Expert Adventures

“The Jug” in Salome Creek, Arizona: What to Know Before You Go

By Karyn Wofford | Mar 15, 2018

The Salome Wilderness area is situated in the Sierra Ancha Mountains, just above Arizona’s Roosevelt Lake. Over 18,000 acres in…

Thrill Ride

Fly Over The Grand Canyon at This New Zip Line Attraction

By Charity De Souza | Mar 12, 2018

A majestic landmark and designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are not enough words to describe the beauty of the…

Sweet Tooth

ZuZu’s Show Stopper Shake Is Unlike Any Milkshake You’ve Ever Had

By Alyssa Ochs | Mar 8, 2018

If you’re under the impression that all milkshakes are the same and just come in flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and…

3 day weekend

Top 10 Memorial Day Weekend Getaways in Arizona

By Alyssa Ochs | Mar 6, 2018

In some parts of Arizona, you might feel like it’s summer all throughout the year, but alas, Memorial Day is…

desert landscapes

9 Best Things to do in Yuma, Arizona

By Alyssa Ochs | Feb 22, 2018

At the corner of Arizona, California, and Mexico lies the city of Yuma, which is packed with history, desert landscapes,…

Swanky Stays

9 Best Hotels in Flagstaff, Arizona

By Alyssa Ochs | Feb 21, 2018

The city of Flagstaff is considered to be a gateway to the Grand Canyon and many people stay here when…

American Icons

How to Plan an Epic Trip to Grand Canyon National Park

By Alyssa Ochs | Feb 5, 2018

The Grand Canyon is one of the most iconic and most-visited landmarks in America, and there are many different ways…

Desert Oasis

Explore the Wonders of the Desert at This National Monument in Arizona

By Alyssa Ochs | Jan 24, 2018

Deep in the heart of southern Arizona and just a few miles from the U.S./Mexico border lies an impressive national…

Family Fun

Find Your Celtic Spirit at the Phoenix Scottish Games in Arizona

By Megan Ribbens | Jan 15, 2018

You don’t have to be Scottish to enjoy one of the biggest cultural festivals in the Grand Canyon State. The…

Stunning Sights

Antelope Canyon in Arizona is a Photographer’s Dream Destination

By Alyssa Ochs | Jan 9, 2018

The American Southwest is packed with unbelievable and otherworldly landscapes that are a real treat for nature lovers from around…