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12 Unforgettable Things to Do in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Puerto Rico because of its tropical island atmosphere and laid-back state of mind. It’s just over 10 square miles in size and an ideal place to relax on the beach, get active in the water, and enjoy a tranquil pace of life. Here are some of the best things to do when you visit Culebra and fun suggestions on how to spend your vacation days here.

Enjoy Flamenco Beach Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico
Credit: Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico by © Ivan Kokoulin | Dreamstime.com

Enjoy Flamenco Beach

What Is It?: Flamenco Beach is the most popular places to visit in Culebra and also one of the best beaches in the entire Caribbean. It features lovely sand and water, as well as restrooms, shade trees, picnic tables, and equipment for rent.

Why Do It?: The waters feature different and beautiful shades of blue, while the sand is white and soft. In the background, you’ll see green rolling hills to add to the colorful landscape.

Good to Know: This beach is a popular spot for boating, so you’ll see many boats coming and going here. It’s also an ideal place to swim, snorkel, snap photos, or read a good book in the sand.

Go on a Snorkeling Tour Tropical underwater coral in Puerto Rico
Credit: Tropical underwater coral in Puerto Rico by © Jesse Albanese - Dreamstime.com

Go on a Snorkeling Tour

What Is It?: Snorkeling is a popular activity on Culebra and definitely worth trying while you’re here. Culebra is a common day trip destination from Fajardo for tourists to go snorkeling.

Why Do It?: Development is very limited on and around Culebra, which makes it an excellent place to view wildlife. There are reefs and pristine coastline here to explore.

Good to Know: Guided snorkeling tours are available that include a boat ride to get here, snorkeling equipment, hotel transportation, and food and drink refreshments. These are fun ways to have a relaxing adventure while meeting other travelers. Local dive shops can also take care of your equipment needs and direct you to the best snorkeling spots.

Learn About the Native Plants Naturally occurring variety of endemic cactus and other plants
Credit: Naturally occurring variety of endemic cactus and other plants by © Czuber - Dreamstime.com

Learn About the Native Plants

What Is It?: There are beautiful plants that naturally flourish on Culebra because of its unique tropical and semi-arid environment.

Why Do It?: Taking notice of the native plants will give you a deeper appreciation for Culebra’s beauty and help you learn something new on your trip.

Good to Know: There are a couple of endangered plants to keep an eye out for on Culera. The peperomia wheeleri has small white flowers in clusters, small oval leaves, and can grow up to four feet tall. Cactus Leptocereus grantianus can be found in the subtropical dry forest areas of the island and are cacti that can grow up to 6.5 feet tall.

Check Out Culebrita Small tropical cay of Culebrita off the coast of Isla Culebra
Credit: Small tropical cay of Culebrita off the coast of Isla Culebra by © Czuber - Dreamstime.com

Check Out Culebrita

What Is It?: Isla Culebrita is a smaller and uninhabited island that accessible from Culebra via water taxi. It is part of the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge and a fun place to visit on a day trip.

Why Do It?: Culebrita has a collection of several small beaches, including the most popular one called Playa Tortuga. It’s also a great place to disconnect from the rest of the world since it is uninhabited and only has an old lighthouse as far as man-made structures go.

Good to Know: This tiny island is only about a mile long. In addition to the water taxis, you can access it by private boat or kayak if you’re up for paddling over from Culebra.

Explore the Mangrove Forest Small wooden plank dock extends into tropical bay through shady mangrove forest in Ensenada Honda in Isla Culebra
Credit: Small wooden plank dock extends into tropical bay through shady mangrove forest in Ensenada Honda in Isla Culebra by © Czuber - Dreamstime.com

Explore the Mangrove Forest

What Is It?: Along the shoreline of Culebra, there is a coastal mangrove forest that has been restored. Mangroves have been impacted by past hurricanes and brought back to restore the natural ecosystem.

Why Do It?: It’s interesting to learn about the mangroves and how they help preserve healthy marine and coastal ecosystems for wildlife within the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge.

Good to Know: Be careful not to disturb wildlife in mangrove areas because they provide shelter for endangered brown pelicans, birds, and fish.

