15 Essential Travel Beauty Products on Amazon That Work Wonders

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Getting your beauty arsenal together is a milestone in most of our lives, and many of us are forced to go without some of our favorites when we travel. But that doesn’t have to be the case! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice looking your best just because you’re confined to small spaces, there are travel beauty essentials that even the most well-versed beauty gurus are missing out on. Take a look at some that you should totally add to your carry-on on your upcoming trip.


SPF is the keystone element in a good skin care regiment. Don’t skip protecting your skin while you’re on holiday. A sunburn can ruin your plans if you don’t plan ahead, so keep this Supergoop! Refresh Setting Mist Sunscreen handy. Any SPF level under 35 can’t really hold up to the sun’s rays, so keep that SPF count high! This one is at SPF 50, so you’re totally covered. Plus, it’s a mist, which means it doesn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable like your trusty bottle of sunscreen does.


It’s no secret that there are is a vast number of dry shampoo brands out there in the beauty world. Each with their own base of loyal fans. This multi-award winning dry shampoo is the perfect quick fix for great looking hair between washes, it’s tried and true by some of your favorite beauty gurus, and has a top spot on Amazon’s Bestseller list.


The first step in a good beauty routine is a restful night’s sleep. This isn’t always easy while traveling, especially when you’re on a long flight. The Bucky 40 Contoured Sleep Mask is basically the end all be all of making the world around you disappear. Sure, it might look a little funny, but you won’t be awake enough to care.


Traveling with perfume can pose a lot of problems. Between having to bring only the right amount per TSA guidelines and having to worry about keeping it from leaking and ruining everything in your luggage, it can seem like it’s not even worth it. A perfume stick is a perfect solution to this! The TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar is Amazon’s Choice among perfume bars and is super cute to boot.


These little pimple patches have a massive cult following on Amazon. Everyone from Buzzfeed to Teen Vogue has recommended them based on rave reviews from readers. If you have an unwanted spot pop up on your holiday, don’t fear. Stick one of these patches on at the end of your day and by morning you’ll be ready to post all the vacation selfies your heart desires.


Single-handedly one of the most reasonably priced collection of sheet masks on the market, and some of the best K-Beauty on Amazon, the Dermal line of sheet masks are available for whatever skin issue you’re dealing with. With unique “flavors” like bee pollen and vegetable placenta, 15 minutes with one of these sheet masks on your face and you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped out of the spa.


This lip balm checks all the boxes. It penetrates to provide instant relief for painful, cracked lips. So if you’ve been hitting the slopes somewhere snowy, this lip balm is a must. It protects lips from sun and wind and has broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.


If lip balm isn’t cutting it, and your lips need extra attention, opt for a lip mask to bring them back to life. The Burt’s Bees Moisturizing lip mask will instantly hydrate your chapped lips and soothes them.


Grooming on the go isn’t easy, but we all have those unwanted hairs pop up out of nowhere. One thing we can all relate to is needing a pair of tweezers when there are none to be found. Rather than making an impromptu visit to a drug store in a new place while on vacation, go ahead and stick a Mini Tweezerman Slant Tweezer in your bag, so it’s there when you need it!


Worried about keeping your bikini line looking groomed on your beach getaway? Don’t be scared to break out your shorts because of a little stubble, bring this guy along in your checked luggage, it won’t take up much room, and is budget-friendly enough that you won’t feel bad disposing of it when your trip is over.


SPF is the keystone element in a good skin care regiment. Don’t skip on protecting your skin while you’re on holiday. A sunburnt face can ruin your plans if you don’t plan ahead, so keep this Neutrogena Moisturizer with SPF 35 handy. Any SPF level under 35 can’t really hold up to the sun’s rays, so keep that SPF count high!


A lot of times when we’re on vacation we plan our whole days, without breaks or time to head back to the room to “Freshen up.” Rather than getting oily and hesitating to take pictures because of a shiny forehead or t-zone area, bring some of these natural green tea oil absorbing tissues in your purse or travel bag. Blot away the shine, and you’re ready for your close up!


This little concealer is a staple in beauty bags all over the states. It has over 4 thousand rave reviews on Amazon alone, and is sure to make you look like you’ve gotten the best sleep of your life when in reality someone was kicking your seat and


All makeup wearers know, bringing your makeup on vacation can be a gamble. You risk spilling your expensive products onto each other, not only ruining everything in their path but also losing your favorite products! Elect to bring a waterproof cosmetic case like this one from Zoevan. It will protect your belongings from leaky products.


Rosewater has so many healing benefits, and those of us in the United States has only recently been exposed to its charms. Spritz yourself for an instant pick-me-up after a long flight, or even in the midst of a rough morning (read: bad hangover). The luxurious scent and skin benefits will get to work while you instantly feel rejuvenated. This one is just over the TSA requirement of 3.4 ounces because it’s a 4-ounce container, so be sure you put it in your checked luggage.

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