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Do you find yourself struggling to pick out your bag from the sea of identical luggage? Worse, have you had to prevent your fellow travelers from picking up your black, wheeled bag that was indistinguishable from their own? If so, you need luggage tags. With a little searching you can find a design you love that’s brightly colored and easy to see, but also sturdy enough to survive baggage handling so that you can ensure all your favorite travel accessories stay with you. It’s important you include a copy of your contact info inside every bag to help if the worst happens.

Summer Beach Series Luggage Tag

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Vacation is a state of mind, so bring a splash of sunshine on every trip with these tropical sun and sea luggage tags. This four pack of beach themed luggage tags are perfect for spring break at the beach, summer cruises to the tropics, or livening up any trip, even if the destination isn’t one that will let you dig your toes in the sand. Remember to bring along some essential beach reading and take advantage of every relaxing moment.

Reviewer Feedback:
“I purchased these for my son and his family going on a cruise. They are well made, look exactly as shown and the family loved them.”

4pcs Luggage Tags Charms kylo ren BB8 Stormtrooper R2D2

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Prepare for that voyage far, far away, or one just around the block, with this four-piece set of luggage tags, which is perfect for family vacations. If you aren’t a professional packer, it’s probably also a good idea to invest in a luggage scale; no need to go in debt with those oversized bag fees. Fun for young fans, this multipack of tags lets you display your interests proudly, and makes it easy to say, “These aren’t the bags you’re looking for.”

Kate Aspen "Lucky Elephant" Luggage Tag

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This bright and vibrant little elephant tag is the perfect travel accessory for kids. Large enough to be visible on full-sized luggage, the peppy jewel tone accents and adorable lucky elephant design make it a gorgeous standout piece on carry-on bags as well.

Reviewer Feedback:

“Vibrant, fun, and great quality. I loved having such a unique luggage tag compared to other travelers. While I was initially afraid the band wouldn’t be strong enough and could possibly snap during travel, it held up perfectly when I went to Costa Rica this summer. “

Eccolo World Traveler Luggage Tags, Box Set of 3

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Are you a fashionable traveler? Say aloha to sunny skies and a southern breeze with these stylish tags. A three-piece set makes it easy to tag a checked bag, a carry-on, and a laptop or garment bag. Carry on luggage is all too frequently gate checked at the last moment, and failing to attach a tag beforehand could leave you stuck relying on those flimsy disposable paper tags provided by the airline. There’s no worse feeling than catching a whiff of salty ocean air outside the airport, but knowing you’ll be stuck indoors for quite some time at the lost luggage counter.

Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags (3-pack)

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A memorable engagement or wedding present, this multipack of luggage tags are great companions for the honeymoon and beyond. A playful poke at over-packers, the three-piece set makes for a tongue in cheek gift that will be useful for years. If the over-packer in question is truly dedicated to their need to pack everything but the kitchen sink, be sure to include a set of luggage cubes too!

Reviewer Feedback:
“Super cute luggage tags, took them on our honeymoon and got lots of compliments and they stayed together just fine through two plane rides and a cruise.”

Casmonal Luggage Tags with Full Back Privacy Cover w/Steel Loops

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A wonderful travel gift for your friends and family, these luggage tags are good for vacations back home or exploring whatever comes next. Also makes for a fun gift for retirees off to see the world.

“In a world where everyone’s luggage looks the same, these do a great job of making they stand out. I can usually spot my luggage now the second it pops out onto the baggage claim belt.”

Chocolate-3Pack Luggage Travel Tags

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If the stress of traveling stresses you out, bring along a sweet treat. A chocolate bar in your bag to relax during takeoff, and one on your bag for an easy transition out of the airport and on to the rest of your trip. This three pack of sweets themed luggage tags helps you advertise your sweet personality and foodie interests, and makes for a fun conversation starter.

Flip Flop Luggage Tag

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Declare your destination loud and proud with a fun flip flop luggage tag. Light packers can pick up a single tag or grab a multi-pack for a long stay or a group trip. A cute choice that sets the theme for cruises, spring break, and summer getaways. While they couldn’t possibly be as cute as these luggage tags, there are certainly plenty of options out there for anyone interested in a full-size pair of adorable aqua flip flops.

Reviewer Feedback:

“These are the cutest, personality-plus luggage tags which match my aqua luggage perfectly. We live on a Florida island so the flip flops match our lifestyle.”

Luggage Tags Durable Stainless Steel 2 PK

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Keep your information secure, and securely attached, with these stainless steel luggage tags. The screw-tight closure keeps the tag fastened tightly to your bag, and the stainless steel tags protect your personal info, making it accessible without broadcasting it to every handler, passenger, and airline agent you come into contact with.

Chelmon Map B Bag Tags

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These tags are definitely the go-to choice for world travelers. The world map design is fun and unique, and the stainless steel construction with a screw-on clasp attachment ensures it keeps going long after plastic or rubber latches would give out.

Reviewer Feedback:
“I just went on a trip all over the world for over a month and these tags performed beautifully! They never came off, and they are very distinctive, which makes it easy to find bags. I love them!”

Cartoon Silicone Travel Luggage ID Tag

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Large families need a lot of luggage, and this four pack of Ninja Turtle luggage tags are a good choice for helping rambunctious kids corral their own gear while on vacation. With plenty of popular character designs available, including superheroes, cartoon characters, and adorable animals, there’s a fun option out there for kids in every interest and age range.

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