See the Beach Tank The old rusted and deserted US army tank of Flamenco beach
Credit: The old rusted and deserted US army tank of Flamenco beach by © Arenacreative - Dreamstime.com

See the Beach Tank

What Is It?: Culebra was once used as a military training area, including Flamenco Beach for military exercises. Still today, you can find old military tanks that were used at Flamenco Beach.

Why Do It?: It’s rare and unique to see a military tank sitting at such a beautiful beach, so take a walk by to check it out and learn a bit about local history.

Good to Know: Read a little about Culebra’s history before your trip so that you understand the significance of the tank and its role in military operations.

Go for a Boat Ride Boats Around Culebra
Credit: Boats Around Culebra by © Czuber - Dreamstime.com

Go for a Boat Ride

What Is It?: You likely had to take a boat to get to Culebra in the first place, but you can also book a separate boat ride to get out on the water. Many boat rides include snorkeling and cocktails.

Why Do It?: It’s fun to go on a scenic boat cruise that is relaxing and really lets you soak up the scenery.

Good to Know: Local guide companies will take you out on island adventures and jet ski tours when you visit the island.

Spend Time at Tamarindo Beach Tamarindo Beach on Culebra
Credit: Tamarindo Beach on Culebra by © Seanish - Dreamstime.com

Spend Time at Tamarindo Beach

What Is It?: Flamenco Beach isn’t the only beach to visit on Culebra, and another great one to spend time at is Tamarindo Beach. This is a more remote and laid-back beach that offers wildlife viewing opportunities.

Why Do It?: Tamarindo beach is a nice place to snorkel and experience the underwater sea life. Come here to avoid the crowds when it is busier at Flamenco Beach.

Good to Know:  Playa Tamarindo also offers opportunities for kayaking in the calm waters that are protected by Cayo Luis Peña. Beginner kayakers and even children enjoy taking boats out to have a relaxing paddle and see the turtles.

Learn About Local History and Culture Church, Culebra - Puerto Rico
Credit: Church, Culebra - Puerto Rico by Jirka Matousek via Flickr

Learn About Local History and Culture

What Is It?: Culebra offers several opportunities to learn about the local history and culture. For example, the Museo Histórico de Culebra will teach you about the ecosystems, animals, and people who have been on this island. The museum also details the military history of the island and has ancient artifacts on display.

Why Do It?: Learning more about Culebra is a great way to fully appreciate its landscapes and people. There’s also a gift shop here that’s great for collecting a few souvenirs to take home with you.

Good to Know: The local history museum here has a small fee to visit and welcomes donations. You can learn more about local culture through the island’s churches too.

Rent a Bicycle Bicycle on the beach
Credit: Bicycle on the beach by © Natee Srisuk - Dreamstime.com

Rent a Bicycle

What Is It?: Biking is a great way to get around the island of Culebra because it’s eco-friendly and easy to navigate. There are bike rental shops on the island where you can rent bikes to use.

Why Do It?: Biking is great exercise and makes it easier to get around than any other mode of land transportation on Culebra. Mountain biking is also an option on the island.

Good to Know: Accommodation hosts on Culebra often let their guests use complimentary bikes for free. Ask the staff where you are staying before paying for a commercial bike rental.

Taste the Traditional Cuisine Fried pork with plantains on white plate
Credit: Fried pork with plantains on white plate by © Stockphotofan1 - Dreamstime.com

Taste the Traditional Cuisine

What Is It?: You can find everything from gourmet cuisine to casual food stands on Culebra. Make sure to try the local cuisine to find your new favorite dish. Many people on the island grow their own fruits in small yard gardens.

Why Do It?: Puerto Rican cuisine is delicious and also features seafood because of the island location. You can find some very affordable food here from the food trucks.

Good to Know: Restaurants to try include Zaco’s Tacos, El Edén, and Dinghy Dock.

Watch a Beautiful Sunset Sunset over a harbor in Culebra, Puerto Rico
Credit: Sunset over a harbor in Culebra, Puerto Rico by © Srinivasansabarish - Dreamstime.com

Watch a Beautiful Sunset

What Is It?: Culebra offers lovely sunsets that are absolutely stunning all throughout the year.

Why Do It?: Watching a sunset is an essential part of any beach vacation and really adds a sense of romance into your trip.

Good to Know: One of the best places to watch the sunset on Culebra is Melones Beach.

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