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Protecting your valuables when traveling can be a challenge. From parking lots to hotel rooms, the chances of losing important items is increased when you’re away from home.

In order to help you keep what’s yours, we’ve compiled this list of the 7 best safes to bring with you when traveling. With any of these options, you can rest easy knowing that your valuables are safe and sound no matter where you are!

SAFEGO Portable Lock Box

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If you’re someone who appreciates a safe with style, the SAFEGO Portable Lock Box is for you. Available in five different colors, this handy box is equal parts function and design. It features both a three-digit combination that can be custom set and key access, allowing you to gain access to your valuables in multiple ways. It also includes a flexible steel cable that allows it to be secured in a location, making it extremely useful for travel situations. As icing on the cake, this safe is also water-resistant, so it’s even at home outdoors.

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SnapSafe Keyed Lock Box

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This traditionally-styled safe is just right for all your travel needs. In fact, the SnapSafe Keyed Lock box was designed with travelers in mind. That’s why it’s TSA and CA DOJ approved. It’s also incredibly durable due to its heavy duty steel construction, meaning it will last you indefinitely and be nearly impossibly to pry open. The interior can be lined with four protective foam inserts, which are included, to ensure your valuables stay safe and secure. It also includes a security cable that can be used to anchor the safe in a location of your choosing.

Stack-On PDS-1500

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The Stack-On PDS-1500 is an easily portable safe that utilizes dual steel locking bolts and hidden hinges to keep your belongings safe from would-be thieves. It also features two methods of accessing the safe, a biometric fingerprint lock that can store up to 20 fingerprints and a numerical keypad. As an added layer of safety, the safe will temporarily time out after three failed combination attempts.

MMF Industries Security Chest

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For travelers who need a bit more space for their valuables, perhaps due to a business trip, the MMF Industries Security Chest is a fantastic option. Its impressively strong steel construction is also fire-retardant, ensuring your items will be protected from practically anything. For increased travel convenience, this keyed locking safe includes two carrying handles that make transporting it a dream.

GunVault NanoVault 200

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While the brand name indicates this safe’s primary purpose, the GunVault NanoVault 200 is actually perfect for housing valuables of all kinds. The memory foam-lined interior keeps items cushioned and safe, while the insanely strong steel construction keeps wrongdoers out. It also includes a security cable to keep the safe and your stuff anchored where you want it. The key lock system is perfect for allowing easy access to those who are supposed to have it.

First Alert 5200DF

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The First Alert 5200DF may look like a normal travel safe, but it has a trick up its sleeve that sets it apart from the average lock box. It features a programmable keypad that utilizes a “no-see” manner of input, which keeps your code and valuables as safe as possible. Beyond that handy innovation, this safe is constructed of tough steel and includes a steel cable for securing it to a location. It’s sure to keep your valuables safe and give you peace-of-mind as you travel.

SentrySafe Box

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Advertised as a cash box, the SentrySafe box is actually far more than a one-trick pony. Sure, you could use this to store money, or you could utilize the included tray to organize your valuables on-the-go. If that doesn’t work for you, simply remove the tray and use the safe as a traditional lock box! It’s constructed of reliable steel and features a built-in carrying handle, making it easy to transport and perfect for life on the road!

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