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How to Get Ready for your Post-Coronavirus Travel Adventures

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While it may seem like a long way from now, the world will travel again. Thankfully, travel dreams are immune to any virus and can give us something hopeful to look forward to in a time of ongoing frustration. So, while you’re stuck at home and bored of Netflix, use the extra time to prepare for your next adventure. Use this guide as a source of inspiration for the months (and year) ahead for your post-coronavirus travel adventures.


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Find the Perfect Trip Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Find the Perfect Trip

Instead of planning last-minute trips based on flight prices, now is the time to look around and discover what’s really on your bucket list. Have you ever wanted to hike Machu Picchu, go surfing at beautiful beaches in Costa Rica or observe wildlife in the Galapagos Islands? To avoid the crowds, you can hike scenic trails, embark on epic road trips, explore underwater on a snorkeling or diving excursion or keep your distance in beautiful U.S. national parks. The truth is we don’t know when travel will resume, so you can also consider planning a staycation in your own city or region.

Research New Destinations Paris, France
Paris, France

Research New Destinations

With the demands of work, many travelers simply don’t have the time to research before their trip. Many travelers find themselves working right up to their departure, not leaving enough time to fully research and get the most out of their trip. Thankfully, some top attractions around the world have created virtual tours, meaning you can make your first visit from your couch.

Learn a New Language Geishas in Gion
Geishas in Gion

Learn a New Language

Being able to speak the local language when you travel can make your experience that much better. Even knowing a few words or phrases are guaranteed to open doors with locals and offer more insight into the local culture. Check out some of the top language books on Amazon, from Spanish, Italian and French to Japanese.

Take Extra Measures

Take Extra Measures

Preparing for travel adventures in late-2020 and beyond is tricky, so its best you give yourself some safety nets in case you have to cancel. Make sure your trips have a flexible cancellation policy in place so that you have minimal risk and deposit loss and research the best travel insurance policies for your needs.

Update Your Travel Gear Backpacking

Update Your Travel Gear

Local businesses are struggling amidst the forced closures, but many are still offering delivery with online shopping. You can snag some really good deals at the moment, so why not take the opportunity to prepare for your next adventure? Have a look at our top travel gear guides that highlight everything you need, whether you are preparing for a hiking trip or beach getaway. We’ve even found the best travel gear for kids. Make sure you snag some of our top-rated travel accessories, and if you’re on a budget, gadgets that are under $20.

Sharpen your Skills as a Travel Photographer Travel Photography
Travel Photography

Sharpen your Skills as a Travel Photographer

A lot of travelers also love a good travel photo, so now is a good chance to upgrade your photography gear or learn how to use your current camera. It’s important that you’re prepared, so that when you do finally get to see the Northern Lights you’ll know how to fully capture the other-worldly landscapes. We’ve got suggestions for the best cameras on the market and photography gear you can buy now.

Keep Daydreaming Girl holding starfish on the beach in Cancun, Mexico
Girl holding starfish on the beach in Cancun, Mexico

Keep Daydreaming

While now is certainly not the right time to travel, daydreaming about overwater bungalows and remote islands are not off-limits. Planning now means you’ll be at the starting gate when conditions do improve, and it will give you something positive to look forward to in the future. Design a trip to places you always thought of taking but never did, whether its a girls getaway, couple’s trip, family reunion or solo adventure. Don’t forget to check out our favorite travel-rated books in 2020 that will help fuel your wanderlust.

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