Whether you’re a local or a visitor, one of the most unique and fun experiences you can have in the city of London is the HotTug. “Hot tub?” you might ask. No, it is a HotTug, a self-drive, electric, wood-fired hot tub, and it’s available to enjoy in every season.


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Credit: hottuguk.com

While it is similar to a hot tub, it’s probably unlike any hot tub you’ve ever soaked in. It may be one of the craziest, coolest inventions around, combining a hot tub with a boat. You’ll longer have to decide whether you want to enjoy soaking in a hot tub or cruising down the Thames River, as it’s like a two-in-one.

Credit: hottuguk.com

The floating hot tub filled is filled with freshwater that can be heated up to a little over 100 degrees, and is available for rent. You’ll float down a London canal, as passersby watch in awe and you relax and wave.

Up to seven people can fit, and it can be taken out for 90 minutes at a price tag of £199, which is about $261 USD. If you want the VIP experience, you’ll get towels, robes, captains’ hats for everyone and a bucket of ice for drinks for £260 ($341).

Credit: hottuguk.com

The HotTug is the brainchild of local area residents Stuart “Tommo” Thomson and his business partner, Jack Clegg. Thomson told HuffPost just before it opened to the public that they “aim to be the most unique and fun experience you can do on water,” noting that the maiden voyage was a big success. The unique idea originated in the Netherlands, brought to the United Kingdom after Thomson saw something similar cruising down the Rotterdam canals and immediately believed it would be a huge hit in London. It has.

Credit: hottuguk.com

Hundreds of floating hot tub trips have been enjoyed since its opening in July of 2017,  and it’s becoming so popular we can only hope it will become an attraction in other cities across the globe. For now, it may be worth the trip to London alone to experience.

HotTug UK:
Address: 14529 Pocohontas Trail Leander, TX 78641
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