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If you’re an on-the-go parent, or one who loves travel, it’s likely that you’re going to need some trusty toys in tow to keep your baby or toddler occupied. While your kiddo probably enjoys the adventures you go on, there’s bound to be some car or plane time that simply isn’t the most entertaining way for a toddler to spend time – that’s where the toys come in.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best travel toys on Amazon available for babies and toddlers. These awesome time-occupiers are compact, easy to transport, entertaining, and most of all, totally baby approved. Check them out below!

Melissa & Doug on the Go Water Wow! Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pads

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These fun, portable, and compact coloring boards are the perfect solution for fussy toddlers who aren’t enjoying their travel time. Each board comes with a refillable water pen that even the tiniest little toddler hands can grab without a problem. The best part? You can use these boards when they’re wet or dry, so if your method of travel isn’t exactly conducive to a toddler wielding a water pen, they can still enjoy these boards when dry!

Recommended for Ages 3 and Up

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Super Z Outlet Liquid Motion Bubbler for Sensory Play

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Sometimes, gravitating toward a toy that will captivate your child’s senses is the perfect remedy for curing the travel-blues. This toy is especially great for babies because it’s perfect for their age group (toddlers might have a hard time staying engaged with this toy for more than a few minutes). The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that can keep your child entertained for hours! What’s even better is that this isn’t a mindless task – these gravity-fed bubbles will calm your child’s hyperactivity, soother their anxieties, and even help them with their visual tracking skills. They’re also small and portable, allowing you plenty of extra packing space for your essentials.

Ages 3 and Up

Buckle Toy Blu Whale

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This plush “blu” whale is the perfect travel companion for toddlers who want to keep their hands busy. The Buckle Toy Blu Whale is more than just a comfy stuffed animal, it’s a bright, engaging toy that aids in your toddler’s development. With numbers and shapes decorated on the whale, as well as zippered pockets, 6 child-friendly buckles with different clasp styles, and vibrant colors, your child won’t just be keeping themselves entertained, they’ll be stealthily working on their math, cognitive, coordination, and problem-solving skills.

Recommended for ages 1-4

TANGLE Jr Original Fidget Toy

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These bright, festive fidget toys are excellent travel toys for toddlers over 3 years old! Not only will they hold your child’s attention, but they’ll also keep their hands busy and enable them to work on their creativity by allowing them to mold these pieces into any shape they want. The great thing about these tangle toys is that they’re made well, which is exactly what you’d hope out of toys that can be taken apart and put back together. They’re tiny, too, so they won’t take up too much room in your child’s travel bag, leaving you space to pack essentials.

Not for Children Under Age 3

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

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Soft, textured, and fun, Freddie the Firefly is a great play-thing for babies who need a little extra stimulation while you’re on-the-go. Not only is this soft, velour firefly a comfy companion for your traveling baby, it’s also a great gum-soothe for teething toddlers. Your baby will love the clacking gins and the added mirror feature that lets them learn to focus, track images, and explore! What makes it so travel-friendly, you ask? The cleverly-designed rings at the top and bottom of the firefly. These are perfect to clip onto a bag, a backpack, a stroller, a car seat, or to secure inside a purse so you can pull it out in a snap for your child’s entertainment!

Safe for newborns and young children

BUCKLE TOY "Buster" - Toddler Early Learning Activity

$15.99Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

Soft, cushy, colorful, and chalk-full of buckles to play with – what more could you ask from a toddler’s toy? Your little guy or gal will love this vibrant, squishy toy for more than just it’s cuddling-potential, it’s also an incredibly engaging toy! With lots of child-friendly buckles, zippered pockets to play with, and decorative shapes and numbers, your toddler will develop fine motor skills, improve their cognition, and even work on their hand-eye coordination, but all they’ll know is they’re having fun. This addition is great for a long or short trip. Just buckle this bad boy to your toddler’s stroller, car seat, your bag, or your backpack and get going on your adventure!

Recommended for ages 1-4

Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Toy

$34.99Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

This super fun toy is pretty specific to babies and also incredibly car specific, so if you’ve got a tiny tot who’s still in a rear-facing car seat, this is a great travel-essential addition. This toy features three hanging soft toys for your baby to grab, feel, and rattle, evoking all of their senses and keeping them entertained. It even includes soft music, twinkling lights, and kick-friendly pad to encourage movement and fun!

Recommended for ages 1 month and up

Melissa & Doug K's Kids Take-Along Shape Sorter

$15.00Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

Another Mellisa & Doug toy for the win! This padded shape sorter is the perfect travel tag-along for babies and toddlers! The tiny ones will love how colorful and stimulating it is, while the older toddlers will get a kick out of matching the shapes, enjoyed the 2 activity sides, and playing with the crinkly flaps with pictures printed on them. This toy is entertaining and cute, but more than that, it’s a great sensory skill, fine motor skill, and developmental skill improver! With its soft, malleable sides, you’ll be able to toss it in a suitcase or a purse without a problem.

Recommended for ages 9 months – 3 years

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