know: Psarou Beach is the most luxurious one while Paradise and Super Paradise are your best pick for seaside partying. Fokos and Agios Sostis work great to escape from it all while Elia has a nudist section.

Get Artsy in the Galleries of Chora Minima Gallery in Mykonos
Credit: Minima Gallery in Mykonos by minimagallery.com

Get Artsy in the Galleries of Chora

What is it? Mykonos is a very inspiring place. Everywhere you look is as aesthetic as it gets. No wonder, Chora (another name for Mykonos town) is home to many small galleries. Contemporary art, local artisan showcases, Greek crafts, there’s a little something for everyone. 

Why Do It? Visiting a gallery would be a great addition to your sun-soaked time on Mykonos. If you’re into art, touring the venues would most certainly bring you joy and you’ll also have a chance to buy an object or two. 

Good to Know: Rarity Gallery is one of the oldest and most well-known so it should be first on your list. The venue showcases international contemporary art. Kapopoulos, Minima, and Skoufa also deserve your attention. Triciclo Art Shop is for cool handmade items made by Greek artists. 

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