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Shanna Bell Ellis

With an unwavering passion for exploration and a knack for storytelling, Shanna enjoys taking readers on unforgettable journeys to some of the most remarkable destinations on Earth. Hailing from Auburndale, Florida, Shanna's roots are firmly planted in the Sunshine State. Growing up surrounded by its natural beauty and vibrant culture, she developed a deep connection to her home and a profound appreciation for its hidden treasures. Shanna embarked on her professional journey in 2014 as part of the Strive Media team. There, she quickly rose to become the first Managing Editor of Trips to Discover, a role that allowed her to channel her creativity and wanderlust into captivating travel narratives. From exhilarating road trips through the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia to leisurely drives along Florida's iconic A1A, Shanna's travels have taken her across the Eastern coast of the United States. With each adventure, she uncovers the essence of these destinations, immersing herself in their unique stories and capturing the spirit of their landscapes. Today, as the Content Director for Trips to Discover and all other brands under the Strive Media umbrella, Shanna brings her wealth of experience and passion for travel to the forefront. Through carefully curated content, she invites readers on a journey of discovery, offering a glimpse into the world's most captivating locales and inspiring a sense of wanderlust in every soul.

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